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This is Asra Archer, a sweet robotic girl from the Megami Device universe, this figure is based on the popular model kit / action figure lineup from Kotobukiya, I was a fan of the pretty design of Megami Device 6, Asra Archer. The model kit version already caught my attention as at 1/12 model kit, she looked great with the red and white armor pieces.

The Asra Archer design always has been beautiful and attractive, the model kits design always has been based on the design of illustrator Nidy -2D-. He also provided the design for this figure of this review. For the big figure of the Asra Archer character he added more meat to her, as we see an increase in overall body volume on the figure. The belly is cute and the character has bigger boobs than the original design.

I sometimes said to myself “how nice would it be to have a scale figure of her” The humanoid and robotic mix of body parts and mechanical parts is attractive once you get used to it. I really hope that she is a robot otherwise she would miss parts of her right leg and both forearms. Some people would probably freak out about missing limbs.

Instead of making a 1/12 scaled scale figure Kotobukiya decided to inflate her size to 1/0,5 scale, giving the figure a massive height of 36 cm. Asra Archer was released in the end of May 2023. There was a version with bonus erotic face that you would have had to order at the Kotobukiya page, but since it was quite expensive I went for the normal version which was already expensive enough with its 26,000 Yen + 13.000 Yen for EMS shipping.

The figure is obviously very cute with her purple eyes and the blush below them, Asra has a deeply carved open mouth with upper front teeth line, it’s a quite sweet smile that also puts a smile on my face.

She has a very cute hairstyle with a natural blonde hair color. The bangs are placed the middle between her eyebrows and the strands at the sides, it ends with a gigantic ponytail at the backside.

The figures design is wholesome a happy robot girl with a dynamite body, while the Megami Device character became an fully assembled scale figure, she still need assembly similar to a model kit. Several parts can be taken off and other parts can be attached I would be lost without the provided manual, but fortunately the parts snap together tightly and stay in place.

When exchanging armor and leg parts the figure provides a second display option, she can lie down on the included pillow. It’s a good idea, but the limited viewing angle when the figure lies on her back reduces the alternative display option to nothing more than a nice extra, although it’s somewhat unnecessary to be honest.

The default pose is my favorite I can admire Asra’s nice body and happy face at towering 36 cm.

I love the red and white color thee of the figure, the skintight bodysuit is really cool, also her mechanical parts look amazingly good with the shiny finish and overall very clean paintjob. The legs armor is especially beautifully designed. Asra Archer is armed, she has an bow in her hands and a sheathed sword at her side. The bow can be taken off to make the already gigantic figure a little less high.

While I really appreciate the figures soft proportions her boobs should not be that big. Personally I really like huge breasts in general and have no problem with how the figure looks, but to other people the difference between the model kit version and this scale figure might be too dramatic.

The figures jumping pose is both dynamic and cute, the raised arms reveal the actually pretty armpits. The pose also amplifies the beautiful body line also on the backside, her butt looks great.

In summary Asra Archer is a great figure and it is an interesting concept that a small model kit action figure was turned into a really big scale figure. I admit that the figure won’t fit into any of my display cabinets. I’m not happy that I had to pay 13.000 Yen shipping costs, but considering that the box was just gigantic it probably can’t be helped. Anyway, Asra is beautiful, cute and has a sexy body.

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  1. Aya

    Since she originally from a plastic waifu model kit, Her armpit definitely will be this PVC figure strong point XD
    and that’s not how i expecting the stand hold her would be lol, oh that’s some insane shipping cost …..

    • wieseladmin

      her armpit … yeah, not quite my fetish but hers are pretty 😀
      I find it still a little bit strange that they decided to make her look thicc.
      Yeah, I should stop buying figures that measure more than 30 cm.

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