New Figure Preorders #43

With the next Wonfes approaching, Wonder Festival 2023 –summer is on July the 30th, we will take a look at new preorders and figures that caught my attention recently. I’ve placed a few new preorders in the past few months again, I honestly should name this the New Figure Preorders – Summer Edition. I didn’t notice that I mainly ordered swimsuit figures recently. Figure price are still rising at an alarming pace, but apparently the overall quality is increasing as well.

What I preordered

Pola – Seaside Coincidence version – Alter

release date: November 2023 – price 16.800 Yen

Pola is a beautiful figure with the full package of Azure Lane goodness. I generally like bikini figures for the summer atmosphere and skimpy, skin revealing appearance anyway, combined with the curves of the Azure Lane universe it’s too good to be true.

Hololive – Shirogane Noel – Swimsuit version – Good Smile Company

release date: October 2023 – price 18.000 Yen

To me the appeal of Holololive is a complete mistery, but when there is a pretty onee – san in a bikini I’m there. Noel simply looks gorgeous in this figure adaptation, I’ve rarely seen such a wonderful bikini figure. She is a dynamically designed figure and the outfit features a lot of small and interesting details.

Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball version – Rocket Boy

release date: August 2023 – price 24.500 Yen

I really like Erika, I already have one of her figures, but I was also fascinated by this figure, that is designed in a quite unique way. The voluptuous butt and big boobs aside I really like the way her face was designed with this lively expression. The deep bend over is a challenging pose, but it also turned out very erotic with the way Erika’s proportions are. She has this questionable second display option where her boobs are attacked by two hands. It’s a creative idea but that groping looks very rough and actually painful on my precious Erika.
I hope it won’t be too difficult to photograph this figure later.

Suomi KP/-31 Midsummer Pixie – Heavy Damage version – Pony Canyon

release date: December 2023 – price 21,636 Yen

I actually wanted to buy a different Suomi figure, but the heavy damage version was cuter and more affordable as well. Well, it’s another gatcha game character, that I don’t know much about again. I don’t want the gun, just give me the cute girl with the starfish on her butt. The figures cute face is probably her selling point, the skin revealing lower part is slightly lewd with the ripped panties. Overall a cute concept.

Seishori Sister Petronille – Regular Edition – Vibrastar

release date: April 2024 – price 23,000 Yen

I think that this is a nice figure, I could not resist her beautiful face in the end. Her detailed purple dress is quite nice and doesn’t hide a lot, the boobs feature visible veins, while I don’t think that it is a necessary feature, I’m curious about how it will turn out. I ordered the regular version, which only allows partial cast off/part swap for the lower half. There was a deluxe version, with second full nude body and extra face, but after giving it some thought I decided that the regular version was good enough for me.

What I might consider to preorder

Chuun LiMax Factory

release date: July 2024 – price 30.000 Yen

I always wanted a Chun Li figure that looks like that, the pose is really cool.

Suzu Kanade Exorcist Ninja Costume version – Union Creative

release date: January 2024 – price 20.000 Yen

Suzu is so cute! the chubby butt is a nice addition to the skin revealing “Ninja Outfit”

Maina Hayakawa – Hobby Sakura, Lovely Project

release date: March 2024 – price 18.000 Yen

dem hips, I really like her proportions, not entirely convinced by the face, though.

Sinful Saint, Sister AishaNative, Pink Cat

release date: December 2023 – price 30.727 Yen

Is it just me or is there a misunderstanding of the concept of a Nun in Japan? In the figure world they are always shown in an erotic context. This one is especially great though, a beautiful face with a stunning body and a deep cameltoe indentation, it looks as stimulating as it’s probably painful.

Marin Kitagawa: Swimsuit versionGood Smile Company

release date: May 2024 – price 12.636 Yen

Probably the Marin figure with the best face to date. Adapted from the famous scene during the cosplay measuring session. Not my favorite outfit of her, but one could put a dress on her. The figure is not expensive, would be good to order her soon.

Taihou: Phoenix`s Spring Song version – Alter

release date: March 2024 – price 34.800 Yen

Taihou is awesome with her smooth looking skin and impressive breasts, not sure if I want to pay 34,800 Yen, though.

Original Character – Yumesaki Momoka – Insight

release date: August 2023 – price 17.800 Yen

Oh my god it’s a loli! Manufacturer Insight has a really bad reputation even though most of their prototypes don’t look bad at all. This year though I have seen that a number of the releases turned out exceptionally nice.

Echi Echi Furyo Maid Illustration by Nana ShichikenMaiden Voyage

release date: January 2024 – price 19.800 Yen

Eyepatch maid with cigarette and a nice diorama base, she certainly has a nice butt.

Hitoyo-chan no Junan – Hitoyo-chan – Binding Creator’s OpinionBINDing, Native

release date: November 2023 – price 35.000 Yen

Generally I’m not a fan of 1/4 scale figures or bunny suit, this one is quite nice with her elaborately designed outfit. Her thighs are beautiful and I like the proportions of her body.

Hatsune Miku: NT Style Casual Wear versionGood Smile Company

release date: May 2024 – price 22.727 Yen

I like this Miku with her grown up appearance and overall style.

Asuka LangleyShin Evangelion Gekijouban:|| Good Smile Company

release date: January 2024 – price 24.363 Yen

This Asuka has been up for preorders since some time now, I really like grown up Asuka. The makeup is quite elaborate and the shiny plugsuit is pretty.

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  1. Aya

    Except the slut nun, all are summer figures in their swim wear XD
    Chun-li looks amazing but if i have to bet which you will actually order it would be the other slut nun XD her body proportion is totally your type lol

    • wieseladmin

      I actually only noticed that while writing on this post XD
      You could say it’s what makes me happy hahaha.
      Of course the Nun is probably the right choice, but maybe I should order both.

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