2023 – the past year

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The year was not a very pleasant one, summer was crap, war everywhere, motivation was pretty low, then there was the bad weather and after more than 10 years I finally blew up half of my webspace, no big deal since I could recover most of my posts, but a the pictures online were all gone. I have already recovered most content, the rest will be a task for the upcoming year.

Rediscovering and editing my old figure photography was honestly a lot of fun, but apparently I needed a break from it after a white, since I don’t like to do the same thing every day.

Oh, I managed to write a few review posts in 2023 as well. I did receive some of the most stunning figures of all times this year, as expensive as figure collecting is nowadays, I can’t complain about the quality or lively appearance of the items that I received. I have spent 241.462,00 Yen on (10) figures in 2023. I received 10 and managed to review 11 of them, including 5 figures from 2022 haha.

The top three figures for me were

  • Asuna Ichinose – Bunny Girl
  • Kouka
  • Kuramoto Erika – Beach Volleyball Ver.

Although I took pictures of most of my new figures, I did not manage to review them like it was supposed to be, distractions were Nikke, Genshin Impact, a broken webspace and the creation of AI generated pictures recently.

For 2024 I will try my best to review, Pola – Seaside Coincidence Ver., Suomi – Midsummer Pixie – Heavy Damage Ver., Reisalin Stout, Daiwa Scarlet, Shirogane Noel and the recently arrived Meido-Busou:Javelin.

At least there will be no shortage of new content for the new year .

I’m wishing everyone a better 2024, see you

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