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2014 figures

Hi people, I hope your christmas holidays went smoothly and your ready for the starting 2015.

After we already looked at the financial aspect and other data of my figure collecting this year, I want to show you a post, where we take a last look at the figures I’ve reviewed in 2014.

I borrowed the idea from I like the idea looking back at the figures and remembering the things I did in this year and all the different pictures as a result of it.

The vertical pictures I liked the most are used as representer of the 19 (+1) reviews I made this year, I put them in inverted order from January to December, if you like you can look at a certain review again by following the links or just take a look at the short summary here.

Super Sonico – PKG version – Orchid Seed

With writing a little story with Sonico involved, I made a fool out of myself in the review ;D.
The big scale figure is actually really pretty, I still love her standing pose and expression, my pictures are rather medicore in the first 2014 review, I should take pictures of her once again.

Super Sonico PKG version by Orchid Seed


Super Sonico – Sweets Time version – FuRyu

I was again a little surprised by the quality of my second Sonico prize figure, also her photogenic level was quite high. FuRyu produces a lot of different Sonico prize figures.

Super Sonico – Sweets Time ver. by FuRyu


Maeda Keiji – ALTER

This was an excellent figure of this year, Maeda has a lovely face, beautiful and also very skimpy clothes that make her show a lot of nicely sculpted skin. Her quality is incredible even for ALTER. I’ve build a bamboo forest set for her and the pictures turned out quite rewarding.

Maeda Keiji – Hyakka Ryouran – by ALTER


Yagyuu – Vertex

Her promo pictures were looking so nice, unfortunately they changed her skin texture in the final product. I wasn’t that satisfied by her, still she looked good and her quality was quite ok.

Yagyuu – Senran Kagura by Vertex


Sallya – Max Factory

She was a really sexy figure that Sallya, they gave her a teasing pose and cool appearance.
I really liked her slender body and the outfit. What I didn’t like was her peg less design, it’s dangerous you know. In pictures and from close up she looks far better than on a shelf.

Sallya – Fire Emblem: Kakusei by Max Factory


Araragi Tsukihi – GSC

Tsukihi is not only my favorite Bakemonogatari figure to date, but also my favorite GSC figure this year, her facial expression and body language are fantastic. I love the bob cut hair, her thoughtful deep eyes, the beautiful outfit and the elaborate base, well GSC put more effort into the red bar frame work, than in the plain white disk under. Anyway she’s just beautiful.

Araragi Tsukihi – Nisemonogatari by GSC


Alleyne – Orchid Seed

I was quite impressed by Orchid Seeds 1/6 scaled figure. The pale Elf has amazing body sculpting and looks very attractive, the leaf bikini has a nice level of detail but can also be removed, to see more of her. She also has a very pretty face with blue eyes and a little blush.

Queen’s Blade – Alleyne by Orchid Seed



Rin Shibuya – GSC

From a few angles her face looks a little off, but she’s actually really photogenic in her lovely outfit, when you shoot her in a stage or music video like setting, she really starts to shine.

iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – Shibuya Rin


Dragon Nest – Sorceress – GSC

My anticipation for her to be released was higher than my enjoyment of the figure, I still like her a lot, since she has a beautiful face and a nicely sculpted body, the outfit is also great, personally I don’t like the shiny finish on several parts that much.

Dragon Nest – Sorceress by GSC


Shimamura Uzuki – GSC

I don’t know why I’ve ordered another Cinderella girl, Uzuki is really cute and I liked her skirt, but she has nothing of Rin’s elegance, she looks a bit like a weirdo with herr proportions squeezed in a little girls outfit XD Well, I actually liked her dress and closed eyes.

iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – Shimamura Uzuki


Cerberus – Max Factory

Aww demon girls, I love them. The dancing Cerberus was definitely one of my coolest figures 2014. Her shiny armor and other parts of her outfit look really stunning. The cute girl is really my type, with nice hips, thighs and not too long legs. Unfortunately, she had no exchangeable hands as extra parts, it would have been a great option, since she has human hands.

Cerberus – Max Factory


Sena Kashiwazaki – swimsuit version – Gift

Gift made a quite lovely figure of Sena, she’s very big and attractive, not only because of her well endowed curves. She’s also very expressive for a 1/4 scaled figure with shading, beautiful hair and a sweet, happy face. To be honest her face doesn’t look good from all angles. From the right angles, though she looks very convincing. It was really fun to take pictures of him.

Kashiwazaki Sena, a pretty beach girl by Gift


Suguha Kirigaya – ALTER

I can’t remember how often this figure was delayed before her release. The quality is very good and Suguha is a good figure, but unfortunately she is not a very interesting in that pose and with a scared expression on her face. Suguha deserved something different to portray her personality and “little” sister role.

Suguha Kirigaya – Sword Art Online – ALTER


Ikaros – Kotobukiya

Ikaros is also very nice as figure with an appealing color combination and nice looking hair, the slightly sad puppy eyes and the shy pose make her quite adorable and the bare shoulders together with ample boobs cleavage have some sex appeal. The wings look so cute on her.

Sora no Otoshimono’s Ikaros by Kotobukiya


Super Sonico – Santa Swimsuit version – ALTER

Oh I just love ALTER’s Sonico, she might be my favorite Sonico this year. The friendly and flirty facial expression together with her lovely, soft curves. Have I mentioned that I totally adore her strong, nicely sculpted thighs, she’s already super sweet with her beach look, but the additional christmas option convinced me even more.

Super Sonico – Santa Swimsuit version by ALTER


Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl – Orchid Seed

This Sonico has a striking presence with her dynamic pose, that presents her at the end of a jump, nearly floating in midair and shows a radiant smile, she looks quite big for a 1/6 scaled figure, so you can notice all her cuteness and the pretty details clearly even from a distance.

Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl by Orchid Seed


Harada Makoto – Alpha x Omega

I really like the Yamato nurse, she’s a sweet little thing, her beautiful face is framed by her attractive short hairstyle. Also the lovely retro style of her shiny pink uniform is great, cheers!

Harada Makoto – Yamato 2199 by Alpha x Omega


Igawa Asagi – Milestone

I played surprise as I ordered this Hentai heroine from Milestone, without knowing what to expect. Fortunately the manufacturer did a quite good job with the suit and her face. I could complain a little about her beach ball shaped titties and that her head is slightly too small.

Asagi Igawa – Taimanin Asagi by Milestone


Asuna – Titania version – Max Factory

I nearly missed to order this great figure, she’s without much exaggeration really fantastic.
The innocent white dress combined with the beautiful yet sorrowful expression make her a beautiful figure, the best part for me is her gorgeous face. Max Factory did an excellent job.

Asuna – Titania version by Max Factory

So this were the 19 reviewed figures this year, so which reviews/ figure from 2014 did you like the most from here?

In case you want to know about my personal favorite figure of 2014, it’s definitely Asuna, she passes all my criteria I expect  from a great figure.

This was the last post this year, see you in 2015…

I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year

16 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    (I actually tried to post a comment earlier but got an error…so if there’s a duplicate comment, forgive me!)

    Happy New Year, wieselhead!! Here’s to more sexy, beautiful, cute & irresistible figures in the year to come!

    I think it’s great to do this sort of reflective post to see how far we’ve come over the course of 12 months. And look at yourself here, you’ve got yourself more gorgeous figures and took more gorgeous photos =)

    • wieselhead

      sorry about that, hopefully you didn’t have to type everything again.
      These things happened so often to me, I write my comments in an external editor first nowadays ^^

      Thank you very much, haha yeah but please not too many irresistible ones, I intend to buy less in 2015 (‐^▽^‐).
      Oh thank you for these kind words, I might have improved a little bit, sometimes I still make have problems.

  2. Aya

    Happy New Year Fabienne 😀 I think my favorite is the Cheerleader Sonico, while the best post of course the Asuna one, Look forward for what wieselhead will done this year 😀

    • wieselhead

      Same to you, Aya. Thank you for always commenting here, I really appreciate that (*´▽`*)
      Yeah, also a good choice, I think her happy appearance together with the size makes her really appealing.
      I’ll do my very best ^^

  3. Miette-chan

    Oh wow, you did quite a bit! Much better than me, I only did three but I’m really happy with how they turned out.

    I like a lot of the figures you reviewed this year, my favorite photo shoot was Sena’s. There was just something about how the lighting came out that I really liked. As far as my favorite figure of the year, it’s a toss up between Tsukihi or Koto’s Shinobu. If I throw figmas into the running then Ranko was my favorite of the year.

    Happy new years!

    • wieselhead

      I play the serious reviewer, even though I took some short breaks this year.
      It’s good to hear that you are satisfied with them, it’s actually the most important thing, about this activity ^^

      Nice (*^▽^)/ Haha, yes shooting Sena was fun, sometimes you have to experiment with the light to get such results.
      Tsukihi was really nice I think, from Shinobu I liked the “super smile” version a little more ^^. Yes, Ranko looks really sweet.


  4. Pinkcheeks

    Oh wow! That’s a lot! My super favorite was Sallya! She’s so, so gorgeous! TBH, your shots made me buy her! I’ve yet to get her sometime this year, (she’s still in transit nyahahaha) but I hope you don’t mind if I get some inspiration from you! I really like your style in scale figure photography! Keep it up my friend! Happy New Year! 😀

    • wieselhead

      Ha, indeed ^o^
      Ah nice, it’s really cool that you also ordered her now. You won’t regret it.
      No, no go ahead, but I think you can think of a even better idea than me ;p
      Thank you very much Pinkcheeks (。⌒∇⌒)。

  5. kixkillradio

    Happy New Year wieselhead! It’s been a while since I last visited your site, in my end some photos takes time to load. Maybe my internet is acting up again. Your Alleyne and Asuna sets are my faves. You’re also one of my fave scale figure photographers in the community. Keep up the good work! I always wonder where you put all your sexy babes. @_@ More photos this new year! ^_^

    • wieselhead

      Happy New Year to you as well, Mhh strange maybe my blog is too full after 5 years ;D Or the file size is too high.
      Thank you very much, it was really fun to shoot a pretty girl like Asuna. Oh thats nice to hear O(≧▽≦)O *blush*
      I hope I can improve in 2015. Surprisingly I can still put most of them in my room(s) without looking like a mess XD
      Sometimes I put a few back in the boxes. Yeah !

  6. Tier

    Happy late new year! I haven’t reviewed Tharja yet and it’s your fault (I think). Every time I think about her all I can see is that chubby thumb. Alleyne is a really nice figure, I’m impressed by how well she turned out, since a lot of the time, I’m kinda disappointed by Orchid Seed figures when they turn out to be undersized or strangely-painted. I just need to clean the gunk off of her nipples one of these days; I dunno why they bothered with that. Sena kinda has that flat face thing that the sculptor is sorta known for but she’s still one of my favoritest figures of this year. I probably should open up Cerberus too since she looks nice, but I still have this thing about animal ears so I’m not in any big rush.

    • wieselhead

      Happy 2015! 😉 My fault, haha, but actually it’s not that obvious. Still a strange error, lets blame GSC’s being involved in the figure.
      The 1/6 scale was definitely a good surprise from Orchid Seed, this Alleyne is great, my copy had no gunk. Their 1/6 Sonico was also really nice, also the Super Sonico PKG at the beginning of 2014. As we are on the topic, I averagely buy 3 Orchid Seed figures per year. Sena is not that perfect from every angle because of that, but she’s still a lovely piece (of meat) ^^
      Unpack Cerberus already, sh really beautiful, huh…be happy that she has no tail XD

    • x_enomoto

      Hey, that’s very cool. You got great stuff. I myself got several figures this 2014, and funny enough, I consider Asuna the best too. I don’t understand how she isn’t as popular, the sculpt is fantastic. The paintjob and the expression are just perfect.

      • wieselhead

        Hi there ^^
        Thank you very much, getting lovely figures is always nice
        Oh, really that is awesome 😉 She’s a really beautiful and nicely made figure.
        The not so high popularity is mainly based on her role during one arc of the SAO anime.
        Most fans just want to see her as tough fighter. Aniway I think she’s the best Asuna figure =)

        • Alex

          I have seen several figures from Asuna, and I agree, this one is the best to me too. I also got Sora from Alter. I though the head was too big, but your pics make her look great. I need to take her out of the box. I also like that Alice you just reviewed again.

          • wieselhead

            I was and still am overjoyed that I made this purchase, I actually did not preorder Asuna ^^
            Oh you have her too, thats great. Yes, her head is quite huge ;D But she still looks very appealing, the whole design is really pretty with her dress and elaborate pose.
            Alice is quite nice, for her age. They could have made her a bit cuter, but she’s rather cool, which is also a good thing. Thank you for the comment;)

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