New Preorders Part 8

Hi Folks I initially planned to bore you with a figure review of Kotone-chan, but my pc died a few days ago and it will take a bit longer to finish the whole review. So another post comes first, I will just show you my new preorders which I’ve placed in the last few months I waited with this post until I had at least 3 figures to write about. In short I call them the cool, the bold, the cute 😀

Asuka Langley 1/6 by Max Factory


Lets start with the 1/6 scaled Souryuu Asuka Langley from Max Factory, she will be my first real scaled figure of Asuka, I don’t see 1/10 scaled ones as real scaled figures, they are just too small. This figure was first presented on the last Winter Wonderfestival and I was sold on her.

Asuka comes in her Test Plug Suit which was shown in Evangelion 2  you can not advance.
Im a big NGE fan, but never bought a figure of Rei nor Asuka before, even though there were hundreds of figure adaptions from both so far. I just bought the Asuka Apron Version from Wave which I sold a few month later. This time I’ve picked a real big scaled figure of Asuka, this figure measures around 275 mm in height. What I like about her is the pretty standing pose and her overall very cool facial expression. Also the glossy finish and details of her newly designed plug suit are very nice, in my eyes this Asuka figure is a nice adaption of her character, just beautiful.
I ordered her at AmiAmi for 5,780 Yen and this figure will be released in November 2011.

Hinako 1/7 by AmiAmi zero

Next one is *giggle* the voluptous main character from the Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko Ova. Hinako is scaled 1/7 and is manufactured by AmiAmi zero. Even though their preview pictures doesn’t look as good as the final product, they’ve gained my trust after I have unpacked their pretty Menace figure. This Hinako combines innocent cuteness with a very soapy sexy body.
She is more or less completely naked, but her crucial parts are slightly covered by the things which resemble soapsuds, you can take them off 😀 as well as the towel behind her back.

I ordered her because of her detailed, chubby yet alluring bodysculpt in combination with a very cute pose and face expression. Also the bath theme caught my interest, its funny how japanese people do their daily bathing routine while sitting on a stool. I already have an idea for a photo shooting with Hinako (nothing indecent of course). Her boobs are a bit too big for my my taste, but overall I like her voluptous shape and I couldn’t resist her cute and “innocent” charm.
Hinako will be released in December 2011 and I ordered her at AmiAmi for 6,360 Yen.

Takamachi Vivio 1/7 by ALTER

The last one for this part ist Takamachi Vivio from the Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga, where she is the main heroine. I guess this version is more suited for me than the angry Vivio which was made by Alter in late July 2010. This new little Vivio was also manufactured by ALTER and is scaled 1/7 with a height of 195mm. They aren’t that well known for making figures with such a high level of cuteness, but this version of Vivio looks incredible cute. She has an adorable face with bicolored eyes and an open mouth with an upper front teeth line (I love figures with upper front teeth lines) and also her nice school uniform with this dynamic pose looks very pretty.
Im looking forward to see this very cute figure with ALTER’s quality standards in person.

The small white bunny on her hand has two different bodies and can be placed seperately from Vivio. I guess most of you won’t know the Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga, just to let you know the bunny is Vivio’s intelligent device called “Chris”. Guess where I’ve ordered this figure ;D
Anyway I ordered her for 6,180 Yen, like Hinako her release date is also in December 2011.

At the end of this post I want to show you my updated Figure Preorder Roadmap for 2011.
After the big amount of figures which arrived in june and july, Im slowly running out of space and so I restricted my self a little bit more with ordering figures than in previous new preorder posts.
I will order GSC’s Princes Millhiore from Dog Days, the release of her is sheduled for december and Im eagerly waiting to preorder her. I also will finally send my Nagi Garagekit to somebody who will paint and assemble her for me. This should be, without engagement all the stuff I’ll get this year. Other figures I am interested in are sheduled to be released in the next year.


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25 Responses

  1. GREW

    Asuka looks really nice.

    But I will pass since I have the Alter one.
    Hinako is nice, but… danger for my place.

    I only have two orders so far.
    Hatsune Miku by GSC and Yukari Yakumo my Phat (or what ever) company.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, yeah I also wouldn’t buy two figures from the same character in the same outfit, except the figre would look totally impressive ^^

      Hinako s a little bit nude, good that she has these bubble things 😀

      The reissue of their old Miku right? My lat Miku will be shipped tomorrow.
      I think Yukari will look great in the final product

  2. exilehero

    Asuka looks lovely. I heard that she only appears in the test plug suit for a little bit but people sure went crazy about it.

    Haha, they really went to extremes with that Hinako figure. I’m surprised they bothered covering up the important parts.

    I like your “Figure Preorder Roadmap” . It’s a really nice idea for keeping track of stuff.

    • wieselhead

      I had the impression that quite a number of people were angry about the level of fanservice in Evangelion 2.0, they don’t know whats good 😀

      AmiAmi zero is quite ecchy, without the soap parts I probably hadn’t ordered her, well I also like the way her nipples are hidden and Im not brave enough to display a totally nude big breasted girl ^^.

      Yeah its nice to know what has to be paid next

  3. Sevie

    Ui, die Hinako… psst.. die hab ich auch vorbestellt *flüster* :3

    Hinako ist wirklich unheimlich süß *_*
    Ich mag, wie du auch gesagt hast, die Kombination des sehr weiblichen, kurvigen Körpers mit dem süßen und unschuldigen Gesicht!

    Ich müsste ja mal sehen, was ich alles auf Preoder hab, verliere das immer schnell den Überblick xD

    • wieselhead

      Oh wirklich, freut mich das du sie auch magst.

      Ja die Hinak ist wirklich niedlich
      Sie wirkt so unschuldig, weil sie sich ihrer attraktivität die sie aussttrahlt garnicht bewusst ist.

      Achso, würde mich auch interresieren was du so an Figuren bestellst 😀 notfalls kannst du das ja auch bei mfc eingeben, obwohl das weniger Übersichtlich ist als eine selbsterstellte Liste, finde ich.

  4. Tier

    Hinako is pretty cute, I forgot about her but I might order her too. She might be a good subject to experiment with my can of condensed milk. I’ve got the feeling Vivio #2 won’t sit in the bargain bin like Vivio #1.

    • wieselhead

      Lol you can’t do that to innocent Hinako, use aerosol cream ;p I don’t want to put sweet and sticky stuff on my figures, I fear that they are getting dirty and it would be hard to clean

      Yeah that might be true, its a bit understandable that people like cute figures more than angry ones, but its strange that there is no love for the tough and grown up Vivio , even when your search for illustrations of her, there is nearly nothing to find.

  5. Miette-chan

    That Asuka looks pretty nice, boy is that test suit popular with figure manufacturers. I’m liking that we are seeing these simpler figures from the bigger manufacturers. It’s nice to get something simple and much more importantly cheaper. Although I think I might prefer Alter’s take of the test suit Asuka.

    Oh lol, can’t believe you are buying that Hinako figure. A fan of the source material?

    Vivio looks nice, kinda want to get her so her mama is not lonely.

    • wieselhead

      ALTER’s Asuka looked a bit too friendly in my eyes, but it has a nice design anyway. Simple poses can be a nice change sometimes, on the other hand the Asuka figure looks very well made.

      Haha I shocked you and also myself a bit, since she is wearing no panties. I don’t know if I can bring myself to display her like that maybe I’ll wrap a mini towel around her ^_^
      no, no the Ova is silly I know, but Hinako is soo cute ^-^

      Vivio is really cute and enchanting
      haha yeah right her Mama must be lonely 😀 that was a funny note from you

  6. tanoshimini

    Bl about the comp breaking down^^” kotone looks lovely! and looking forward to the review.

    Lovely figure pre orders! Sadly none interest me^^” seems september is a quiet month XD

    Me and figure collecting will go on a break, after this year^^” unless I get a job

    I like the graph you did! I use an excel sheet instead

    • wieselhead

      Yeah stupid pc malware, I did nothing wrong.
      Thx I will publish it tommorow I guess.

      Oh np I won’t hit you, yeah very quiet, but at the end of september the Sonicomi game will be released ^^

      good luck with finding a job, Im sure that you’ll get one soon. Do you plan to move out when you’ve found a well paid position?

      I also have an excel sheet in general, but this is visually more appealing I think

  7. Sloth

    That Asuka is fine looking. I’ve very tempted even though I have the Kotobukiya version. Not a huge fan of the test suit but the sculpt and expression is very good.

    BTW, sorry for not getting back to you on the Asuka Apron. I was very busy with uni and honestly just forgot.

    • wieselhead

      I prefer the standing pose of her.

      Ah its ok Im not angry and I already found another buyer ^_^

  8. Nopy

    I can’t believe they’re actually making a Hinako figure, it looks very fitting when you think about the anime though. Milhi is very tempting, but I’m not sure I’m going to have enough room for her since I’ll be ordering GSC’s Puella Magi figures.

    • wieselhead

      There actually was an older Hinako figure, from another company and with a more simple look.

      I really want to get Milhi if GSC don’t mess up her paintjob or her face. To me she looks a bit like Madoka in her dress, same colorsheme and a similar design.

  9. Duqs

    That Asuka looks really fine. I think its the expression and the pose that brings out whats awesome about this figure. I also heard the figure is more affordable than the other Asuka scaled figures out there, that true?

    • wieselhead

      I love her cool and pretty appearance.
      I think so, the 1/8 scaled one from Alter was just a little bit more expensive. Kotobukiya’s test suit figure was a few hundred Yen cheaper

  10. Yi

    Lovely set of pre-orders. My favorite from here is definitely Vivio. She’s adorbs. I’ve always really liked her, so it’s wonderful to see such a cute, energetic figure of hers. The bunny just pushes it over the top!

    • wieselhead

      Vivio is a really funny character in the Nanoha Vivid Manga and this figure of her was just too cute to resist ^-^
      Yeah the bunny in the school uniform is a cute accesoire, really nice.
      Do you know the Manga by chance?

  11. Xine

    Alter’s Takamachi Vivio is super super cute! I love her pose, I hope she isn’t prone to ‘leaning’ over time.

    Asuka somewhat reminds me of Rin which is the reason why I like her too. ^^

    • wieselhead

      I can’t resist her supercuteness haha a lovely figurre ^-^ I guess ALTER is good enough to make figures without a leaning problem, nowadays. like their Momohime for example.

      Asuka and Rin, mhh what are their similarities ? 😀

      • Xine

        I guess it’s the overall appeal of Rin (Tohsaka) and Asuka, the twintails, the face shape, the tsun tsun vibe

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