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Today, I will show you a new doll body that I recently purchased, it was an spontaneous idea to get myself an IMOMO Doll body, IMOMO Doll is a company from China that develops animetic and cute dolls. They mainly produce 40cm class dolls.

My interest was triggered when I noticed the following post on Twitter.

@yossy showed pictures of a modded doll frame, I really liked the bodyline of the shown doll and wanted to have it.

I almost dropped the idea of getting it myself, because it appeared to be difficult to purchase overseas, fortunately it turned out that the product was easy to acquire without much effort. I ibought it without a second thought, because it’s a beautiful doll body that is compatible with Dollfie Dream heads and MDD clothes.

The measurements of a 1/4 IMOMO model with big bust option.

Generally it resembles the MDD body, but the sculpt is visually better, the body has nicely rounded hips and a pretty waistline. It can either be seen as loli, teenage girl or a petite woman. The limbs are shaped smooth and are nicely rounded. The highlight though are probably the beautiful thighs of this doll.

I had no luck at the real IMOMO store, but I could buy the body from Aliexpress for around 80$. It’s a quite competitive price for a fully moveable doll body at this quality. A week later the package got delivered, it was really an IMOMO body and no cheap bootleg, it comes inside a cute cardboard box with inner blister, you will get a full body with a pair of hands and without head.

For testing purposes I used the head (DDH – 06) of doll Rio with the big head and petite body, this combination looked younger than I had initially anticipated, still I think it’s a super cute combination and went ahead with taking a few pictures of the enchanting doll.

I chose a light outfit to show the IMOMO appeal, the slightly chubby body is very attractive with the general bodyline and it’s detailed sculpting, the vinyl skin is thin, smooth and soft to the touch.

The joints are easy to pose and hold the position very well. Every joint moves with a light resistance.

What I noticed is when you bend the limbs or torso too much it simply pops off instead of taking damage, it can just put back into place without any hassle. The torso connection could be a bit more stable but it’s not a real problem in every day use. If there is the opportunity I would try to give this body a more sturdy spine. The other joints are just fine and don’t really are in need of improvement.

After this photography session I’m very pleased by the cute IMOMO body, the small doll looks wonderful in underwear and the posing ability is convincing enough. I own an Volks MDD body and an MDD Mochi-Ashi (the one with the thick thighs) and I think IMOMO is better in most aspects.


low price
surprisingly good quality
attractive womanly design
good posing ability like MDD
small thigh gap (MDD legs are too far apart)


torso joint not especially stable

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  1. Aya

    Cheap doll bodies for everyone XD
    I think rio head size don’t suit this smoll body but yeah this one looks promising, no wonder they rebooting the mdd bodies line up since plenty competitions around for these pedos genre XP

    • wieseladmin

      Yeah it’s a big head for the body like in some moe anime.
      I think that the small MDD like dolls are easier to handle compared to the big ones
      and that is part of their appeal next to being adorable.

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