Sailor Mercury – Sailor Moon Crystal – Figuarts ZERO

sailor-mercury-headerI recently got the opportunity to take pictures of a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal figure.

German Tamashii Nations distributor heo gave me a friendly offer to send me a figure sample from time to time, to let me take pictures of them. I got this cute Sailor Mercury Figuarts ZERO from Bandai for starters. I was positively surprised to receive such a friendly offer and agreed.


The Sailor Mercury figure was released in March 2016 and is scaled 1/10, she measures 18 cm.
In Japan she was apparently sold as Limited + Exclusive at Tamashii Webshop

I watched a bit of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime, from my youth with the old Sailor Moon anime I can’t remember much. I liked the introduction episodes a lot, it was fun to see how much of a lazy  human being Usagi is. I did not complete the anime for several reasons… , but I learned that the show improved later on, so I might give it another try.

Have you also followed the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal anime?


My favorite  episode in the beginning was the introduction of Ami Mizuno alias Sailor Mercury. At first she comes off as shy, smart bookworm, but when Usagi approaches her, Ami turns out to be a very nice and friendly girl. Yeah, I guess Usagi and Ami are my favorite characters.

Sailor Mercury is part of the 5 figure Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal – Figuarts ZERO line.




In 1/10 she is a smaller figure, nice looking and space saving as well. I think her pose was sculpted quite nicely, compared to the others her pose has a more cute atmosphere. Sailor Mercury’s body follows the typical Sailor Moon proportions, a long torso and even longer legs.




She has a pretty short hairstyle painted in shiny blue, considering the size, the sculpting of it is quite complex. On her forehead she wears a tiara, with a stone of her signature color, this is a tiny, but also important and nice looking detail. I really like her pretty and lively eyes.




Her outfit looks pretty, the glossy parts and the metallic blue skirt are attractive.


Sailor Mercury wears a sailor uniform collar combined with a white top, the lines on the collar are applied in a very clean way. The top has a big turquoise ribbon on her chest with a blue crystal in the middle. Below she is wearing a billowing, shiny blue skirt with a ribbon at the backside. The skirt has a dynamic design, as if the wind would blow behind. As arm decoration she wears white elbow long gloves. Her shoes ares blue knee-high boots with heels.

The figure has a nicely rounded transparent blue base with a ribbon.





Final Words

Sailor Mercury – Figuarts ZERO from Bandai is a nice small figure, pose and outfit are appealing and her hair is very good looking. The figure has really cute eyes and the tiara is a pretty detail on her forehead. A thing that could be slightly improved is the level of detail on her face. Anyway she is a cute piece of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise.

Thanks again to the German Tamashii Nations distributor, heo for sending me the figure and giving me the opportunity to take pictures of this Sailor Mercury, it was fun.




~Sailor Mercury~

2 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    Yeah… Sailor Moon Crystal was… different from the original show. Although I read it is more in tune with the source material. I should pick it up and watch the rest of it.

    Ami was always such a nice girl, always being patient with Usagi. Although I do sometimes feel in what I vaguely remember of the original show that they played the she is a genius card a bit too much. Someday I should revisit the original show and R at least, can’t say I enjoyed the rest of the seasons as much.

    I gotta say this figure is a bit more rough than I expected. Recently I bought a few of Megahouse’s world uniform series and those were quite nice 1/10 figures. Now I’m bit glad I skipped on Bandai’s Precure figuart zero’s.

    • wieselhead

      At some point I couldn’t bear it anymore, story and the animation quality were awkward. I really hope it improved later on. lol I can relate to Ami, I admit that I really got attached to Usagi,
      the fact that she is often oversleeping, being lazy and her being unexpectedly greedy were hilarious.
      She’s a brat, but an extremely cute one haha. I only watched a few episodes as teenager without paying much attention to the continuity, I think I was a dumb kid anyway XD. Oh, yeah it is more rough than I’m used to from other figures, the face is low resolution unfortunately, the outfit and body are ok in my option.
      Aren’t all Sailor Moon figures made by Bandai?

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