Wonder Festival 2017 [Winter] (18+ )

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Hey there, another and also last post about the Wonder Festival 2017 [Winter]. We will look at the more erotic corners of the figure realm. Ecchi figures became quite popular recently, either the collectors turned more shameless or the figures more appealing to the masses. Personally, I like figures with exposed breasts and alluring bodies, although I’m no real fan of outright pornographic figures, this post is a short list of my personal highlights of the event.


Native copy


Sonico – Office Lady ver.

Sonico again, it’s nice that the prototype got painted, she turned out so good.


Original Character – Hanasaki Marika

Ahhh she is so sexy, I love this figure, her pose and the beautiful butt and wow these thighs. Anyway I would be happy to preorder her soon.


Original Character – Secret Stage- Hoshizaki Yua 

So this pretty figure also seems to be in the final round.


Kuramoto Erika – Mahou Shoujo

I always regretted that I passed on the figure of Suzuhara Misae, I like how Erika looks so far and curious about how she will look colored.


Original Character – Injection Time! Sakurako

It was displayed again, but nothing changed, so I would assume that the prototype is finished, I really hope it will be painted for the next event.


Original Character – Dracula-chan

I approve, go ahead with Dracula chan.



rocket boy


Original Character – Cle Masahiro

I really like this figure, how happy she looks in her red fetish attire. The blonde hair gives her an ojou sama atmosphere. This figure actually skipped the gray prototype stage and appears nearly ready for production.





Original Character – Skytube – “Oppai no Egakikata” Oomune Hazumi

I already liked her illustration and as figure she also looks quite lovely, her face is so cute and she has a nice busom.


Original Character – Skytube – Alice

This Alice is also quite enchanting


Original Character – Skytube – Nekoyanagi Momo

No comment Alphamax.


Original Character – Skytube Premium – Yabu Sudare Haji na Maid-san

I’d never say no to another pretty maid figure


Original Character – Skytube Premium – T2 Art☆Girls – Kinren

Alphamax also make less naughty figures… sometimes




Original Character – Non Virgin Bunny Girl

figures based on Oda Non character design always is interesting because of the slightly more realistic look. While I think the nipple clamps are tasteless, the lady still looks nice.




Tsukikawa Saki – Mashumaro☆Imouto☆Succubus☆

The chubby girl is so cute, when they are able to paint her lips nicely this figure should turn out really sweet and ecchi.



So this sums up my positive impressions of the Wonder Festival 2017 [Winter], also the ero figures look very promising and I’m really looking forward to a few. I hope the painted figures will be up for preorders soon and that the gray prototypes will be painted next time, also Native, please finish up the Injection Time! Sakurako prototype, please ^^. The pictures were borrowed from akiba weekend, AkibaphotographyCut A News and moeyo.
Thank you for the hard work otherwise such a post wouldn’t be possible.

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4 Responses

  1. Aya

    So when you will Start cross the line and purchase the most erotic figures from above XD and I am not talking alphamax and native plump girls 😛

  2. Visual Fanfare

    Been noticing the trend of extremely large breast figures in really lewd positions these last couple of years. Personally, I find those figures lack taste, but there seems to be a wider audience and growing market for such figures. Hate it when I look at a thumbnail of a figure and think, “oh she looks pretty/cute!” But after clicking on the picture to see the whole image I find the figure in really lewd positions or overly sized breasts. A little subtlety goes a long way! ^_^’

    • wieselhead

      Oh, I’m happy to read from you Visual Fanfare (‐^▽^‐)is everything allright?

      Ah indeed, sometimes cute faces are combined with very lewd poses and whatnot,
      There have always been ero or H figures, but recently they get lots of attention.
      I can’t say that I’m always against those figures, but often I also think they went too far,
      sex toys or gaping holes are things I don’t want to have in my collection.
      Bigger and also bare boobs are ok for me, but I prefer it when the figures still come with panties ;D

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