6th Year anniversary of wieselhead.de

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anniversary 6

Hi folks, recently it was anniversary of my blog, indeed another year passed. The idea of Wieselhead.de was born 2010 and it went online on May 15th. I really run this since six years. In the last 12 months I’ve reviewed 16 figures, apparently I like my variety of swimsuit figures.

I simply write reviews about my recently purchased figures, wieselhead.de is my baby and taking pictures, writing text, in the end adding another review fills me with joy and also pride.


What I really noticed this year is that I managed writing and structuring reviews much faster.

Staying active and dedicate your freetime to something for such a long period is a positive thing, still with more and more figure blogs shutting down activity, I start to feel lonely, I can count the number of remaining and active blogs with two hands, it was so lively back then.

My activity decreased a little since some time as well. I simply ordered less figures compared to previous years. Partially of lacking interesting material, insanely high prices also play a big role. An additional reason is that my interest shifted more in the doll territory.

Yeah the dolls, a few people are upset about Dollfie Dream and the likes. but I really began to like this hobby a lot. In the first place I started with fashion dolls for photography reasons. I’m still a rookie at dollphotography, it’s really difficult to get everything right. But that also makes it very interesting because it’s a real challenge where I can slowly learn to improve. Also just taking care of pretty fashion dollls and spoiling them with new stuff is surprisingly fun as well.

Taking care of my now 3 Dolls , Lady Mirai (SmartDoll), Rio (DDS) and Chiyoda (DDdy) distracts my usual worries about the blogsphere. I’m feeling less bitter about certain things now.

The stats of Wieselhead.de stayed as they always were, which is actually hilarious. I really suck at advertising my content, it always made me feel strangely uncomfortable. Which is not beneficial for a ambitious hobby photographer in times of omnipresent social media. I will never win a popularity award, but actually I feel confident in my figure photography.

I still appreciate bishoujo figures and figure photography a lot in general and still have as much fun with the actual process as when I started. Figures became surprisingly popular more as when I started the blog. These days many people worldwide take figure pictures, less for the purpose to put them into reviews, the obvious trend is a more artistic approach on figure photography, focusing on creating the one or a handful of nice and elaborate shots.

I always had some doubts about this certain step, but this year I started a facebook page for my blog, I quickly noticed that I, if at all should have done it much earlier, now it’s too late and apparently won’t result in a bigger audience. I’m also a little clueless about what to post XD.

Aside from blogging, I put my focus on flickr, it’s a very nice platform for figure and fashion doll photography. I also joined Instagram, it’s a fun place to look for and show pictures in a slightly different way. Although I stopped uploading pictures on mfc, it always gave me more grieve than anything else and just brings out the worst emotions in me ૮( ᵒ̌▱๋ᵒ̌ )ა.

Anyway I genuinely enjoy this photography thing. After all this time, I can’t think of a better hobby, oh well maybe gardening comes as 2nd in my case. I will continue with Wieselhead.de in the future, maybe I will invest in a new theme or create a second, only Dollfie related blog.

I won’t forget to thank my audience, thx for all your support, be it comments, feedback or just looking at the content. Thank you for staying with me, even with less frequent posts.

Greetings and applause to all still active bloggers out there.

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  1. Hoshiko

    Congratz on your sixth year of blogging! It’s really sad about the decreased number of blogs and I agree that it’s a positive thing that you’re still working hard at it. Even if you think you’re writing less posts right now, I still think you write more than I do. And that’s a good thing! This blog is your place to express your creativity and share your talent with your audience so keep this blog rockin’!

    • wieselhead

      Thank you so much. Yeah, in the past it made very sad, I somehow learned to accept it.
      On the other hand I’m very happy that you are also still blogging. I enjoy reading the articles.
      I would like to mix in more anime posts here, but I often don’t know how to write why a show is interesting or appealing.
      Thats nicely said (〃^▽^〃) I’ll do my best in coming years, too. Thank you for the comment ;).

  2. Tian

    Congrats on six years! Here’s to another six 😀

    BTW thanks for the amount of boobage in this post.

    • wieselhead

      Thank you, well maybe ( ^∇^)
      Youre welcome lol, I apparently got quite a number of half nude bishoujo beauties in year 6 (ok and before) (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)
      If the figure is too tame it’s not my game ahahaha.

  3. Miette-chan


    Your 6th year sure was more lively than mine! My favorite this past year is a toss up between Haruna or Kongiku. In fact one of the reasons I want Alter’s foxy ladies are your photos of Kongiku. I always liked your figure photos so keep up the good work there. Your doll photos are also getting nicer too!

    You should totally get more figures though, make me feel better about my spending will ya?

    • wieselhead

      Thank You (*^▽^)/
      Ah well, you still make posts I enjoy to read. It’s good that you are still out there.
      I see, both were quite nice, I was slightly surprised by the rerelease announcement of Kongiku.
      Yes, I will do my best not to forget about figures lol. SlowlyI get the basics of doll photography (‐^▽^‐)

      No, no XD Not more figures…

  4. Tier

    Congratulations! Keeping a website running for six years is no small feat, especially when it’s purely a labor of love rather than something you rely on to make a living. I think I can relate to everything you said, although I’m one of those guys who doesn’t post nearly as much as I used to XD Still, I’m a little surprised that I haven’t noticed a lot of new websites popping up to replace the ones that went offline. I guess they really are all on Tsuki-board now (and why not, I guess … it’s so much easier to post content there than to run a website). Haha, I understand the doll thing, whenever I made a doll post I figured that most people wouldn’t look at it, and the few people that commented were doing it more out of politeness than anything (or to make some remark about glass eyes versus painted eyes, which always drives me bonkers). I found that my own site stats stayed the same despite not posting, which I found to be sort of a relief, actually; they don’t rise when I post and they don’t fall when I don’t post, so there’s not much pressure on me to post anything that I don’t want to write about. Anyway, keep up the good work! Your dolls need more bondage gear.

    • wieselhead

      Thank You, I’m also sometimes surprised that I didn’t gave up in between, but blogging about figures is definetely something I often be happy about.
      I “unfortunately” never came into a situation were someone offered me money for this activity here lol. Yeah you slowed down a little, but don’t force yourself.
      I won’t get sad by others decreased activity as I did before. New figure blogs don’t appear anymore somehow. When I look at all the navigation challenges on these social media platforms, I really prefer my simple wordpress powered blog ;D. Haha at first I didn’t give a damn thought to dolls myself, so I can relate to people who are wary of them.
      But once I experienced the appeal of them, I became a DD fan. It made me slightly less interested in figures, which might be good… Stats are a mysterious thing ahaha.

      Thank You again. Ok, I will consider it XD

  5. Kai

    Hey man, sorry for the late reply, but grats! Not sure if I say this before, but among the figure bloggers I follow, you’re one of the rare ones who’s still active to this day. Hope you can continue buying new figures and making new content-as your pictures and reviews are always a sight to see. (not really interested in dolls though sorry :p)

    • wieselhead

      Hey Kai, please don’t worry about that. I appreciate the comment also a few days later 😉
      Yeah, sadly many stopped blogging about figures until now, but it’s ok to be there afterall.
      Thank you very much, I will try my best, more reviews will be written soon ^^
      Hey dolls are awesome! I will post much more soon ;p

      Though I somehow understand people who can’t see their appeal.

  6. Aya

    Almost a month late but, Happy anniversary Wieselhead XD what should I say ahaha Congrats on surviving 8D , is it really true some audiences disappointed, that now you expanding into dolls?

    • wieselhead

      Thx a lot ^^ Well, we talked about it elsewhere I guess.
      Yes! I’m still there haha. Not really, one mentioned he is not interested in my doll posts, which somehow hurt.
      Others might just comment out of politeness, but maybe I just think so and these are honest words ;p

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