Rinko in a gorgeous cheongsam II

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This is another doll post of Rinko wearing the cheongsam, earlier this year I got this beautiful outfit for Rinko.
I already featured that outfit in the “Rinko in a gorgeous cheongsam” posting in February 2022.

Unfortunately, in the previous post I had the impression that the poses I have chosen were a bit boring and uninspired, so I did another photoshooting and put more effort into the poses and overall setup.

I’m quite happy about how this set of pictures turned out, as they highlight the personality of doll Rinko much better. I had fun with the more articulated posing, fortunately nothing broke, Volks dolls are sturdy.

While I think after around 12 years I’m probably a veteran at figure photography, doll photography became a lot of fun for me during the recent years , I like my Dollfie Dream girls a lot, they are dear to me and it’s nice to take pictures of them in different outfits, poses, settings and light scenarios.

Because of their size it’s not that easy to create a fitting stage that matches the figures proportions. Either you simplify the backgrounds so that the stage can be easily set up and taken apart afterwards. Or you search and buy furniture and other decorations that match the dolls size and store them somewhere where you have space.

Anyway, it’s always challenging for me and the results often vary from passable to “can’t be shown online”. Of course there are more talented doll photographers on Twitter, but also with medicore talent you can have fun with doll photography and set the ambition to improve even at a slow pace it’s ok.

I won’t be giving up on the way to improve my doll photography.

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