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Hi people today its just a small post about the Tech Gian Super PreludeSonicomi magazine published by Enterbrain, what I’ve purchased a few weeks ago. It was my first time buying a japanese magazine, this one here is a special issue of Tech Gian which is all about the upcoming Sonicomi game, which is produced by Nitro+, where the player takes the role of a professional photographer who supports Soniko with her gravure idol career and who is getting closer to her. The Tech Gian magazine itself costs 1050 Yen and comes with a poster and a DVD – Rom.

Magazine photography isn’t really my kind of sport, but theres always a first time for everything.


Some of the available outfits for Soniko in the game

The high gloss magazine contains informations about Soniko, the Sonicomi game, about all the merchandise and whatnot, on 47 colored pages everything is written in japanese. I would have liked to read the interview with Soniko’s voice actress Ayano Yamamoto, but since Im totally unable to read kanji, Im doomed just to look at colored pages ;p


Oh there are also a few polished artworks from inside the Game engine.



Merchandise, Merchandise, Merchandise

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Included in this magazine is a DVD-Rom with the Sonicomi Game Trial version, its nearly the same thing I’ve talked in my Sonicomi trial version impressions post, but Soniko has a different outfit in this trial version. Also a nice folded poster in B2 format was included.


This poster was my personal highlight in this magazine. I liked it so much that I’ve bought a non reflective glass frame to hang it on the wall. I love the illustration from Tsuji Santa with the attractive and cute looking Soniko, the contrast between her pink hair, the slightly tanned skin and the green couch looks damn nice. From close view the bend marks or folds are not so nice, but it can’t be helped. Maybe the folds will vanish a bit after it stayed in the frame some time.

The next Soniko related post will probably be about the limited edition of the Sonicomi Game which will be released on September 30th apparently it was delayed to November 25th.
Im curious which goodies will be inside. Maybe I’ll buy this upcoming artbook here as well XD

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  1. Aya

    ah wish they have picture of sonico without her headphone ^^ , The poster picture is great too 😀

    • wieselhead

      I would support that idea, it can’t be healthy to wear headphones all the time, maybe she has dumbo ears underneath XD

      Yeah its a great poster =)

  2. Nopy

    That looks like a good magazine to get for Sonico fans. The B2 posters I get in my magazines are folded too, and I’ve never been able to get rid of the creases. If you find a way to flatten it, let me know 🙂

    • wieselhead

      That might be true
      Yeah thats really a pity 🙁 The best way is when posters are rolled up. The problem is that the folds are damaging the small fibres of the paper, and thats nearly impossible to repair. I hope Soniko is save behind the glass frame ^^ its such a nice poster 🙂

  3. exilehero

    It seems like the Soniko game will have a bunch of sexy/cute outfits for her, really nice.
    Cool poster too. I heard of a couple ways to get rid of creases, but they sound kinda risky. One way you could do it is to iron it with a regular clothes iron. Another is to use the edge of a table to bend the crease in the opposite direction. And you can always put some heavy books on top of it.

    • wieselhead

      And you can also combine them ^^

      Im scared of ironing and the edge of the table also sound quite rough. Behind the glass frame the folds should also get flatter at least I hope so.

  4. BioToxic

    Taking photos of magazines is quite different to figures. There’s so many different things to take in to account that don’t apply to photographing figures.

    I remember seeing this magazine with the Sonico demo and at the time wondered what the difference between the trial here and the download was.

    Ha, all the Sonico merchandise must be tempting :P. I like the in-game screen shots they’ve got. Being able to see some of the costumes is neat, looks like there’s a wide variety to pick. The upcoming artbook you link looks quite nice too.

    Dunno if this is any use but you could take a good photo / scan the poster, fix it digitally, then reprint it? This might be a round-about way of doing things though.

    • wieselhead

      I prefer to take photos in a more creative way, magazines aren’t very suited for that 😀
      Well I wanted to share my impressions about this mag ^_^

      Yeah a lot of merchandise for Soniko, I have to restrict myself from buying too much of that XD
      The artbooks contains a dvd with extra costumes for the game, maybe I should buy it for that reason.

      I could scan it with a huge scanner, but Im too lazy or unskilled to clean the folds digitally.

  5. Yi

    It’s so fascinatingly wonderful that Japanese magazines come with so many cool things. The poster is absolutely lovely. The illustrations are all very cute too. She’s so voluptuous

    • wieselhead

      Before I ordered the magazine I didn’t know about the beautiful poster inside, I initiallly thought it was something like an artbook 🙂 She has nice curves, lovely

  6. Sloth

    Hmm…I wonder if the game will be an eroge? I’m inclined to believe so since it’s Nitro+ but it could also be like IDOLM@ASTER from the sounds of it.

    • wieselhead

      I guess it won’t be H. Maybe If you can reach Soniko’s heart, there will be some scenes we know from eroge games ^-^.

    • wieselhead

      At least it was nice to take a look at a japanese mag.

      I think you would be skilled enough to read most of the kanji stuff inside, unlike me 😀 Im a bit jealous

      • tanoshimini

        Haha definitely. Seems my message was cut off, as that’s only half of it><!

        ahahhaha maybe the basic ones XD hahaha no need to be=p

  7. Xine

    Nice magazine, Soniko is super pretty.

    Most figures of Soniko are a little too revealing for me ^^; I like her better when she’s in casual clothes like on the second photo.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I like her a lot ^^

      Im fine with the revealing ones, but I would also like to get a Soniko figure with more clothes on and a happy expression on top of that, maybe in the near future.

  8. Miette-chan

    This magazine looks like it’s perfect for the Sonico fan. Looking at all the different outfits Sonico appears in makes me wish someone would make a figure with her wearing some of them.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah It would be nice to see a figure of her in casual dresses, not always in sexy clothes ^^

  9. Sevie

    Sieht super schick aus, könnt ich mir immer wieder ansehen. Aber statt mir das Magazin auch zu holen, hab mir nun gleich mal das Artbook vorbestellt :3
    Freue mich schon riesig drauf.
    Auch wenn ich die sexy Sonicos mag, fände ich eine in Casual Wear auch sehr schick. Hab auch mal ein süßes Garage Kit gesehen, wenn es das als hochwertige PVC gäbe, würde ich glatt zuschlagen : D

    • wieselhead

      Das Artbook, da bin ich noch am überlagen ob ich mir das zulege, da soll ja eine DVD mit extra Outfits für das Sonicomi Game drin sein.
      Ich bin aufjedenfall überglücklich über das super Poster aus dem Magazin.

      Ja das würde ich gerne demnächst mal sehen, eine niedliche Soniko in normaler Kleidung wär ganz toll.
      Orchid Seed hat ja zumindest eine fröhlich guckende Soniko im Cheerleader Outfit in Planung.

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