~Trick or Tease~ a Halloween post with Doll

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Happy Halloween!

I’m always too slow for seasonal event posts, this time though, I managed to prepare everything on time, changing eyes, making a dress and also taking the pictures. I never was a Halloween person, I wear no costume or collect sweets in the neighbourhood, do you?


Nevertheless I thought a Halloween related doll photoshoot would be fun, my doll Chiyoda likes everything that sounds like fun and dressed as seductive Vampire, it’s a good time to try these intimidating demon eyes I had in my storage. For general use they are too reflective, but it works in these low light pictures.


For the dress I was using the sewing machine again and pimped a simple black corsage that I already had. After some cutting and added lace, it looks more interesting now.


Often I take full frontal pictures of my dolls with the face pointing at the cameras direction, recently I noticed that a different angle is also quite appealing and tried to incooperate it in this shooting




“should I bite you?”

Actually the shooting turned out more seductive instead of spooky, but I like the pictures.









“Todays meal are innocent school girls”

Chiyoda took her vampire costume a bit too seriously, it’s method acting :p
Don’t worry,  I could save Rio from getting eaten

Hmmpf! Hmmpf! Hmmpf!


Have a nice Halloween


4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Surprisingly there is no scene chiyoda try to “kissing” rio’s neck of course i doubt doll can do such pose XD.
    the Red eyes really good 😀 the outfit looks great too but first thing in mind as fellow dolls owners would be I hope not stain XD

    • wieselhead

      lol maybe it is possible, at least such a pose would have taken additional 15 minutes, but maybe I would have enjoyed to take more erotic pictures with both ;D
      Thx, I was surprised myself, they look really pretty and intimidating. I appreciate your compliment (‐^▽^‐), unfortunately I already noticed that her panties did stain, even though I washed it 🙁 Hopefully the polyester corsage won’t stain, too. I only protected her boobs from paint transfer.

  2. Bostonbrandon

    Great job on the sewing, her dress looks awesome! Some very nice shots as well. I particularly liked the “Todays meal are innocent school girls” picture 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Oh thank you, hearing that makes me very happy 😀
      Preparing that dress was less difficult than I expected, good I could finish everything on time.
      Haha, yeah I liked my idea actually, but I tried to keep it toned down, a hogtied doll looks already really wrong XD

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