New Figure Preorders #42

It’s been a while since the last New Figure Preorders related post New Figure Preorders #41 not many updates happened since then and I am still waiting for some figures from the last post. Nevertheless I’ve preordered some promising new figures, we are going to take a look at those that were added recently to my ever growing list.

Anya and Yor Forger – Spy × Family – Good Smile Company

Spy x Family is a very big hit in recent anime and I guess a generally good entry into the world of anime. A funny sometimes very silly comedy show about a spy and his “adopted” family members. In season 1 there was a lot to be desired in my opinion, while most of my issues have been resolved in the second season, I would still hope Yor would stop addressing Anya with Anya san.

I was happy that GSC decided to make such a lovely concept what both Yor and Anya together. Yor in her iconic red dress with beautiful boots and charming headpiece and Anya as cute extra.

release date: February 2024

Megami Device – Asra Archer – Kotobukiya

Megami Device figures are actually 1/12 scaled action figures, but Kotobukiya decided to make a 1/1 scale version of Asra Archer, I always liked the character design of her, but wasn’t very interested in a model kit of her. So this figure announcement made me very happy. The character design was slightly altered after the of illustrator Nidy-2D- design choices, which literally means cute and thicc.

The robotic details are really cool and the skin showing body parts are very sexy. There has been a limited version with additional face plate, but it was hard to get and painfully expensive compared to the already 28,000 Yen expensive normal version. It’s fine though, I like to see the happy standard face with it’s cute features and the cool pose with the robotic legs and pretty bodyline. Kotobukiya provides parts for an alternative pose.

release date: April 2023

Meido-Busou – Javelin – Amakuni

This one is another of Nidy-2D-‘s creations, as I just noticed, so Javelin is also cute and thicc, this figure is a bit more skin revealing than Asra Archer, she is wearing a maid themed bikini outfit, all right she is basically a nude maid carrying a huge futuristic bow around. Amakuni provided an alternative more naughty display option for the adult audience. I like the figures face and the bodyline is curvy and attractive.

release date: July 2023

Blue Archive – Ichinose Asuna – Bunny Girl version – Max Factory

The first Blue Archive figure from a well known figure manufacturer is here, I haven’t bought a Max Factory figure for a while, this is a figure of interest for me. Blue Archive has a lot of interesting characters with quirky personalities, for some reason Asuna is the popular poster girl of the game. The figures hair is apparently super long, not very practical but it looks impressive nevertheless. These official pictures don’t do her justice, there are some other pictures on social media where she looks stunning and also shows a beautiful expression.

release date: August 2023

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – Daiwa Scarlet – Max Factory

A friend kept telling me to watch Uma Musume and one time I did, it was funny, touching and sometimes a little weird, horses can have very hilariously cringe names and I didn’t know that horse racing is actually a terrible sport, this isn’t adressed in the show even though the horse girls suffer a lot of injuries

I watched the anime after I ordered the figure and was a little upset that Daiwa was a side character in the anime. But who cares I like this Daiwa Scarlet, she has beautiful hair and the body size and proportions are really cute, she appears rather nicely rounded than sporty to me.

release date: August 2023

ARMS NOTE – Sueibu no Kouhai – Aoiro Line no Mizugi version – Amakuni

I was upset when I noticed how nice this figure has turned out on the first release, it wasn’t helpful that my Twitter timeline was filled with pictures of her for several weeks. Fortunately, Amakuni started a re release with 3 different color variations. I decided for the white version, since it seems to be a pretty combination. Kouhai is a beautiful girl and I like the contrast between the wide hips and very petite upper half. I don’t understand why one would need a rifle at the swimming pool, though.

release date: September 2023

Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou – Maaa – Kadokawa

Things that got delayed…

Senjou no Valkyria Duel – Riela Marcellis – Phat Company

I can’t believe that Riela was delayed so often already, in the beginning she was announced to be released during November 2021. Now it’s scheduled to be released in this month of December 2022, since GSC is always busy with their release list and this figure apparently has a low priority, I have the feeling another delay might happen. It’s a shame though, since she is quite adorable.

Atelier Ryza – Reisalin Stout – Phat Company

Also this lovely Ryza could not be produced and finished on time as well, she recently was delayed from November 2022 to May 2023, maybe GSC should make less figures that aren’t of any interest for me XD.

Cecile – Elf Mura – Antenna Shop Limited Edition – Vertex

Fortunately the EMS crisis is over since a few weeks, it for sure wasn’t nice to choose between DHL; fast and expensive shipping or Surface; cheap and slow as fuck shipping. Back in the days, I still had to choose Surface shipping for this beautiful figure, because of that it’s it’s way to me since around 3 months, she was released in late August 2022.

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