Sepia Belmont – Bombergirl – Wing

I have recently received Sepia Belmont, a character from the Bombergirl game

Sepia features the distinctive and highly stylized character design of the mobile Konami Bombergirl game, she is just the character with a more endowed body. She was manufactured by Wing and released in October 2022. The sculptor in charge of her design was Hokke who created a large number of nice figures over the years.

As you may have already noticed, she is a big figure with an amazing rack that measures tall 26 cm.

The volume of her boobs is terrific, it’s no secret that I like anime characters with big boobs, still I might look a bit greedy with a figure like that, but I can’t help it, they look so nice. They are presented in an extremely erotic fashion and appear soft and squishy. I have to say that it’s nearly unfortunate that the figure features no cast off option or alternative body parts in that regard.

The overall design follows the mature woman direction from head to toe, other released Bombergirl figures are actually skinny.

I really like Sepia’s face, it’s nicely shaped and looks rather different than on other figures I own. The figure has finely drawn dramatic make up around the eyes, also the blush on her cheeks give this figure a lively appearance. Her almond shaped narrow eyes make it very attractive and enjoyable. I always was a fan of such facial expressions, Sepia looks dangerous with her narrow eyes and sadistic smile. It still looks sweet and warm. Yandere onee san, please forgive me I wanted to say onee sama has quite long hair, at the back it’s styled into a huge braid. The deep hanging fringe stops slightly above her narrow aquamarine colored eyes and the strands at the sides which are framing her pretty face. I’m not entirely convinced by the side strands, they can get into the way during photography and appear a bit chunky.

From what I know, Sepia is actually a vampire hunter and is loosely based on Castlevania characters.

There isn’t much fanart of her around, but I guess her design is straight from the game. In this figure adaptation she is wearing an strangely interesting outfit, it’s a combination of night gown and beach outfit enhanced with a white clergy cape. Japans idea of church and especially nuns is generally a bit strange in modern pop culture.

Yes, she is wearing a string bikini with a pareo combined with garterbelt and sandals. The string bikini is digging deep into her soft flesh and the triangles hold down her probably beautiful nipples firmly. The pressure effects from her tight outfit are nicely sculpted, it creates a nice look with the sideboob effect and general illusion of soft tissue.

The gloves with the long fingers and overall articulation of her hands are actually emitting a sense of playful sadism. The figure features a cool and deadly morning star weapon, the use of a real chain with individual joints is nice, I like when it is shaking and also the oaintjob on it looks quite good.

There has been a bit of drama around this figure, a few users ended up with the figures shoes broken after trying to put the figure on her base. GSC addressed the issue as official production flaw and promised to send spare parts for the lower body during April 2023.

Fortunately my figure stands just fine on her base with her shoes intact, in mass production some samples might be part of a bad batch, that the issue with her base wasn’t noticed during production still feels a bit sloppy.

The figure of Sepia has a relatively long torso, the abdomen features a nice midriff. I have to say that the silky matte shine of her stomach is not so nice, I don’t know maybe this was a desired effect or someone used a spray gun at the wrong area.

As mature character, Sepia has wide hips, her shapely thighs are nicely sculpted and relatively to her body this figure has quite long legs.

As only feature of this figure the pareo can be taken off to get a better look at her backside, although the figures butt is not as exciting as her breasts

Final Words

Overall I am quite happy with this figure, Sepia Belmont is very pretty and her nearly intimidating size is impressive and she is also showing a lot of skin. The best parts of her are the face, the upper body with the fantastic breasts and the weapon. The quality of her is quite nice for the most part.
The sculpting of the hair could be slightly better when comparing it with top tier manufacturers and her midsection could have been more detailed, but that is that.

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