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This is the first Wonderfestival event of 2015, since it’s cold outside it is the winter version.

On the 8th of February 2015, the Wonder Festival [winter] opened it’s doors. It’s the most popular figure fair were the big and small figure manufacturers and Garage Kit makers assemble to present their latest works and upcoming products. This time there is a good balance of painted prototypes, unpainted prototypes and early stage announcements.

In this Post I’ve covered everything I found appealing, I added all the available Informations I could get and wrote my evaluation. Keep in mind that all these pictures are of prototype samples and the actual product may look better. It’s a longer Post with over 50 figures,

so have fun… in case you want a little reminder of the previous Wonderfestival check part #1 and part #2


Goodd Smile Company


Shigure Kai Ni – Kantei Collection

Last time I was very delighted that Shigure was announced to be turned into a figure in her Kai Ni version, now she’s already painted and looks all kinds of awesome and pretty.

Shigure Kai Ni    no data1-8no date


Hatsune Miku – EV Mirai Version

This a more comical adaption of the Miku character, where she features a rather shocked expression, her biker clothes are also very appealing with some more revealed skin she’s even a bit sexy.

Hatsune Miku - EV   no data1-7no date


Kasumigaoka Utaha

Yeah this a GSC figure, I never thought thy would have something fanservice related like this, anyway Utaha is a beautiful character the pretty hair with hairband give her a cute appearance, wihout knowing her origin I would like to have her.

Kasumigaoka Utaha a   Katou Gaku1-8no date
Kasumigaoka Utaha b


Manaka Lala – PriPara

That is probably a bit too candy cute, I still think it’s an adorable design with lovely clothes and a gentle, cheerful smile.

Manaka Lala    no data1-7no date


Kissshot Acerola orion Heart under blade

This figure wasn’t forgotten about, finally we see grown up Shinobu, I like the adult look on her face and her vibrant colors.

Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade   1-8no date

Max Factory


Yuigahama Yui

I knew this figure had that potential as Yui was still gray, but dude! her latex is all bold and shiny now, the contrast to her skin is marvelous and then this innocent smile, a great looking figure from Max Factory!

Yuigahama Yui   Shima1-72015

Plamya-sama – Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda

I finally watched the anime Plamya sama is based on and I would recommend to do so. This year their figure was finally painted and looks really cool with her eccentric designed outfit.

wf2015w_119   Yoshi1-707

Sairenji Haruna

The first love interest of the main character really was pushed aside with every new season of To Love Ru, I never forget Haruna, I really liked her kind and cute personality. Seems that I’m not the only one ^^ Momo in bridal fashion was a big success, I was both, surprised and happy about this announcement of Haruna, though she’s 1/7 instead of 1/6 like Momo before.
Sairenji Haruna   Nakayaman1-7no date


Surprise, it’s not impossible to make a good looking Sorceress figure after all. I really like how they adapted this character, the face portrays the seductive nature of a beautiful witch.

Sorceressmfno data1-8no date


Tama – Selector Spread Wixoss

No idea wh that is, but her sculpt is elaborate and appealing.

Tama   no data1-1no date

Charlotte Dunois

Infinite Stratos, as bad as it may be, has a wonderful cast of different types of girls, Charlotte is a quite likeable girl and this white prototype shows that nicely. That must look great with some more paint.
Charlotte Dunois   Frexno ideano date



Saber EXTRA – Fate/EXTRA – Swimsuit version

That is the Saber of my dreams and she is scaled 1/6. Last year I was already enchanted as she was still unpainted, she looks so good in this rather Saber unusual appearance, this will be an instant preorder together with Shigure.

Saber EXTRA FateEXTRA Swimsuit ver   Hashimoto Ryou1-62015


Yuuki Yuuna

Yuuna is cute, sporty and has a determined appearance, I really like the pink on her.

Yuuki YuunaTsumezuka Hiroyuki1-8no date


Kirisaki Chitoge – Nisekoi

I admit that I don’t know who this girl is, but she has a marvelously, striking design with beautiful colors and great looking casual clothes. The jumping pose is very cool and lively.

Kirisaki Chitoge – Nisekoi   no data1-82015


Hoshizora Rin

Rin is so cute, even more in this figure adaption, while the Love Live figures from ALTER have no uniform outfits they at least have the same scale, Rin also is scaled 1/7 as Maki and Kotori.

Hoshizora Rin   Missile1-72015


Gotou Matabei – Hyakka Ryouran – Kenki Version

I guess they changed not too much on this prototype since last Wonfes, also my interest in her is still unchanged. I like this Matabei figure and not only because of her bigger backside.

Gotou Matabei   Takahashi Tsuyoshi1-82015


Kotegawa Yui

Orchid Seed did not such a good job with their Kotegawa Yui, some time ago. Thank you ALTER for showing us something better looking, the design is rather cute with a little butt related fanservice, I think her face will be really pretty when she’s painted.

Kotegawa Yui b   Teruyuki1-72015

Kotegawa Yui

Plamya-sama – Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda

Sure, we have seen a Plamya from Max Factory earlier in this post and this figure also has the same scale, ALTER’s version appears more focused on her female attributes and sex appeal. Plamya sama also shows a scheming smile.

Plamya-sama ALTER   Missile1-72015


Lorna Murasame

Lorna Murasame   Shitoo Futatsu1-72015

Lorna Murasame b

Shinwa Taisen Gilgamesh Knights

She is just in the planning, but judging from this illustration the figure must look fantastic, a cheerful and cute, busty blonde in rocker clothes with a futuristic bike.

Shinwa Taisen Gilgamesh Knighs - Deena Challenger



Sansei Muramasa – Bunny version

The popular dark skinned heroine gets more and more figure adaptions, this time as cute and adorable girl, because of her mature body with wide hips and shapely thighs, she looks extremely appealing in her bunny suit and she also smiles in a friendly manner.

Sansei Muramasa Bunny verAmato1-7no date


Konjiki no Yami – Childhood version

Personally I’m not very interested in this figure, but somehow I felt like putting her in this list, she’s at least very cute with her bare feet and vibrant smile.

Konjiki no Yami   Hashimoto Ryou1-6no date


Queens Gate Alice

Haha, I was really excited as I learned about Wing making another loli version of the lovely Alice, I really like the old version from Alpha x Omega, but always wanted a more upbeat looking figure like this, I’m very excited about seeing the prototype later this year.

Queens Gate Alice   no data1-7no date



Yuudachi – Kantei Collection

Yuudachi Kai Ni is also a great looking character design, her she is shown as slightly deformed joint based action figure.

Yuudachi   Toona Kanshino ideano date


Zuihou – Kantei Collection

I like that Zuihou will be a larger scale figure than 1/8, she’s a cool looking light aircraft carrier, it’s always fun when seeing figures from your Fleet turned into figure material…


Kongo – Kantei Collection

I already have a little sad looking Kongou figure from Max Factory, after seeing her in the anime with her rather nuts personality this is probably more appropriate.


Mikoze Yui

This one made me curious, it’s a really funny and cute concept of a figure hiding in … whatever this is supposed to be. Anyway the figure inside is cute and has well developed boobs, the cheerful figure is just lovely.



The first figure that caught my eyes, as I started to look at the Wonfes material, I like her outfit a lot.

Koala   Ajikenno ideano date


Asseylum Vers Allusia


This is a typical Kotobukiya figure, very cute in appearance with a nicely rounded face, she’s not wearing the awesome princess dress.

Asseylum Vers Allusia   no data1-8no date


Akiyama Yukari

Are there actually any Girls & Panzer figures? No? Anyway I love what Kotobukiya did with Yukari, this is such a nice way to present this character, I’ll definitely consider to order her.

Akiyama Yukari   Shirahige Tsukuru1-82015

Ques Q

Kafuu Chino – Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? was a very sweet anime, I’m glad to see one figure adaption of it. I guess Chino is the audience favorite character, caue she’s damn adorable. As 1/7 scale she should look great.

Kafuu Chino   Shima1-707


Atago – Kantai Collection

Atago is not my favorite Kancolle design, but I love her bright and cheerful personality, the way she talks, laughs and smile. As busty blonde she’s also really pretty…

Atago   Sec.C1-82015


These 3 prototypes below don’t look like it, but they are planned to be released this year, in particular I’m very happy about Sena, after around 2 years of waiting it might finally happen.

Kashiwazaki Sena – Blacksmith Version

Sena   Inada Masaki1-82015


Tatsuta – Kantai Collection

Tatsuta   Shimomizo1-82015

Tenryuu – Kantai Collection

Ten   Yamaki1-82015


Aka no Saber

So many Saber variants, looks like a Yakuza girlfriend version XD A little gangster like…

Aka no SaberYukiusa1-705


Yukikaze – Kantei Collection

This is so adorable ^^

Yukikaze   Maimocchi + Sai1-806


Miku – V3

This is a massive 1/4 scaled Miku, fans should love a big figure of their twintailed Vocaloid.

Freeing MikuHiroshi1-42015


Percival – Eiyuu Senki Gold

Her smile is enchanting her details look very nice, Percival is also scaled 1/4.

Percival   no data1-4no date



sega copy


Hatsune Miku – Project Diva Arcade, Natural

Call me silly, I don’t like many Miku figures, what Sega did here is a lovely Miku design with glasses and casual clothes.

Sega Miku   no datano idea07


Naruse Mio

Great face ahead, I love the face on Mio framed by her deep red hair, the details around her boobs could be finer sculpted, but it’s just a prototype.

Naruse Mio   Kamenoko (Sculptor), ko_nen (no ideano date

embrace japan


Tibalt   OZ1-82015


Eleonora Viltaria

Eleonora Viltaria   no datano ideano date


 Chitose Sana

I liked the picture she was based on, that figure might be very cute in the final product, a lively, expressive pose is always good.

Chitose Sana   no datano ideano date



Kotobuki Tsumugi – K-ON! 5th Anniversary

Follwing after Azusa, Company Stronger announces Tsumugi in a more cool outfit compared to her plain school uniform, she looks very cool this way, I fear she will be sold as exclusive figure.

wf2015w_159   Figureneet1-8no date

Saber – 10th Royal Dress version

B9SKob9CMAAMIdQ.jpg large   Hiroshi1-709

Orchid Seeed

 Push!! Cover Girl

Congratulations! Orchid Seed finally shows one of the “old” grey prototypes from years ago painted, seriously even the most patient human being would freak out, waiting for these figures, should I count them for you …? Comic Megastore Cover Girl, Snow, Komatsu Eiji Cover Girl(4 damn years ago!), Yukishiro May, Ayanokouji Aoi or the Kantoku based original character. Fortunately Push!! is something I am still looking forward to, she’s a beautiful summer figure and the paintjob turned out nicely.

Push!! Cover Girl   Ribun1-7no date


Sakaki Yumiko

It’s no like nothing is happening with their other prototypes, Yumiko for example received her fishnet stockings, she’s a really pretty one, I consider to get SOMEDAY !!!

Sakaki Yumiko   Watanabe Akio1-7no date


Angela Balzac

The visual presentation of Expelled From Paradise was a little odd with showing the main heroine as detailed MMD. but as figure she looks rather nice and attractive in her skimpy plug suit.

Angela BalzacMoon1-8no date



Saber is popular on an ridiculously high level, here she is again in an elegant, summerly and very short dress and a stylish umbrella.

Saber EXTRAno data1-7no date


Himekawa Hayuru – Masou Gakuen HxH

Himekawa Hayuru   no data1-7no date


Kizuki Aruchu – Original Character

Kizuki Aruchu - Original Character   no datano ideano date



Now we reach the NSFW material, advance at your own nosebleed risk!


Saito Masatsugu – Original Character

Ehm… she looks very well made and the face is quite pretty, personally I think that is a bit too lewd and raunchy for my shelf ;D

Original Character - Saito Masatsuguno data1-6no date



Asmodeus – Kouri Shiri Ice Cream no Bushi

I like that they are doing something really elaborate with the Asmodeus girl, sure it’s a little ecchi, but I really like her erotic presentation inside this ice dessert, it’s great. I was waiting for a better picture, but nothing better is available at the moment 🙁

Asmodeus   Vispo1-7no date



Maou – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maou looks really cute as farm girl with flap pants, it’s painted this time, I kinda like it, the situation look is very unique and her boobs look great inside her clothes.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Maou   no data1-7no date

Native copy

Pyon-Kti – Original Character

Pink hair, unbuttoned white shirt and a very sexy lady… Shut up and take my money! The 1/7 scale is not official, but will most likely be true.

Pyon-Kti - Original Character   no data1-7no date


Super Sonico

A new Sonico from Native, although this is not the most appealing Sonico illustration, haha and wtf is she doing… her idea of telephone sex might ne just wrong lol. As figure though this might be nicer as you would expect…

Sonico   no data1-7no date

Kuramoto Erika – Mahou Shoujo

The Mahou Shoujo figures have a polarizing appearance you either like it or not. The first, Suzuhara Misae was actually beautiful, but with each figure it gets more weird. Erika “Holstein” has a funny pair of ballons, but at least her face seems to be attractive and she has nice hips. Native also showed as more advanced prototype of Nitta Yui, who is actually my favorite among these girls, though they have to put more work into it, the face is somewhat off.

Kuramoto Erikano data1-7no date


Tatami – Original Character

Without the customs officer included with this figure, I might give this another thought… the breast grab is hot ^^

Original Character - Tatami   no data1-7no date


Original Character – Kankoshi Momoi

Original Character - Kankoshi Momoi nurse   Kawanishi Ken1-7no date



Mary – Shinazu No Himegimi

I really like Native’s collaboration prototypes with Rocket Boy shown with Mary and Chitose. Ahh this is so lewd, yet I really want this announced figure, she looks so amazingly seductive. her boots and gloves aside she is showing a lot, at least her crotch is a little covered. I would buy this with pleasure!

Mary Shinazu No Himegimi   Grizzry Panda1-6no date

Chitose – Natsu no Kemono

Chitose is a little less bold with her nipple slip. Her outstretched hand, gives this figure a distinctive, more personal  feel, she is really a lovely figure.renai_cv4色版RGB
Natsu no Kemono Chitose   Supa Sendai1-6no date

So that was it for this Wonderfestival 2015 Winter Post, my impression was quite positive even though not everything was like I imagined beforehand I only focused on figures that I found interesting, which was already was too much work, I’m really exhausted now ;D

Was there anything in for you? A certain figure, figma or Nendoroid?

The pictures are from




12 Responses

  1. Aya

    Wonfes have quite many interesting stuff thought not much steal my interest except maybe the Big Kongou bust for some unknown reason since it’s not full body and maybe raita’s Yui(which unfortunately have exposed crotch, not sure with the face but once it colored I can tell), the asmodeus on ice cream very funny though 😀 too bad some interesting NSFW figures only shown the arts with just mention of coming soon… also quite surprised see some of the latest bishounen dmm game touken ranbu got some figures announcement.

    • wieselhead

      There was a lot I liked there, but the things I really wanted were still countable fortunately.
      I don’t like figure busts that much,(busty figures are ok XD) but I rather want them complete for whatever reason.
      I like Yui’s illustration very much, the downed panties are a bit problematic for me, she doesn’t look angel like when it’s so naughty, hopefully they give her a better head in the end.
      Haha Asmodeus on ice really convinced, even as not perfect prototype. Yah we have to wait much longer until we see any of these amazing illustrations as figures.
      Ahaha I tried to ignore these bishounen figures, hopefully the girls will love them ^^ They should make manlier ones ;D

  2. TA / Duqs

    And here I was thinking this will be your wishlist of sorts, THAT’S A LOT!

    To be honest I was hoping that this wonfes was a a huge bust, especially since I quit figure collecting indefinitely (until I get my own living space maybe), but this recent lineup is making it harder to resist. I might cave-in on Love Live figures this year, not including the other goodies like Utaha. Oh my ^^

    PS: Hatsune Miku EV Mira version really does look like Yoko Littner from Gurren Lgaann for some odd reason @__@

    • wieselhead

      Haha, sure that would have decreased my workload, but since Wonfes happens only twice a year, I like to post everything I found appealing ;D
      Ah, too bad then, the manufacturers tried too hard to make good figures XD Yeah Utaha was really unexpected for me, but I like her character design.
      Ah really? Now that you’ve mentioned she looks a little like Yoko, I was looking at her teacher version recently, I have no Yoko figure…

  3. Ppinilla

    Only a few favorites for me, Native’s Sonico may result in a great figure, love the way her legs look there full of meat; MaxFactory’s Sorceress looks quite promising fo someone like me who’s damn tired of waiting for the OrchidSeed one. This was a great Wonfest, no doubt about it. Greetings!

    • wieselhead

      I went a bit crazy in this post, it’s not like I will buy all of the listed ones, but figures are awesome anyway.
      I read some pretty mean things in the mfc entry about her, but even though I think it’s a not so interesting illustration, it should look great in 3D when it’s done. Yeah her thighs will probably be really sexy ;D
      Tell me about it Orchid Seed is so slow with clearing their old backlog, I fear they will start scrapping some prototype
      when no one is interested in it anymore. After I waited so long for the cute beach girl now that they painted it, I’m not sure if I want this anymore 🙁 I like MF’s Sorceress the most of all, this sexy playfulness is lovely.
      Thank you for the comment ^^

  4. Kai

    I actually like that Project Diva figure, but too bad it’s not my favorite costume in the game :\

  5. Tier

    I was pretty happy with the stuff that was shown, which was a nice change since the last few conventions have seemed a little underwhelming. The Hell Seducer was my favorite figure and I’m really looking forward to it and its lady. I also liked most of the stuff that Alphamax/SkyTube showed off – even the Tony stuff, and I’ve said in the past that I was getting tired of Tony figures. Other stuff I liked were the two Nanoha Force figures from FREEing, their bunnygirl stuff (especially Yoko and Arthur), and Nobody, though I didn’t catch the scale size on the latter. I’m sure she’ll turn out great, though. I was a little disappointed that I don’t think I saw any figures from Cross Ange or of Sakura Hagiwara, the plucky wrestler-idol.

    • wieselhead

      It felt rather more interesting than last year, I can’t really say what was the reason.
      Hell Seducer, was it this skeleton? I’m really scared of having such creatures in my room XD
      Alphamax was showing a lot of physical figures instead of illustrations, I like that they are so active.
      I somehow paid no real attention to it, since Freeing is a company I haven’t bought anything from, but their 1/4 are looking pretty when I see them on your blog or somewhere else. I guess I don’t like bunny suits enough to give away so much shelf space.
      It’s probably a bit early for a figure of the unusual heroine, she really grow on me with her comical scenes, probably next time, I guess it’s not that unpopular in japan. It’s probably too late for Sakura, though, this actually sucks since, she looked beautiful and the anime characters had detailed bodies.

  6. Fabrice

    Oh my days, I didnt know the extent of figures that is planned ahead, I definitely have my eyes on Rin, she is just so a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! About time max factory did something about that Shinobu figure although I wonder my gsc didnt do it as they have done all the previous related monogatari figures. Chitoge is another im happy about but torn between this one and ALTER, its nice to have both uniform and normal clothing >.< The kotegawa yui is also nice as she is my favorite character in the series. The Saber dress omg though… that i might have to pass as I am pretty sure it might be out of my budget especially shipping, looks very delicate. Lastly the Chino figure is just too cute, big fan of the series so have to think about that… have too think how much space I have in my new place.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, the companies know how to keep their customers interested in the hobby ;D
      Rin is nice ^^ I like that the 1/7 scale was chosen, it’s nicer than 1/8.
      I haven’t watched Nisekoi yet, but it’s something I will watch next, since Chitoge looks lovely, I really like her dynamic appearance.
      It’s great that ALTER will make Yui, this girl really deserves a quality figure. I rather want bikini Saber in 1/6, that is so good ;D
      I already ordered Chino, she is so cute and won’t need much space, I’m also a fan of the show. Just take your time with deciding for the figures you like the most.
      thx for the comment Fabrice 😉

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