2022 – figures and other catastrophes

This is my first post of 2023, of course I’m wishing you a Happy New Year 2023, there is a small chance that it won’t get any worse than 2022. Personally I can’t really complain about 2022, some unfortunate things happened, but I didn’t fell ill and many positive things happened as well.

I will show you the figures I managed to review in the past year, albeit some delays happened it wasn’t as bad as in 2021. When you click on the picture you will be redirected to the individual reviews.

Abigail Williams & Lavinia Whateley

The figures I have reviewed together was this eerie cute couple, Abigail Williams & Lavinia Whateley are both characters from Fate / GO with an interesting design. I mainly ordered because they could hold hands. Abigail might be the prettier one on first look, but I actually like Lavinia more.


I’m a big fan of Hachiroku from Maitetsu, I would have bought a dressed figure of her, but since it’s a high quality sculpt, I couldn’t say no. In the final product manufacturer Alter provided two figures in the box, the one with a normal sweet swimsuit and another one with a lewd bikini.

Amemiya Natsumi

Probably my favorite figure of 2022, Amemiya Natsumi is a super lively looking figure adapted from the character design of Kekemotsu. I really like the hot tongue out expression and the beautiful face anyway, the figure is just great and very erotic.


Another very nice figure of 2022 was Chie from Rocket Boy. She is big, busty, and beautiful. The cute and lewd figure offers a variety of parts for different display options. I’m really glad that I ordered her.

Hyodo Michiru

I’m no fan of the anime , but this figure was so charming that I preordered her in the end. The pose, the beautiful face and the drop dead gorgeous outfit are exceptionally great on the downside she turned out a bit small.

Uzaki Tsuki

I was positively impressed by Tsuki from Wave 2022. The figure has a striking design Uzaki Tsuki is a hot mama. The cow cosplay creates a striking design when added to the figures attractive body. Wave also surprised with the overall quality of the figure. It’s an fantastic adaptation of an flustered Uzaki Tsuki.

Sepia Belmont

Sepia is the biggest figure that I have received in the past year with a little more than 26 cm she barely fits into any of my display cabinets. Aside from that it’s a great looking figure with an impressive rack and a wonderful sadistic expression and generally lovely design.

figures of 2022 that I wasn’t able to review for the time being

Javelin – Beach Picnic! Ver. 

A lovely figure of Javelin, I have to say. Because of general christmas preparations I wasn’t able to edit the pictures I have taken and writing a review was also not possible. Javelin will get the next review post though.

Yuigahama Yui – Yukinoshita Yukino

I love this figure combination, both characters look exactly like in the anime and the way they are arranged together is heartwarming and adorable. But wow I actually have to admit that I am unable to take good pictures of them, one girl is always blocking the light from the other and it is just difficult.

Sakurako’s Injection!

After around 7 years Native finally could finish and deliver this wonderful sculpted figure named Sakurako’s Injection!. I’m not kidding, it really was announced 7 years ago. She turned out very nicely and the overall quality and design are fantastic. Still it can’t go unnoticed that this figure is totally different from what Native offers nowadays. Sakurako isn’t thicc, “i your face” lewd and doesn’t offer any cast off feature at all. I nevertheless like the distinctive style and look of this figure, she is great.

Elf Mura – Cecile

I only had time to unbox her so far. Because of EMS restrictions for Germany earlier this year, this figure was shipped by boat and it took 4 months after release until I received her a few days before christmas. Fortunately, the figure from Vertex turned out just great, the overall sculpting is very elaborate and Cecile looks very precious and appealing.

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