The audacity of Mirai Suenaga

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Mirai header 3

Hi, I recently went on my very much deserved vacation, the time I’ve spent online was low, sorry for not posting anything in a while. Todays subject is my cute Mirai SmartDoll.

Before I show my vacation pictures with Mirai, I’ll post pictures from a previous shooting.

The audacity of Mirai  - 001

Since I have Mirai I regulary browse through Buyee, an auction platform that also features Dolfie clothes. I bid on the follwing item, because I imagined that it would suit my Doll. I bid without actually expecting to win. Gladly it fits, also when Mirai has her front heavy L bust.

The audacity of Mirai  - 003

Obviously it is a daring piece of wardrobe, nevertheless she also would pass as super heroine, but I’m lacking white boots and a cape, so I created a slightly sexy shooting, as follows.

I recently  bought Mirai’s larger L bust and I’m super happy with her wearing it .

The pictures are a little naughty, I like this kind of playful ecchi. Mirai is still my adorable doll, so don’t take it too seriously, when she shows some skin.

The audacity of Mirai  - 008
Hello, cameraman – san ;D

The audacity of Mirai  - 002

I tried some heavier postprocessing for the desired effect, as you can see, I went for a softer image without losing too much sharpness in the focus field, tell me if it’s too much or if you are curious how I did that ^^

The audacity of Mirai  - 007

The audacity of Mirai  - 006

The audacity of Mirai  - 004

Still a little clumsy with the posing

The audacity of Mirai  - 005

The audacity of Mirai  - 011

— ❤❤❤–

The audacity of Mirai  - 010

Zipper Malfunction!

The audacity of Mirai  - 009

The audacity of Mirai  - 013

The audacity of Mirai  - 014

The audacity of Mirai  - 015

So that is the end of this post, I hope you had fun with the pictures of Mirai.

Next Time I will show you what Mirai did in the countryside of France…

8 Responses

  1. Aya

    So this How the “Power Girl” Suit looks like, it looks really good on her ,(but I feel her cute face don’t fit this kind of suit thought, I feel need to be more “ero-cute” rather than sexy)
    and just curious with L bust can you still pull the zipper all the way up ?

    • wieselhead

      Haha yes Mirai fights against injustice o(〃^▽^〃)o!
      Ah, that is true, I also got the feelings that she is too cute for lewd outfits, the adverising model had a flustered appearance.
      I probably need such kind of lady for a convincing look.
      Oh of course you can completely close it Here
      Still, it’s actually designed for Dollfie Shapely Bust, Mirai boobs are lower and wider apart, but it is ok ^^
      Somehow I’ve forgotten to take more pictures with a closed suit *facepalm*

      • Aya

        Personally I would love to see mirai wearing a babydoll XD. Yeah that one really a Hot lady XD , Honestly I don’t know what bust mirai using .. Smart doll Medium sized bust already looks like a L bust for me LOL …, due to it’s popularity, I am sure maybe they will make a silicone bust(like peach pai) for smart doll next or maybe even danny himself made one

        • wieselhead

          Ah that is a great idea ( ̄▽+ ̄*) His custom Dolls are amazing, I want one ;D
          I have all three sizes for Mirai, since the new dress she’s wearing L. At first I also never noticed the difference, but on first hand impression L is rounder. I would be inerested in a fitting peach pai, would be pretty cool if Mirai had a soft bust.

  2. Hoshiko

    Lol, zipper malfunction! So when are you going to buy the boots and cape to complete her heroine outfit?

    • wieselhead

      Ok, that was a lie, I’ve just pulled on it (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄).
      I already bought too many clothes in June, but still have the right boots on my radar ^^.
      I can make the cape on my own, actually.

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