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Last year, a figure has been released, where I thought that it would never see it’s final stage, the release.

It’s Sakurako’s Injection!, she was announced around 10 years ago! If I remember it correctly, it must have been a Wonfes event from 2013. In the following years her prototype experienced slow or no progress at all. Meanwhile manufacturer Native released other figures and you could have come to the idea that they forgot about this figure completely. Fortunately her finalizing accelerated in 2022, after all the waiting I was more than happy to add Sakurako’s Injection! to my figure shelf/desk. She is a figure based on the design of Mebae, in case you are not familiar with the illustrator, the person did the character design for Sword Art Online.

Native adapted one of the artists illustrations, so Sakurako’s Injection! is part of the Creator’s Collection lineup. The figure was released in September 2022. She is scaled 1/6.5 and measures around 25 cm.

She was sculpted by Brown Mansai, with 7 figures listed in the history, it’s not the most working person in the sculptor industry, but the figure turned out especially great looking nevertheless.

Anyway, it’s probably the coolest looking ero figure to date. The figure features a distinctive design, it’s a kind of nurse outfit with bikini top and hotpants, the design incorporates the medical theme with sub culture fashion.

What is special about that already ambitious design are the bold colors, we have a striking pink, strong red and a fresh turquoise shade of color, which create a wonderful color harmony.

Sakurako has a very cute face with subtle blush marks, her expression with the parted lips is slightly erotic, I really like the sculpting of her lips and shiny paint effect on them. The front hair with the thick strands is cute, the backside features a long hair ponytail with a rather unique hairstyle with some buns that look like droopy dog ears. There is a transparent gradient effect that ends at the tips of her hair. Her blue eyes have a very striking shade, the red glasses create a good contrast and the nerdy accessory suits her very well anyway.

On top of her head rests a simple nurse cap with red lining, the things on her head are fancy, but I can’t really tell what they are. Around her pretty neck she has classic over ear headphones with cable that leads into her hotpants

While I honestly love figures with a curvy body, I acknowledge that this figure with her sporty look is indeed attractive. The slender torso with the modest chest is beautiful and the detailed sculpting with the folds on her skin where they look attractive is very convincing. I really appreciate the nice looking bodyline and the realistic looking belly button.

Yeah, well what is the figure doing here in the first place?
It appears as if she would catheterize herself with an headphone jack… hey, it’s Japan, everything goes.

Aside from catheterizing herself this figure is not especially lewd on first look. Her body features several tattoos, one on her lower abdomen and one on her left leg, but I have not translated it, it’s most likely something lewd. One bikini strap is sliding down from her right shoulder and exposes Sakurako’s modest chest with one nipple being clearly visible. I like that kind of modest fanservice of this figure, although it’s not much compared to other ero figures you can purchase nowadays.

You should have noticed that Native figures were different ten years ago, the characters appeared younger less lewd and less thicc. Nowadays it’s more straight in your face porn, than nude and creative as it was in the past.

There are clear plastic parts hanging down from her legs, hands and also from the syringe, It is supposed to recreate slime, don’t ask me what it should represent maybe it’s some sticky and lewd looking medicine.

She also has beautiful legs, her thighs have a nice volume the red straps dig in firmly into the skin. At each leg she is carrying one catheter or infusion bag filled with a pink slimy fluid. She is also wearing converse shoes, they look so damn cool and realistic on this sculpt.

The figures base looks a little bit strange in my eyes at least. Pink and purple tiles placed in a spiral pattern, additionally the syringe and cross shaped bricks appear like really random additions to the base, but they are not completely strange or out of context, but altogether the figures design is already busy enough on it’s own.

Final Words

Native adapted the elaborate illustration into something beautiful and appealing, the figure is a very colorful piece of art. The characters slender body is very sexy and the bodyline of her is simply beautiful. The more subtle fanservice is actually quite charming, not every ero figure must have huge boobs, gaping holes, sextoys and whatnot to look interesting. I love the figures outfit with all it’s details and happy colors.

I am grateful to everyone who prevented the figure from being canceled, I waited such a long time until the figure reached it’s preorder stage. I would nearly say it was worth the wait, but it should generally not take around ten years from planned adaptation to preorder in this hobby industry. Nevertheless, I think a canceled prototype would be a lot more upsetting than a delayed production. After seeing that the figure has turned out very, very well, I’m really glad about finally having Sakurako’s Injection! at home.

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  1. Aya

    So it’s really 10 years … before it’s actual release, I bet let’s say it’s released 9 years ago maybe she will actually half the price of current MSRP lol
    the slime is interesting ahahaha, i just curious about the giant injection .. is the needle metal part ?

    • wieseladmin

      It certainly strange. Maybe they put it on hold until figure prices would reach a certain level lol.
      It is metal, but I didn’t try to fill it so far.

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