Hyodo Michiru – Lingerie ver. – Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ – Alter

Hello, my fellow figure collectors

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, today I present you a new figure of Hyodo Michiru, a character from the Saenai Hiroin no Sodatekata anime as lingerie version from manufacturer ALTER. I’m actually team Eriri Sawamura Spencer, but for some reasons I have decided to get the main characters cousin Hyodo Michiru.

I will list the standard information about the figure. Her name is Hyodo Michiru – lingerie version. The figure was released in Summer 2022. Michiru was manufactured by ALTER and Numakura Toshiaki was in charge of turning her into a three dimensional figure by following the illustrations of Misaki Kurehito, I’m really a fan of the artists detailed artworks, all of his character creations are simply beautiful, delicate and expressive.

To me it’s a mistery why so many figures from Saenai Hiroin no Sodatekata are around, there have been 2 anime seasons and a movie of it. Personally I don’t think it’s especially great, I don’t intend to offend anyone here. I admit that I didn’t watch the latest season, which would be Saenai Hiroin no Sodatekata Furatto.

I’m not really interested in harem themed anime anymore and the trend definitely tilts torwards monogamous romance with animes like Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san and the extremely popular Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, where the story focuses on two main characters.

What is actually wrong with Nagatoro san, she received no good figures so far, surely in the anime she wasn’t always a saint, but I thought she was adorable in her own way.

I don’t like to invest feelings and time into tedious harem settings where the wrong girl wins anyway, harem is not good for me anymore, aside from some ecchi comedy moments, that we anime fans all love.

The figure comes out of the box with a huge circular base with cozy, white fake floor on it, a fancy looking stool. You simply put everything on top of eachother, no further assembly is necessary and no cast off option is implemented. You instantly can admire this without a doubt beautiful and enchanting Michiru.

She has dark purple hair decorated with a pretty flower, the hair is not shoulder long, but with longer strands at the sides, which are framing the characters beautiful face, her kind gaze is just wonderful. The iconic eye design of Misaki Kurehito really gives the character a lively expression. Furthermore she has a cute nose, a wide smiley smile and little blush marks.

The lingerie in this figure adaptation looks more like a cheongsam, but the certain level of opaqueness makes it count as fancy lingerie. The overall outfit is extremely elaborate with a lot of small and even smaller details, mentioning every part of it would probably take another 1000 words, so just look at my pictures to discover the great design of this figure. The gentle purple color of her dress is really appealing, the soft folds are really well done and there is also a flower pattern printed on it.

I’m really impressed by the silver lining on her dress, the precision is amazing. The cheongsam has several cutouts at the back and at the front, the slits above the thighs are perfectly placed. You also just can’t ignore Michiru’s cleavage. On the petite Michiru her well developed breasts are rather impressive.
The outfits transparancy reveals Michiru’s lower underwear just a little. Additionally, I like the pretty gloves and the stockings with big ribbon at the side, the shading effects also turned out very nice.

I really like the figures very well articulated pose, where she is apparently patiently sitting on her stool gracefully. With the arms placed between the slightly spread legs, hahaha in letters this sounds as if the figure would be a lewd one, what she actually isn’t. Come on look at her angelic face, she isn’t such a girl.

Even though Michiru’s outfit can be considered daring and she is an undeniable attractive girl, the whole figure appears very precious and vanilla, because of the graceful and cute appearance the whole figure goes into a tame and romantic direction

I’m really happy about the figure, her outfit looks fantastic, pose and body sculpting are both very appealing and the face turned out as cute as desired. A flirty expression would have been fitting in that context, but after everything said and done the Hyodo Michiru – lingerie version turned very sweet and vanilla. Michiru is a good girl that happens to be dressed in a transparent cheongsam looking stunning and kind at the same time.

One of the less good aspects is the size, officially the figure is supposed to be scaled 1/7, but she looks very small for some reasons. The figures head would pass as 1/7 scale, but the body looks like 1/8 scale, especially her upper body appears small. I don’t know if it’s just an optical illusion or partially sloppy measuring.

2 Responses

  1. Aya

    She looks fantastic, Eriri lingerie version have boring pose should have wear gym uniform for such pose 😛
    Well at least the lingerie version of saekano girls are unique they have their own signature nightgown XD this one is cheongsam inspired style, at least not that KDcolle pillow version with same poses or yeah B style …
    so this the last one right everyone already have their own aniplexalter lingerie releases ?

    • wieseladmin

      yeah that were all of the girls including Hashima Izum, whoever she is in the anime.
      I like Michiru’s a lot, the hairstyle combined with a fancy purple dress and expressive pose.
      Eriri looks funny, but the smile is perfect now I kind of want the figure lol.
      I don’t really care about the second season, I have heard the anime end was rather terrible with the male MC getting betrayed XD
      So I don’t know if it would be enjoyable just because of that

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