New Preorders part 16

Hi people, time for a New Preorder Post. The last few times it appeared like I was cutting back on figure purchases, but it’s no use, I like collecting them too much and I placed a few more orders.

Figure Treasure hunt Order a few “bargains”  triggered these following purchases.


Fate/Hollow Ataraxia – Saber – Maid Version R


Last time I “accidently” bought ALTER’s old Saber Maid figure, but I wasn’t that satisfied with her. The outfit is very pretty, but you see that she’s old when looking at the medicore sculpting of her face. I will sell the older one, cause I’d rather want to have the slightly improved new one.

I already finished my review of the non R Saber Maid figure and I will probably write one about the newer Version. As the slightly altered re-release was announced the price of the old one dropped a lot, but also the new release had a big pricedrop. I don’t really understand why but I got her for 4500 Yen at Mandarake. Hopefully I’ll like Saber’s new, updated maid version more.

Suzumiya Haruhi –  Gekisou Version


Im a big fan of the Suzumiya Haruhi animes and stories, even though I haven’t even read a quarter of the novels. This will also be the first scale figure of this franchise, that I’ve ordered. I always like if there are figures of anime characters I know which show them in an outfit different from their usual dress, this special Haruhi from Max Factory is a good example for that criteria.

This Gekisou Version was always around for 12000 Yen on the aftermarket after it’s release in 2009 and it was quite popular for some years. Recently I noticed her in Ami Ami’s Pre owned section for around 8000 Yen, quite a steal, so I didn’t hesitate one more minute before ordering.
Suzumiya Haruhi –  Gekisou Version is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 21 cm. Good that I got her.


Last minute order – unforeseen purchases


Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi … – Honma Meiko 


I actually didn’t intend to get this Menma figure, but the purchase happened when fellow blogger Leonia asked me if I would take over her order, after giving it some thought I accepted. All went very smooth with surprisingly fast SAL shipping and no customs fee, thank you again =).

This figure turned out very nice, the figure itself has a simple design, since her white summer dress isn’t what you would actually call fancy. On the other hand the sculpting of her body and also the pose are quite good and enchanting. The base base is recreated after the hideout of Menma and her friends, it looks very detailed and the combination of figure and elaborate base look great and bring this figure to life. This Menma from ALTER, scaled 1/8 and she has a height of 21 cm (with base). The release of ALTER’s Menma occured in October 2013, I “ordered” her from Otacute for 72,90 €. My review of ALTER’s cute Menma will be published very soon.


New Figure Preorders – finally something convincing


Yuru Yuri – Akaza Akari


Finally my impatiently awaited figure of Akari which was still a grey prototype on last Wonfes went up for preorders, to readers of my blog it should be no secret that I adore the sweet Akari from Yuru Yuri. Even though the show mainly makes fun of her, she’s a very popular and beloved character. I really like this kind and caring girl with her always cheerful and motivated attitude.

Cheerful as always, Akari is sculpted with a cute waving pose, as outfit she is wearing her regular middle school uniform and her blue bag. It’s not the most exciting attempt, but it captures the character of Akari perfectly. She is from ALTER, scaled 1/8 and she will have a height of 18 cm. The release of Akaze Akari is scheduled for April 2013, I ordered her from Ami Ami for 5400 Yen.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA – Prisma Illya – Manga Version


I have no experience with and no real opinion of Phat Company! so far, but this figure is my second preorder, Hibari should arrive by the end of November. This figure is based on a spinoff manga called “kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA” which will also get an anime adaption very soon. I haven’t read a single page of this manga, but I know Illya and liked her cute incarnation as magical girl. I like the general magical girl with a cute and girly dress, but since I only buy figures that really convince me, I only have a small number of figures that would fit in this category.

The figure has a really adorable face, with her big eyes and the big open mouth I just couldn’t resist. Teenage Illya has a delicte body and her dress is even a little sexy with her short skirt. This figure is from Phat Company! and is scaled 1/8 and she will have a height of 19 cm. The release of Illya is scheduled for March 2013. I ordered her from Big in Japan for 6090 Yen.


Maybe Baby List


K-ON! (Movie) – Azusa – PureNeemo – Birthday Memorial version

Isn’t she just adorable? This is a Azone PureNeemo Doll of Nakano Azusa from the K-on! Movie
She is scaled 1/6 and has a height of 23 cm, she comes with three winter outfits and additional hands. Oh my god she looks so cute (>◡<)♡ She has a very moveable body and the clothes cover her joints very well. I already have bunch of Azone doll clothes that I’ve used for some of my figures, so playing with Azusa might be a lot of fun ^_^.

This Azusa is an exclusive item and costs 14550, the release date is sheduled for April 2013.

Haha, well I actually planned to get Dollfie soon, but I can’t justify to spent so much for a single item at the moment and I can’t really imagine were I could put a 40-50 cm high doll either,

Im really on the fence with this Azusa Doll, I might have already orderded her at this point

Interesting New Figure Prototypes – some updates about upcoming figures


Nitro Super Sonico – Sonico – Cheerleader version


SoniComi – Sonico – PKG version


It’s been some time since I received my last Sonico figure, the last one(s) from Gift or the Nurse version from Orchid Seed didn’t convince me enough. But last week Orchid Seed updated two of their gorgeous upcoming Sonico figures, I had wet eyes as I saw this 1/6 Cheerleader version, not because she looked so bad, but I was looking forward this figure since illustration status. It might be another year until I will be able to preorder her, but then I will be the happiest figure collector ever. I also was happy to hear that the PKG version was updated, now she will be scaled 1/5 with a height of 31 cm.

Shining Blade – Altina Mel Sylphis 


This upcoming Shining Blade prototype from Kotobukiya also picked my interest, she is called Altina Mel Sylphis and will be a 1/8 scaled figure with a height of 21 cm. If the painted figure looks close to the illustration I will probably order this cute Toni Taka styled elf girl.


Preorder Roadmap Winter 2012


16 Responses

  1. Pedropinilla

    Impossible to stop eh?… ^^

    Well, about your taste, many of these figures are great. I like a lot Haruhi Suzumiya (in fact, she’s in my top ten anime female chacaters of all time) and that figure is amazing, the one of Menma is also a nice one and, of course, those Sonico look so good unpainted that I don’t want to think how it’ll turn out when we see them painted but one thing is for sure and that’s that they will look hot as hell xD (just thinking about those big boobs exposed make me nosebleeding xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD).

    As I said, nice taste, bye bye~ ^o^)/

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I can’t cut back on buying figures, it seems.

      Haruhi is a very cool and confident girl, I would like to be one of her friends 😀
      Menma is very cute, good that I took the offer.

      PKG Sonico looks so awesome in that pose and outfit, I will love this big scale figure for sure.
      What I like about the Cheerleader Sonico is her happy innocent look, so far there weren’t that many Sonico figures of that kind.
      I will get both, hopefully Orchid Seed won’t take too long to get them painted.

      thx XD

  2. exilehero


    You’re getting a doll? How unexpected haha. I had the chance to play around with a dollfie recently and I can see the photography potential in them. They’re pretty fun.

    Wow, those two Sonico figures are smashing. Really, they’re easily the ones I have liked the most, even if they’re unpainted prototypes.

    • wieselhead

      Yay Akari is he best ♥

      It seems unevitable this time, at first I mainly found them creepy, but now I m more interested in these things and Azusa is just too cute.
      They are great I think, these two will be the best Sonico figures made so far,I can’t wait to get them in my hands

  3. Miette-chan

    Wait, you got Saber for that cheap, like seriously? A trip to Mandrake is in order then, might as well bundle it with other stuff I want if I find her for sale in the right location.

    God, I been wanting that Haruhi for years, in retrospect I should have bought that instead of the DSi I chose over her. Hopefully the lower price you saw was the start of a lower trend for her prices.

    That Menma looks nice, you just wait I bet that after I watched Ano Hana I’m gonna be regretting not buying the figure or watching the show earlier. The pose, the look Menma has, the diorama base, all so nice and from Alter no less. If I didn’t abide by my not purchasing figures unless I watched or played the origins I would probably have ordered her.\

    Akarin is a good girl, very nice a good guy like you is buying it. Exilehero expressed some interest in buying her, she is nice you should convince him to get her.

    That Illya is cool, I read the manga, very nice and charming. My experience with PHAT was positive with their Yukari, I hope the same can be said about Hibari when you get her. I wonder if I should consider getting this Illya, my orders are light on the scale figures after all.

    Still going on strong on Sonico I see, you should do a group picture when you get all the ones you want to buy.

    OMG, you bought a doll. Slippery slope start! First a small doll like a Pure Nemo, then bam! Next thing you know you are gonna own a dollfie or something. XP

    • wieselhead

      Hi Miette, thx for your long comment ^^

      Yes it was a cheap one, never expected that a new 1/6 figure would drop in price. Seems like the re-re-release was a shot in the foot for ALTER.
      But fortunately we can get a updated version of a beautiful figure for cheap, good luck in finding one.

      Im such an Haruhi fan in my case being a fan of a character always leads to being overly picky. I fear that I can’t accept the rock star Haruhi figure.
      It appears like older figures start loosing their appeal some years later., which scares me a bit.

      Menma is a cute innocent creature, I like that figure of, my review will be up soon ^^
      You should really watch this show, it’s a good and touching one.

      We would be a match in real life, definetely, I never could relate to an anime character like that before, so Imbreally attached to Akari.
      Maybe I can convince him somehow.

      Super Cute Illya will be a great addition to my collection hopefully 🙂 I will give this manga a try, after I finished Yumekui Merry.
      Im glad that PHAT picked this Hibari GK, already planned to buy the unpainted Kit, but now I can get the sporty, busty loli ^^
      Get her.

      Ahaha yeah I could do that, Im really happy to see these elaborate new prototypes of my beloved Sonico.

      Yes it already happened!. I couldn’t resist cute Azusa in her cozy outfits, I want to buy her cool clothes now.
      Yeah sponsor me a busty Dollfie XD

  4. feal87

    Oh god, that Azusa looks really awesome and she’s also very big! 23 cm are really the perfect size…

    …but still that price…*cries*

  5. Tier

    The Gekisou figures are really nice; they’re so nice that one of my friends, who doesn’t watch anime at all owns Haruhi. That is quite the steal indeed.

    Cheerleader Sonico looks very cute. The swimsuit Sonico, however, I was inclined to pass on, since it’s not nearly as energetic, but then I learned it was 1/5 scale and now I’m a lot more interested in it than I was before. Size has a quality all of its own.

    My own experience with Azone dolls has been a bit mixed. I’m not too impressed with the two 50 centimeter tall dolls that I’ve got (Fate Testarossa and Saber). I also have one of their 1/6 scale dolls (Kobato), and she’s pretty cute but she needs some new clothes since she’s nearly naked. Though that’s not exactly unusual for her.

    • wieselhead

      Haha so it must have been a big impression the figure made on him 😀

      I love both and I can’t wait to get both, the swimsuit Sonico has a simple natural pose in my eyes which I find quite charming.
      But I was quite surprised as her scale was mentioned, 1/5 must be great size for a standing Sonico

      Some of their dolls appear a little odd with these painted eyes, but some are nicer than others.
      I also will need cooler clothes soon, I will probably mess up her image that she had in the anime 😉

  6. hoshiko

    Awww…Azunyan looks sooo adorable. Hesitate no more! Wait, you tweeted about her. Have you ordered her already?

    Are you going to customize ur dollfie as in buying the parts separately? I don’t know much about dollfies although sometimes I see people painting the eye shadows and whatnot. Looks fun though!

    • wieselhead

      Yes, I did order her one day after this post, she is so cute and comes with many nice outfits, I couldn’t resist.

      I don’t know if she can modified like the big Dollfies, but there are different bodies for these Azone Dolls.
      At least I will buy new outfits for her. I already have some things which I used for my scale figures.
      haha I even have a bikini 😀

  7. Halbred

    I like both of the Sonicos for different reasons. Like Tier said, the bikini Sonico is 1/5 scale. This would make her one of the biggest girls in my collection, and there’s nothing wrong with a curvy gal in a bikini, either!

    The Cheerleader Sonico is interesting in that there’s a lot of motion going on, including some realistic “bounce” from her dirty pillows–something one rarely sees. Anyway, I really like the dynamism. The paint job will make it break it for me, though.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, they are both fantastic I think, I would have been satisfied with a 1/6 scaled PKG Sonico figure, but since Im a big fan of her character I don’t mind the “giant” scale ^^
      The sculpt of her looks great already, I really hope this Sonico Cheerleader will be close to her illustration when she’s painted.

      Hopefully they are available for preordering by the second half of next year

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