Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen


Welcome to Wieselheads anime corner, I never was especially good with such posts, but it’s nevertheless always fun for me. In this post I will talk about the recently aired Ao no Exorcist:  Kyoto Fujouou-hen, a show from the Anime Winter Season 2017. I always was a fan of stories about the devil and demons in general, back in 2011 there once was an awesome anime called Ao no Exorcist, a show that I would even count as one of my favorites, it left a unforgetable impression on me.

Surprisingly in 2016 it was announced that Ao no Exorcist would get another anime adaption, after 7 years, still I was overjoyed after reading the news. The first adaption was filled with lots of original content to make the anime 25 episodes long. Strangely the new anime Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujouou-hen is no complete sequel and didn’t continue where the old one ended, it was more like a re – roll after the first quarter.

Okamura Rin is the son of Satan, but together with his little brother he was adopted by an Exorcist and raised in secret as normal child. After some dramatic events Rin enters the True Cross Academy, a school for Exorcists with his whereabouts officially kept secret. The old anime was a really nice show, I loved the cast and atmosphere.

Ao no Exorcist is a straight shounen show with brilliant action and emotional aspects, in Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujouou-hen, one chapter of the manga has been adapted, it begins after Rin revealed his demonic form to his classmates and teachers, the truth also reached the higher ups and Rin must take responsibility, but in the end he gets another chance. Nevertheless in the first episode his classmates literally shun him and have high distrust. Rin is a little ingenuous, but actually a good boy with a big heart.

During the arc this anime is about, the class takes an excursion to Kyoto, also to solve the case of a very dangerous stolen demonic item. During their stay at the local temple, things escalate

The re roll seems to be a weird idea, but in my opinion the new one is also a great anime, it kept the good points of the old one and does certain things better than it’s predecessor. Ao no Exorcist:  Kyoto Fujouou-hen has a slower pace, but at the same time it feels more elaborately directed, be it the detailed interactions between the characters or the detailed view on their personalities, their motivation and problems.

The story had many interesting sublots, most prominently Rin must master his demon powers to win back the trust of his classmates and Suguro must deal with his weird father. A smaller part is about Shiemi, who has to find the confidence in herself again.

Kyoto Fujouou-hen makes good use of everything that is interesting about the genre called “shounen”. It has comedy, good action and most importantly it should make the viewer share the emotions of the characters in times of happiness or while they struggle in agony or against obstacles that appear larger than life. I really like the realistic portrayal of these teenagers and their problems and worries. Although it is fantasy setting these problems are quite transferable into a realistic context.

After I’ve watched over Rin and Shiemi I really could feel where they are coming from, the most rewarding moment with such things is when the characters can overcome their problems with effort and some good fortune in the end, after they walked the long road of defeat. These things are motivating. Although In the real world most things depend on luck and fortunate events, nevertheless a positive attitude and believing in the own strengths is always the first step. Such shows often have the ability to boost ones motivation and are a reason why I still watch anime.

This anime has an interestingly told overaching plot, nicely interwoven with the big and small sublots,which leads to a very powerful, action packed an exciting finale.

Haha and applause for the wonderfully made epilogue, I’ve rarely seen one like this.

Considering that they adapted only one arc so nicely in Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujouou-hen, I would like to see more content adapted in the future. I hope
Aniplex and A-1 pictures still have interest to make another adadaption like this.

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