Wonder Festival 2014 – summer event #1

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wonfes 2014 summer

On the 27th of July 2014, the summer event of the Wonder Festival 2014 opened it’s doors.
It’s the most popular figure fair were the big and small figure manufacturers and also Garage Kit makers assemble to present their latest work and announcements for upcoming products.

In this post I will take a closer look on a few selected figure items from the big event, I only listed the things I’m interested in and added illustrations were I thought it was necessary.

I felt disappointed this year, not because of the showcased figures, but one thing really clouded my mood. As soon as I noticed that Orchid Seed showed only very little progress on their “older” prototypes I seriously felt like crying. A few sculpts got a little more detailing, but the progress still feels rather slow I was quite a bit dissapointed, that even the sight on the painted, I – 168 could not fix it this day. Anyway I always enjoy to make these Wonfes posts.

It took a bit longer since I wanted to wait for better images, next time I’d rather visit Wonfes by myself taking the pictures the way I want than rely on quite “dark”  first images.

I guess that was enough complaining for the whole week *lol* Please don’t mind my words.



Max Factory


I-168 Kantai Collection – Chuuha ver.

I – 168 is one of my Kancolle Waifu’s, she was until she was sunk few weeks ago *cries*. I really like the submarines from the game, they have cute artworks and are fun when they complain about their damaged swimsuits. Max Factory did a great job on I – 168 with her shiny, stretchy swimsuit, the super cute face and the beautiful sculpt. She is one of my favorite figures from this Wonfes.

I-168 Kantai Collection – Chuuha ver.


I-19 Kantai Collection – Chuuha ver.

This is another cute submarine, I – 19 is cute, has pretty hair and big boobs ^^, maybe the normal expression with a happy smile would have been a better choice for her in my opinion, but the Kancolle figures from Max Factory are all sculpted after the “damaged” illustration. I would like to add her to I – 168, I really like both submarine girls.

I-19 Kantai Collection – Chuuha ver. B


Senkan Re-kyuu – Kantai Collection

Never seen her in the game, but the yandere ship looks quite funny with the expression.

Senkan Re-kyuu - Kantai Collection



Plamya-sama – Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda

I don’t know the show nor the character , but this character design is so cool and unique ^^



Sakurai Aoi – Rail Wars!

Rail Wars! has an attractive character design and this is already a very good figure adaption.

Sakurai Aoi - Rail Wars!
Sakurai Aoi - Rail Wars! I


Ena Hoshijiro – Shidonia no Kishi

This is only an announcement of Hoshijiro’s Gauna copy, but this is a promising project, the Sidonia girls are quite cute with their round faces and short haircuts.

Ena Hoshijiro - Shidonia no Kishi



Yuigahama Yui – Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy…

Again a show and character I know nothing about, but you see I like her sexy, playful “devil” outfit and the sweet facial expression.

Yuigahama Yui – Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy

Yuigahama Yui – Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy I



Goodd Smile Company


Eren Yeager – Shingeki no Kyojin

Yeah it’s Eren, well aside from Levi I don’t really like anyone from the cast, even though I was quite impressed with the anime and setting. I nevertheless think that Eren looks great as figure, his facial details are quite elaborate and his clothes are also convincing.

Eren Yeager - Shingeki no Kyojin



 Hatsune Miku – GOOD SMILE Racing – Racing 2014

A new racing Miku in a futuristic outfit, but I really like the face and hair of this one.

Hatsune Miku – GOOD SMILE Racing – Racing 2014
no data

Hatsune Miku – Tell Your World Ver.

A more youthful interpretation of the famous Miku, she reminds me a bit of the Lat Type version with a more sassy direction.

Hatsune Miku - Tell Your World Ver.


Shigure Kai Ni – Kantai Collection

Shigure is a charming young lady and Desstroyer class ship, I also have in my fleet, here GSC shows her level 60 appearance, in a cool uniform and fashionable hairstyle. I assume that I can level her up until we see a painted prototype. I’m looking forward to her figure.

Shigure Kai Ni - Kantai Collection
no data


Nendoroid – Mutou Hana – Captain Earth

Oh man I wanted a scale figure of Moco, but I really like Captain Earth in general. At least we get the cute Hana as Nendoroid, I really like her latin skin color and the blue eyes, she’s beautiful. Please also make a scale figure GSC or someone else.

Nendoroid – Mutou Hana – Captain Earth
no data



Oshino Shinobu – Nisemonogatari

Kotobukiya made this figure some months ago, with the image of an self concious loli lady in mind. ALTER’s version looks more like a lively child dancing around the street. Her sculpt is very dynamic and lively, she will also have a second face expression.

Oshino Shinobu – Nisemonogatari


Houzouin Inshun – Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride

Seems like ALTER is going full out with Samurai Bride, after Maeda Keiji, Inshun enters the stage, well what should I say she looks great with face and actually everything else.

Houzouin Inshun – Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride


Tokugawa Sen – Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Honestly speaking Alter’s first Sen was a fail with her pancake face and empty eyes. I’m pleased that ALTER gives this character a second chance and turned her in a pretty and interesting prototype. She looks great.

Tokugawa Sen – Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls


Gotou Matabei – Hyakka Ryouran

ALTER’s second Gotou Matabei figure this one puts even more focus on her butt, but when she points her backside at you you can also see her charming face, lovely!

Gotou Matabei – Hyakka Ryouran C



Alisha – Tales of Zestiria

So many Tales have been told in ALTER’s book of figures, but this is a figure that looks really appealing to me, her happy smile is irresistible ^^


Alisha – Tales of Zestiria

Mefmera – Dungeon Travelers 2 Ouritsu Toshokan to …

So half a year later Mefmera got painted and very well I have to say . Her pale skin is complimented by the purple parts of her bright outfit.

Mefmera – Dungeon Travelers 2 Ouritsu Toshokan to Mamono no Fuuin



Beethoven – Eiyuu Senki Gold


Beethoven – Eiyuu Senki Gold


Saber EXTRA – Fate/EXTRA – Swimsuit ver.

I know this is a different Saber than the stoic heroine we know through the anime media, bur this could be my top favorite figure of Saber, she has a great body and I love this kind of facial expression.

Saber EXTRA – FateEXTRA – Swimsuit ver


Kirisaki Chitoge – Nisekoi

Yeah, kind of cute ; )

Kirisaki Chitoge – Nisekoi


Yuuki Mikan – To LOVEru Darkness – Swimsuit ver.

From the most extreme ecchi comedy, ALTER brings us a second, bigger scaled Mikan, who looks a bit lewd in her school swimsuit. Her friendly face is really cute, Mikan will also have a second facial expression that shows her dissaproval.

Yuuki Mikan - To LOVEru Darkness - Swimsuit ver.



Haha I thought about kicking this Company out of this post, but hey they make a big figure of Amane, that is great.

Suou Amane – Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu is a great Visual Novel with nice visuals and beautiful music. I’m playing from time to time, since it’s really heavy with it’s long dialogs I make really slow progress. Amane is one of the heroines with a very interesting route, she’s the caring type and is considered to be to be a big girl in terms of body. I’m surprised that Grisaia got more attention recently in terms of figures. I think she looks very pretty here, running with the water hose.

Suou Amane - Grisaia no Kajitsu B


Roselinde Freya – Shining Blade

I also like this heavy armor valkiyre type with her lovely smile, it’s different from her ususual expression but nicer actually.

Roselinde Freya – Shining Blade  B

Roselinde Freya – Shining Blade I


Xiao Mei – Rinrin – Shining Blade

Xiao Mei looks also really cute like this, lets see.

Xiao Mei – Rinrin – Shining Blade

Lis Hohenstein – Muv-Luv Alternative Schwarzesmarken – Swimsuit ver.

Schwarzesmarken, huh? Wrong german aside I like Lis a lot, her eyes already look lovely, I’m sure the rest will be as good as this. I don’t mind swimsuit figures when they look as pretty as this one. I’ve read about her back story, pretty crazy *lol*

Lis Hohenstein – Muv-Luv Alternative Schwarzesmarken – Swimsuit ver.


Cu-Poche – Ikazuchi – Kantai Collection

A Kancolle Cu Poche sounds really interesting with all the guns and cute expressions, it will be a lot of fun to play around with Ikazuchi.

Cu-Poche - Ikazuchi - Kantai Collection
no data



Now we reach the best part, the NSFW material, advance at your own nosebleed risk!


Native copy


Mebae – Original Character

It happened, it really happened!!! I really wished that my most anticipated Native figure would be turned into a prototype this year and it happened. They even plan to release her this year, hopefully it will be true.



Tony Taka – Original Character

This figure appears to be surprisingly tame compared to what Native has done recently. The illustration looks very good, but I guess this is one of the figures you have to see painted to see it’s full appeal.


Tony Taka – Original Character

no data


Some illustrations made by talented artists, that Native will turn into figures soon.

Misaki Kurehito – Original Character

Misaki Kurehito - Original Character
no data


Yaegashi Nan – Original Character

Yaegashi Nan - Original Character
no data

Yuuki Hagure -Original Character

Yuuki Hagure -Original Character

no data


Orchid Seeed

Well, my hopes for some older prototypes got crushed this Wonfes 🙁 But I’m part of their target audience and actually like most of their stuff. I like all my Orchid Seed and I can’t ignore the Company just because they work slower than would I like.


Mogudan – Original Character – Sailor Sapphire Succubus

It’s been a while since I ordered a really sexy figure and hell I miss it, so I am kinda interested in this Succubus, the only “new” prototype being painted. I like that she looks a bit less big than in the illustration. Still she is a bit big all around haha what am I talking about here, she’s hot, enough said. The figure also shows a very sweet expression and she is scaled 1/6.



Leviathan – Maou Mokushiroku – Swimsuit ver.

Orchid Seed now makes their own Leviathan figure in a larger scale than Amakuni. I guess this will look very good when the paint has been applied. It’s funny to see her a little bit angry in such an expressive way “you are only allowed to look, ok !”

Leviathan - Maou Mokushiroku - Swimsuit ver


Leviathan - Maou Mokushiroku


Sakaki Yumiko – Grisaia no Kajitsu

Another Grisaia figure with the difference that this one here has been announced 2 years ago, this actually isn’t that long ^^ Yumiko is more the serious type with a tsundere tendency, so it’s natural that she looks quite adorable when flustered. The idea and her pose is very cute when she is holding her inflatable carrot while wearing a bunny suit.

Sakaki Yumiko - Grisaia no Kajitsu

Sakaki Yumiko - Grisaia no Kajitsu I


Nishieda – Original Character

Ha, look they added glasses this time, please correct me if they were already there last year, it also seems that the sculptor worked on her nipples. She was shown as illustration 3 years ago, so keep your fingers crossed that the next year will have some colors on this figure. Orchid Seed fighto!


Nishieda I



Here a few illustrations of planned figures from Orchid Seed

Saotome Maria – Sex Life

Ah yes this looks quite promising ( ̄▽+ ̄*), I hope she will look like that in the final product.

Saotome Maria - Sex Life


Musha Miko Tomoe – Queen’s Blade

Cool it’s a new big QB figure, following their Queens Blade pattern Tomoe will also be scaled 1/6, when she will look as good as Alleyne this will also be a really beautiful figure.




With this part #1 of my Wonder Festival 2014  summer post comes to an end, it was a quite interesting event this year, even though without big surprises. As things are now I’m positive about getting I-168, I-19, Gotou Matabei,Fate/EXTRA – Swimsuit version, the mebae original character and Sailor Sapphire Succubus. I’ll decide about the others when the prototypes have been painted.

So how was this 2nd Wonder Festival 2014 for you? Any figures you liked in particular?

Let me know in the comments.

I will publish part #2 soon with the figures from the other remaining manufacturers.

24 Responses

  1. Luth

    Aw man, so much good stuff from Max Factory. It was really good for us figma fans but Max Factory and GSC showed a lot of awesome scaled too. Like Kancolle Yamato and Musashi, ohh yeahhh. And I’m interested in the teasers for some of the other battle damaged ships like Amatsukaze and Mutsu. I didn’t notice I-168, I’m not normally into school swimsuits but her sculpt and paint look awesome in that photo. I was a bit disappointed in Himeji Castle, I was really looking forward to her and her sculpt turned out a bit meh.

    I love that Alter is still doing a great job with their Samurai Girls. I didn’t mind their original Senhime and the new one looks awesome. Inshun, we’ll have to see. Zai likes her a lot though. Alicia looks amazing too

    I’m glad you showed those Orchid Seed figs, I barely saw anything when I was looking! Nishieda, I keep getting disappointed with her delays. I really shouldn’t be since it’s Orchid Seed, but still frustrating. That Tomoe looks like it’d awesome, I love their swimsuit Alleyne and if Tomoe is anything like her, instant buy.

    • wieselhead

      Hehe I didn’t put much attention to figma, I’m just so bad with posing them ^^
      I like Musashi, but I’m not sure if like the official art enough to buy this figure.
      Yes, the damaged designs are very sexy, especially the bigger ships know to convince hehe.
      I – 168 looks really cute, MF did a great job, I would order her without a second thought.
      Himeji Castle looks really disappointing, the colors are so dull, what were they thinking.

      I was kinda happy to see new Samurai girls, Matabei for example got a nice new pose. The face of sen really bothered me back then, the new version looks better with her very different design. Inshun has great colors.

      No, problem ^^ Yeah sometimes these first pictures show a limited overview you can look at for more. I think next year something of these older figures will be painted. Tome looks promising it’s also good that she is standing straight.

  2. Bakayaro

    Sehr tolle Sachen auf der Liste. Bei vielen heißt es erstmal auf die bemalte Version warten. Ich hoffe Orchid Seed kriegt mal den Po hoch und macht auch mal was fertig. =D Nur ankündigen bringt nichts. ;D

    • wieselhead

      Danke, danke ^^ Ja, nach 4 Jahren ist bei denen meistens die Figure so gut wie fertig sein oder schonmal der bemalte Prototyp da stehen, nächstes Jahr könnte dann wirklich was passieren.

  3. Hoshiko

    If the train in the artwork is also sculpted as part of the figure of Sakurai Aoi – Rail Wars!. It’ll be awesome. And yes, that Eren figure looks great. No Super Sonico figures this time? Or is that in Part 2? >.<

    • wieselhead

      Yeah indeed, do you like trains? I was surprised to see such a dynamic male figure. Oh yes, I guess in part 2 there is one, I have so many Sonico figures, that it is difficult to found one that convinces me enough.

  4. Visual Fanfare

    Kinda been out of it for a year, bit I’m kinda glad there hasn’t been that many figures that captured my interest….at least I got to save some money. 🙂 It seems like there have been more “in your face” type of (adult) figures, which I can’t say I find appealing either. But I can appreciate the overall quality many of these manufacturers are employing, painting and sculpt seem to be cleaner and more detailed than ever.

    Do you have the cheerleader Sonico on order? She’s my first ever sonico pre-order, but I’m kinda on the fence now… lol

    • wieselhead

      Oh which rare guest visits us today, how have you been? Yes, I guess it’s no bad thing to show more restrain when buying figures. The ero figures became more acceptable in the community of collectors, I like sexy figures, but I guess I will never feel comfortable with figures that show their genitals on full view. The quality is definitely improving every year. And the prices go through the ceiling 🙁

      Yes, of course I have, it’s sculpted after one of my favorite Sonico illustrations, I bet she will look nice.
      Don’t forget about figures, hopefully you will find something appealing to you again ;D

      • Visual Fanfare

        Rare guest indeed! LOL I kinda tried not to look at figure sites too much as I was afraid it’d just tempt me to buy more. >_<'. That being said, I haven't stopped collecting, I've just become more selective of my figures. There's been a number of figures I wanted to take photos of and do my reviews but I just lack the time and patience I guess! I liked the Sonico cheerleader as she seems cheerful and not the typical ditzy look. And the 1/6 scale cheerleading outfit is definitely a plus! =D But I still lack a connection towards her character so it's making me second guess my pre-order.

        • wieselhead

          Haha ok that is an honest explanation ^^ I’m also more conservative about placing orders now, less space and higher prices are a few reasons. I guess it’s no bad thing to think about purchases, if it would be necessary or not. Oh too bad, there was a time where I had doubts about her face, but now I’m looking forward to receiving her. Ah well Sonico is a good girl (。⌒∇⌒)。

  5. Aya

    I just feel too much with Kancolle figurines from this wonfes at least from what i saw from the net, I tried the game since 2 weeks ago and don’t exactly enjoy that much, I still playing them couple minutes everyday thought.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, that is partially right, I liked the Wonderfestival for it’s variety, bu there is so much kancolle.

      Well, it not as elaborate as a VN, but as browsergame it is very good, maybe you’ll have more fun with it later ^^

  6. Miette-chan

    You know, it would have been faster and easier to say, I liked all of summer Wonfes. Gonna buy everything kay?

    For me it was all about the figmas, got a painted Lucina at last, Amatsukaze, Miki, Solid Snake, the two Racing Mikus, king Leonidas, trap Kirito, Shinobu, Devil Homura and the magical girl to end all magical girl figmas CCS freaking Sakura!

    One the scaled side I liked a bunch of Mikus, Racing Miku 2014, Ebata Risa ver., and Mikuzukin. The FREEing Idolm@ster girls in yukatas are nice too.

    Then there is the two Chitoges, gonna be hard to pick on or the other, I should just buy both.

    All of Alter’s stuff like Anko, Alisha, Black Heart, their older stuff like Labrys and of course Shinobu.

    I also like Max Factories Charlotte, pretty spiffy and finally Phats best Kancolle figure ever… Kongo just screaming BURNING LOVE!

    At least she does in my head when I see that pose.

    Amazing Wonfes for me, need to get the moneys! Good thing this is a slow moving hobby.

    • wieselhead

      Well, that would have been really lame, with the quality of a facebook post XD
      Yeah there were a lot of figmas, there ^^

      The other Chitoge is better the other one has a m8re active pose, that will be a difficult decision to make, I haven’t seen Nisekoi though.
      So I probably will get none anyway. Alter showed really nice stuff as well as Max Factory and some others.
      Haha burning love would be hilarious. Good to hear. Yeah it’s not that we see new figures for preorder every day, at least not the items we badly want ;).

  7. feal87

    That submarine is so cute! *takes her home*

    Still there’s an impressive amount of Kancolle’s figures this year…isn’t it?

    • wieselhead

      I will take her home for sure! This swimsuit ;D
      Yeah, the manufacturers get all crazy bout the game and it’s characters.

  8. kixkillradio

    I kind of agree that I’ve been seeing a lot of KanColle figures last Wonfes and there’s gonna be an anime too next year so I guess many fans of the game and anime will be happy to collect them. Honestly, after GSC sent me their KanColle figma and nendo, even though I don’t play the game, I got interested with their design and illustration. Very tempting and I’m really resisting not to spend too much this year. Also, I didn’t know that Kotobukiya will make a KanColle Cu-Poche, that would be really awesome!! 😀 😀
    Since I’ve been collecting selected Miku scale figures, I’m fascinated with that two. They are really pretty. Oh btw, my wired internet has been restored, FINALLY! 😀

    • wieselhead

      I think the character design is charming on it’s own, even without knowing the game the figures, figmas and Nendoroids still look very appealing.
      The Cu Poche was a bit surprising, but it looks quite cute and sounds like a really good idea.
      Ah I see, that is nice to hear ^^ both that you collect scale figures of Miku and that your internet works again

  9. Adam

    Lots of great new stuff, but Dragon Toy’s version of Tony’s Collect cover girl stood out as my favorite unveil of the show. I particularly like the original artwork they sourced for that figure and they chose my favorite scale (1/6).

    I was also quite pleased to see Kotobukiya’s Annabel (2014 Tony calendar cover girl) unveil, Amakuni’s Santa-Satan prototype, and Alter’s painted Inshun.

    I didn’t see that Tomoe in any of the WonFes coverage. The artwork looks great, so I have high hopes for the figure. Unfortunately, Orchid Seed is so slow that it could be years before we see her. :-\

    • wieselhead

      Ahh yes, she looks lovely, a bit naughty with the focus on her butt, but that is what many collectors appreciate ^^
      It’s cool that Dragon Toy adapted her as 1/6 scaled figure, since I know that they’ll do a good job.
      The Demon Santa might look interesting I will wait until she shows some colors to make a real judgment.
      Yeah the photographers seemed to be quite selective this time, so finding more hidden stuff took some more effort than usual.
      Haha it might take a while, but I’m positive that she will look even more stunning than Alleyne.

  10. Tier

    Ahahahaha, poor I-168. At least you can get your pick of plastic versions. Wonder Festival was pretty neat this year, though perhaps that’s because I wasn’t really paying a ton of attention to the pre-show announcements and thus didn’t really know what was going to show up. I liked a lot of stuff, especially Kotobukiya’s and Alphamax’s stuff. I guess it’d be more interesting to list the stuff that disappointed me. I was disappointed to see that nobody’s making a figure of Green Heart from the Neptune games; I guess it’s no surprise that the PlayStation girl is most popular, though. I was disappointed that there’s still no figure of Judith from Tales of Vesperia; I think she’s the only Vesperia girl to not get a figure. Heck, even the dudes from that game have figures. I was also hoping that Arcadia would make a figure of TERA’s Castanic girl, but I think they’re doing yet another Elin instead. I was disappointed that nobody at all showed a figure of Sakura from Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai, undoubtedly the best anime of the last ten years. HAGIWARAAAAAAAAA

    • wieselhead

      Yeah getting another I – 168 will take some more time, I was close to tears actually 🙁
      Sometimes it nicer to get surprised than knowing everything in advance.
      It was cool that Alphamax took part in this event, I haven’t seen them last time, I’ve listed them in part 2.
      I don’t know if Kotobukiya and I will be friends again, but they had some good things, like Amane.
      I feel your pain, even though I played none of these games, sometimes it just sucks when characters you like are ignored by figure manufacturers.
      Ah yes Sakura, how could they ignore her, everything is so mainstream these days. No one seems to care about my real Kancolle favorites either.

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