The new custom head (Rio MK II)

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Hi everyone, this blog had a serious lack of doll posts this year. If you want it or not, here is a new one, I recently received a new custom painted Doll head and took a few pictures with it.



A few months ago I had a Super Sonico calendar page that I really liked, in fact I liked it so much that I was inspired to turn it into a Dollfie Dream head, not by myself of course.


So I asked the faceup artist Clockwork Angel, since I previously asked her for two other commissions and always was very happy with the results, I wanted her service once again.



I decided for an DDH-03 head in semi white as base, it’s not the most popular face mold,
but I thought it was perfect for my idea. The style was mainly based on the calendar page,
I also had some extra demands. I’ve send her the head, eyes and eyelashes to work on.

I patiently waited for her “I’m done” message, it’s always exciting to see the final result.

My intention was not to make a 100 % Sonico adaption, I wanted a slightly related design though. I also asked for adding a beauty mark, because I really like such things.

The head turned out marvelous and I’m very happy about it. The makeup shows lovely prominent blush and the pretty beauty mark I wanted, another part I especially like is the sweet mouth with the shiny lips. Added eyelashes are always nice. Clockwork Angel also modified the eye holes of the DDH-03 and the smaller, sanded down nose makes the face even cuter. All together the head turned out beautiful with amazing details.



I like that the face is cute and has a soft look, but also shows seductive characteristics.


Before I considered to get this head commission started, I sewed a Yukata dress, loosely following the calendar page pattern with some aid it turned out surprisingly nice.


The new head isn’t actually planned as a new doll, for starters at least it’s just ought to be an optional head. The name for now is Rio MK II



For the pictures I borrowed the DDdy body of my Chiyoda doll. The girl on the calendar is quite buxom and has an impressive bosom, so I was also borrowing the pretty Peach Pai bust
(DDdy版ぴ~ち☆パイぷらす仕様) The shooting turned out a bit sexy once again, but I tried to keep it subtle, it’s up to you if this worked to some degree or not.


Before I could take the long planned pictures, I had to wait for a paper umbrella from Taobao to arrive. In the meantime I also exchanged the doll bodies inner plastic frame with a sturdier metal frame, getting this part turned out quite expensive, but the thing is a real improvement.



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  1. Aya

    She looks really good, I personally would say this less Sonico look but this really cute face 😀 the modified mouth is awesome :3 So Time to fill the doll post for the rest of the year 😀 The loli soon XD and “that” end of the year maybe XP

    • wieselhead

      Thx, I was also happy that she turned out so nice and pretty (^▽^)
      Yeah it’s not a lot of Sonico feel, which is totally fine with me.
      Her mouth is cute and flirty, a really good work by the artist ♡
      I have some more posts in mind…

  2. Miette-chan

    Hahaha, you really did just name her Rio Mk2, hilarious. Well, looks like the dollfie harem continues to grow. If nothing else, you probably won’t be getting bored anytime soon taking photos of all your different girls now.

    Seeing as you have had quite pleasant results I feel tempted to make a commission myself. May be a Kaede and skip the disappointment with Volks. XD

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, sorry that really might sound heartless, but I have no own body for her and I’m not sure if I want one in the near future. Haha harem, I guess I have already made my choice ♡.
      Damn you make it sound pretty awful to have 5 dolls, are it really 5 already XD?

      I would recommend it, haha you never know if it will happen or not,
      but a custom face will be prettier in the end anyway (^▽^).

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