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I have a bad habit of taking pictures of my Dolls in skimpy outfits. Bad is probably the wrong word, since the Dolls have very nice looking bodies ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡, but I also should take pictures of them in normal outfits  from time to time. You know I’m still expanding my still limted selection of Doll clothes. I have a few dozen stockings, but only 4-5 skirts, 2-3 trousers and a few shirts and sweaters. I recently won a school uniform for Riō, the girl needs education.

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 006

Todays model is the lovely Riō and she will be presenting the casual underwear set, I’ve won for a fair price on Buyee. I liked the cute pattern and a good feature is the adjustable size. With her DDS L body size Riō only fills the smallest step, it’s probably for older sisters ;D

I was surprised how wonderful Riō looked in this elaborately made, casual underwear ♡^▽^♡.
It totally fits her youthful charm and accentuates her pretty zones, the single piece torso is really giving her a nice shape, still I consider to switch to a “DDS shapely L” which looks nicer with clothes on, it won’t make a “big” difference, but don’t underestimate the cleavage effect.

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 001

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 002

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 004

When taking pictures of my Dolls I still struggle with creating a decent lighting on the scene and fitting backgrounds are even harder to find. I was using 2 external flash units  left and right, facing away from the doll, only illuminating the surrounding walls will make a good, bright light situation. Background cloth can influence the lights color to a certain degree.

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 007

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 008

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 009


Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 011

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 012

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 013

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 014

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 015

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 016

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 017

Riō - dress up game -casual underwear - 018

That should be all about it, next time, on voluntary basis, Riō will show us the recently arrived DDdy版ぴ~ち☆パイぷらす “DDdy-Pichipai plus” which is actually intended for another Dollfie.

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  1. Miette-chan

    Well you just shattered my expectations… I did not expect such a normal looking set of underwear. It looks pretty great, I’ve been wanting something like that for ages now but never really found anything I liked. Even then, was not too much into it because of the torso join with dollfies… with the unibody now though…

    One of the many different reasons I almost never take photos is lighting, so hard to do. Those Japanese folks should share their lighting set ups more!

    • wieselhead

      Ahahaha, well my Rio is a good doll afterall (*´▽`*)
      Anyway I guess I was lucky to find an elaborately designed casual underwear set,
      I have been searching for some time. I actually was very surprised how lovely it looked on Rio ♡. Just a happy girl in cute casual underwear…

      It’s nicer without segments at the torso, still it’s actually funny how used I became to doll specific gaps and joints now, some years ago I always complained about joints. Now the only bothering thing are the gaps at the hips.

      Often I feel rather bad about about my lighting problems. The japanese folks always have such pretty looking environmental light it’s a mistery.

  2. Hoshiko

    I like the last photo!! She’s so, so adorable. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the rest of the photos okay? Haha. The first photo has a sweet sexy appeal. =)

    I see you’re having lots of fun with dolls. One huge difference between dolls and figures is the ability to change, whether it’s pose or outfits. Things you can do with them are limitless.

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much, yeag sometimes I’m also still surprised how cute Rio is ♡^▽^♡
      She is different in some outfits.I really like her cuteness pverload lol.
      oh, ahahaha it’s ok. Sometimes one pose turns out better than another and makes a certain picture more appealing.
      Oh yes, I really cherish them, it’s so much fun. I guess I could take pictures of my Dolls for weeks.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the time XD Yeah it’s very different, figures are still interesting for me,
      but sometimes I rather buy doll clothes lol. The posing possibilities are nearly endless, but it also makes taking pictures more difficult, before a shooting I have to think about good poses.

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