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In case you haven’t started anything from the new Spring Season 2011, (which I highly doubt), or haven’t decided about which shows might be good, I will show you my current watch list and my opinion about the shows I’ll follow in this season. This time I will try to keep the post a bit shorter so that you won’t overstress your eyes, or better said my fingers^^.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
A story about a group of childhood friends who parted ways because Menma the chain link of the group died in an accident. A few years later the ghost of her appears before the former friend Jinta, a really messed up guy who is absent from school since quite a while. After the first 3 eps it appears like a heartwarming slice of life or growing up drama with a few comedy parts here and there. A very promising and well made anime of this season, I found it quite touching so far, the setting is very interesting.

Astarotte no Omocha!
I feel a bit like a perv for picking this show, mainly because the discription sounded more borderline than everything I’ve ever read about an anime, but I was curious and the cover was too cute ^^. This is quite a tame show I have to say, of course there are no scences which creeps you out. Astarotte(voiced by Kugimiya, Rie) is a tsundere succubus princess, after her 10th birthday, she have to create her personal harem for the future. Astarotte hates men, but as things progress her servant Judith summons a man from earth who now has to work in Astarotte harem( that are more works of a butler). His name is Naoya and he also is allowed to bring his bold daughter Asuha along. The show appears more like a cute lighthearted comedy with some emotional parts. It reminded me a bit of Zero no Tsukaima because of the environment and a bit of Hayate the combat butler, because Naoya has a similar personality like Hayate.
So far I think it’s enjoyable.

Ao no Exorcist
The main character Rin is a delinquent, well he tries his best to be a nice person, but he fails very often, later we learn that our main protagonist turned out as the son of Satan and his more or less peaceful days soon finds an end when demons are attacking him. I always liked this devil vs god settings. It seems to be a cool action anime with a dark story, but it also has some comedy moments. It is still quite violent and bloody. So far it’s a great show *thumbsup*.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Our main character Makoto used to live on the countryside, but transfers to his pretty, but also weird aunt Meme, in the house also lives a girl named Erio who is rolled in a matress, later we learn that she is the daughter of Meme, but her mother ignores her all the time. The girl thinks that she is an alien and mainly acts weird and talks about weird stuff. Aside from that she’s quite attractive. Somehow she finds a liking to Makoto. The new classmates of him are also more of the weird kind, but they are cool and funny. The opening Theme is so great, catchy and energetic that I ordered the cd. If you like weird comedy’s from Shaft with great animations you can’t go wrong with this show.

Dog Days
The kingdom of Biscotti is on the brink of defeat and the princess wants to summon a hero, who can save the kingdom. They summon a hero from earth the athletic high schooler Shinku, after the princess gives him a short introduction we learn that war in this world is totally different from the wars we know, nobody gets hurt or dies, it’ i more like Takeshi’s castle XD.
The princess forgot one little thing about summoning people, they can’t return to their homeworld anymore.
The female animal eared characters are very cute, especially the princesss (good dog ;p).
The anime is more on the comedy side, the setting seems to be interesting, so far I don’t know if the story will be interesting as well.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
The main character Kazuma returns to the small town where he grow up, along with his small and a little bit sick brother Ayumu, no! this is not the gay version of Yosuga no Sora ^o^. I guess there will be two romance parts in this show, the one with Kazuma and the romance part where the small brother Ayumu choose his girl.  It is a visual novel adaption which appears to be a bit random, well in this show we have some quite bold ecchi comedy, especially the preview comments “which part of the body tells like cheese?” *omg*. We have the random female harem characters in this show, the airhead, the tsundere, the shy one and so on. I think it is a lighthearted romantic comedy anime with some echhi moments here and there, so far I like it.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
I never know if Keima is a sad case of a boy with videogame addiction, or if he’s a very cool guy.
If you don’t know whats the show is about. Keima has to help the clumsy, cute and airheaded shinigami Elsie, with catching loose souls of demons who possessed girls, he has to think about a way to win the hearts of these possessed girls, so they can get freed from the loose souls, if he refuses to help Elsie with her task the choker around his neck will kill him and also Elsie. As a new shinigami appears we learn more about the loose souls and the story begins. The show has a interesting setting and shows a beautiful an cute character design and animation style, furthermore it has really nice comedy moments.
You should watch it when you liked this first season of this show.

As I saw the cover of a girl with a baseball in her hand I was interested in this show, it took a while until subs were available. Minami‘s friend Yuuki is very sick and has to stay in hospital for a while. Unfortunately Yuuki is the manager of the high school baseball team as the good friend Minami is, she fills in for Yuuki, even if she doesn’t reallly like baseball anymore. To be a good manager she wants to get a book about baseball management, but she somehow bought the wrong book, business management instead of baseball management, but because Minami is short on money she keeps the book, she also has the opinion management is management. The book seems to be good help for the team and so some changes in the team occur. After episode 3 this anime felt a bit dry, also the baseball scenes aren’t as nice as in Ookiku Furikabutte for example, but in episode five there were hints of improvement. The animation style is clean but not really that attractive in my opinion.
I hope 10 episode are enough for conclude and tell the anime in a satisfying way.

Hard to say whats the show about at that early point, but it has time traveling in it.
Our main character Hououin Kyouma is the slightly weird First year student who also has a persecution complex. in a cheap appartment which Kyouma and his friends Daru and Mayuri uses as a laboratory called Future Gadget Research Establishment, they are doing crazy things like putting a banana into the microwave, don’t try this at home even though I want to see a green gel banana. In the third episode they accidently created a little time machine with their microwave. The strong point of this show is the variety of cool and interesting characters. The story is tagged as a sci fi thriller (R-17+), but so far there were also nice comedy in the show, the animation style looks also very good. I highly recommend this show in this season.

So that is my current watch list.
Have I missed a cool show in this season you might know?
Have you already dropped something you couldn’t stand anymore? just let me know.

Next time I will show you a figure review again most likely Max Factory’s Haruka from Amagami SS

18 Responses

  1. tabetaiii

    Wow, watching most of your spring season list. A very nice list!

    I enjoyed Dog Days, the first few episodes, however its getting a bit boring for me^^”

    Have you watched Hanasaku Iroha? definitely a watch if you enjoyed Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

    I think the 10 episodes, revolve around Druckers management book, although the show feels more like a textbook, it’s still quite interesting and something new to the anime scene.

    • wieselhead

      Ah cool,
      Ah I see I only watched 2 or 3 episodes so far.
      No I just saw a sctreenshot of a bondaged girl, maybe I’ll take a look, oh this title is loong XD

      Moshidra isn’t bad, but so far it is not so fleshed out that I enjoy it like the other shows.

      • tabetaiii

        haha title is indeed long! but it’s good;) a slice of life with a bit of drama

        I agree! but yeh, right now, eps 8-9 made me sad;(

  2. Nopy

    I’m watching most of the same shows as you this season. The ones I’m not following are Ao no Exorcist, Kaminomi, and Moshidora. They either didn’t appeal to me, or I didn’t watch the previous season. I’m a bit surprised that you’re not watching Hanasaku Iroha, everyone seems to be all over it this time. It’s not as popular as Madoka was last season, but it still made a big splash.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see maybe you would like Kaminomi

      The animation quality of Hanasaku Iroha looks really pretty, but the story doesn’t really appeal to me in this case;)

  3. CMSkyes

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Astarotte no Omocha! The character designs are very cute, and I do have a weakness for loli!

    Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko looks like another slice-of-life anime, and (thanks to this post), I will look into watching it myself!

    Lastly, Dog Days has caught my interest since I first heard of it. However, many people claim that it’s storyline isn’t too great. I love the artwork, same as Nanoha, right? And, I have another weakness for animal eared characters! Haha.

    Great post!

    • wieselhead

      Hi and welcome CMSkyes, thx for your visit
      Astarotte no Omocha! is really cute funny, but its also nice how they handle the emotional parts in a sensitive way. Ep 4 was so nice ^_^

      Denpa is a bit more interestting than the usual sol you have to watch episode 3 haha so funny.

      Hey, you noticed this as well^^ Yeah its from Studio Seven Arcs, the costumes and colors also remind me of Nanoha 😀

  4. Zai

    I’m not watching Astarotte no Omocha, Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, Dog Days or Moshidora but am following the rest of your watch list plus Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny, Deadman Wonderland and Nichijou. Damn, I didn’t realise how many I’m trying to follow until writing them down. ^^;

    My favourites so far are AnoHana and Tiger & Bunny. Mmm.. I watched a couple of episodes of Hidan no Aria but it was terrible lol

    The OP song for Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is adorable.. as is Erio herself, I think. xD

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, Nichijou and Deadman Wonderland look also appealing to me, but I think with these show I’ve listed here im at my limit with watching weekly anime shows from the new season ^^
      mavbe lafter I can watch them 😉

      Ano hana has a nice atmosphere I also like it a lot.
      Jup Erio is enchanting ^-^

  5. Miette-chan

    You know, I have yet to start on most of these shows other than Dog Days which I picked based on the studio, list of voice actors and Nana Mizuki.

    On my to watch list I have Steins;Gate, Moshidora and Denpa Onna, should really get working on those shows.

    • wieselhead

      Oh I see I also started late with the new season..
      I only watched 2 eps of dog days, but its cute 😀
      All three picks are really good shows so far, Steins;Gate is maybe the best so far and Denpa
      is also great. Moshidora takes a bit long to get things started, maybe you won’t like it. ^^
      A little bit elaboration in the story and characters is missing.

  6. BioToxic

    Of the shows you’ve listed I’m going to be following Denpa and Hoshizora (man these titles are long this season). Denpa has an interesting set of characters, I liking the weird Erio so far. Hoshizora has been meh, but I’ll keep watching.

    I also hope to watch Steins;Gate if ‘Anime on Demand UK’ decide to start streaming it. They announced the stream weeks ago, expected people to pay a subscription, and then don’t post any videos for it (plus 2 others) ¬¬. Usual story.

    I’d recommend trying out Hanasaku Iroha, but it seems everyone else already has. I’m also following We, Without Wings and Qwaser 2 to satisfy my ecchi quota this season.

    • wieselhead

      Hi haha yes the names are ridicolously long in this season, I use nicknames for the long once 😉

      I watch Steins;Gate via fansubs, cause my pc sucks at streaming *argh*

      somehow Im not that interested Hanasaku Iroha at the moment, maybe watched too much girl drama anime in the last month XD

      I guess I could like Without Wings.

  7. Yi

    Steins;Gate is pretty good so far. It has a very interesting premise, and time travel is usually something pretty complex. And the humor is nice too. Definitely agreed that this is highly recommended. (at least so far).

    • wieselhead

      hello ^_^
      Yeah I like the mix in Steins;Gate , good that is a longer anime, these 20+ long animes are getting quite rare.

  8. duqs

    Tis the season of educational animes (C+ and Moshidora, the former talks about entreprenurship, while the latter talks about management) and titles with absurdly long names hahaha.

    Dropped Astarotte, Hoshizora, and Dog Days because i felt that i’ve already seen this type of plot and I’m watching ….16 other shows oTL

    Makise being abused by Oka- Houoin is really really fun to watch =P Tuturuun is cute too

    You should try out Hidan no Aria for a bit =)

    • wieselhead

      seems like business anime is a new genre ;p
      But not really what interests me.
      Mhh, maybe it wasn’t bad that I haven’t added C+ to my list ^^
      Yeah that understandable, the plot isn’t completely new in these shows.
      Stein;Gate is so cool, I agree.
      Ah maybe I will, even though I quite different opinions about it.

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