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Hey people time for a new figure review this week – it’s about the beautiful Stocking.

Anarchy Stocking was manufactured by Alter and released in October 2012, the figure is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 20 cm. The origin of Alter’s Anarchy Stocking is the unique but quite plotless anime Panty & Stockingwith Garterbelt popular for it’s raunchy kind of humor.

With a more elaborate animation style I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more. The style looks crappy; it might have been kinda awesome with the nice look of the anime style I’m used to. What I liked the most in Panty & Stocking was the heavy cursing and the nice Stocking.


O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo;

receive judgement from garb of the holy virgin;

cleansed from wordly impurities;

return to heaven and earth;


She is the younger sister of the slutty Panty, in the show I got used to her attitude a little better, but well at the of the the day I prefer more cute and modest girls. Stocking is not that interested in sex, her only weak spot is unhealthy food and sweets, which she eats all day. She has a nice body nevertheless, Stocking always claims that the fat only goes into her boobs XD

In her everyday life Stocking is at home at the gothik and emo scene and wears a gothic lolita dress. This figure is based on the sequence in the show where she and her sister transform into ghost hunting angels who try to collect Heaven Coins to get their halos back.

Hair & Face

The hair of this figure is made from one piece in a quite impressive delta shape. The lack of seam lines is pretty nice and the purple color is pretty and the pink inside has a vibrant effect.

The hair is made of soft PVC and overall the sculpting looks good, even though there are a few bumbs and light scratches in two or three areas. What obviously went a bit wrong with this figures hair is the color transition from pink to purple at her fringe. In the outer strands they managed to paint them with more attention, but in the middle it’s not painted very clean. Other buyers of this figure had the same flaws. Well, since the gaps between the strands are only 1 mm width it’s a problem that only is noticeable from a close distance. Im not bothered.

Underneath her fringe she has nicely green slanted eyes, these are very attractive and give Stocking a more adult appearance. I think that Stocking is a really pretty girl, which is mainly noticeable in the anime transformation scene. She has a foul mouth, but she still has this kindness represented in her face, the kind smile is really something I like about this figure.

Outfit & body

This figure is presented in her “battle” dress which looks similar to a magical girl outfit. It is a very fancy and fashionable outfit with many details and nice colors. Her boobs seem to be a bit too big for her top. The sculptor overdid it a bit since it looks kinda uncomfortable how the strap digs into her meat, but nevertheless Stocking presents her female attributes with pride.

Stocking has a full rack and shows it with her pose and the hair, the cleavage is mainly covered and doesn’t shout for attention. Alter is known for often choosing the save way.

Slightly below she is wearing a detailed corsage and the grey painted area around her belly has a slightly transparent look. It’s cute how her belly button sticks out ^^. I really like the skirt, the voluminous, short design with the transparent underskirt is simply beautiful.

As the name implies Stocking is wearing striped stockings, which are also her main weapons and can be transformed into a katana. Her stockings are a striped model with open ends at her feet. The blue parts have beautiful light and dark shading, further below the ends show some nice and detailed wrinkles. Her feet and toes are exposed and she is wearing stylish sandals in a platinum metallic like color, it’s the same kind of sandals as her sister Panty has

Her outfit is very appealing, also the smaller details, like the ribbon and the wings on her back. Other nice details are her finger less gloves and the pretty armlets around her wrists.

Stocking has the body of a young grown up woman in her twenties. I really like her body proportions and the nice sculpting. Stocking has a proud and charming pose, her arched back and the slightly turned position of her upper body gives her something very attractive, with her voluminous hair and the proud self confident pose Stocking looks like a powerful woman.

She has such a strong presence, she looks like the gang leader on my 1/8 scale figure shelf.




Final Words

Alter’s Anarchy Stocking is a really nice figure, she actually is in my personal Top List of the figures which I’ve received this year, she has a fancy outfit, a sweet face and looks beautiful. While I’m not a big fan of the show, I admit that I love the design of Stocking and her outfit.

This figure reminds me why I started collecting figures, a fancy outfit with many details and a beautiful and proud appearance is where Stocking excels. Aside from the slightly unclean painted fringe this figure has a pretty paintjob and great sculpting quality.

more pictures below


19 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    I think out of the two I liked Alter’s Panty more, I blame Stocking’s hair the lack of shading makes it look so plain to me. What I do like about Stocking is how meaty she seems, I love it when figures give the illusion of being flesh rather than just plastic. I like the bits like her breasts overflowing out of her top and the dimples created by her stockings, quite nice!

    • wieselhead

      Well if you think about the anime her hairstyle was that simple and Alter gave her some more detail overall.
      Hehe yeah her figure looks nicely sculpted, I like these stockings as well ^^

  2. Bakayaro

    Hübsche Fotos! Die letzten Bilder mit dem blauen Hintergrund und den Steinen auf dem Boden sehen wirklich super aus. Der Boden sieht aus als wäre er mit Dampf oder Nebel bedeckt? Wie ist das denn enstanden? War das bewusst?^^

    Ich freue mich übrigens auf die Figur. Da auch Panty sich bei mir wohl fühlt, ist Stocking auch schon so gut wie unterwegs und wird bald Gesellschaft leisten. Ein Review zu ihr wird es also auch bei mir geben, hoffentlich mit Fotos von den beiden hübschen zusammen. Mal sehen was sich machen lässt.
    Dein Review lässt mich aber kaum noch abwarten. Will sie jetzt hier haben! =D

    • wieselhead


      Ach ich benutze da so eine mini fogger, ist eigentlich für Reptilien gedacht, erfüllt aber als kleine Nebelmaschine auch seinen Zweck.
      Zur Nebel entwicklung dachte ich erst an Trockeneis oder eine richtige Nebelmaschine, aber das eine ist gefährlich und das andere stinkt und macht dreck ;D
      Ja es sollte ungefähr so aussehen.

      Das ist schön, Vorfreude ist doch was schönes ^^ hättest sie wohl per EMS bestellen sollen :p
      Ich bin schon gespannt darauf, danke nochmals fürs Lob.

  3. Jenn

    Oh, I can’t wait for my Stocking to ship. Just one more week! She’s looking good, I mean, besides the messy bangs. The job on her skirt looks wonderful. Stocking’s such a “healthy” girl, with so much going for her, but I think my favourite detail are her droopy socks. Go figure.

    After seeing the work Alter put into Panty’s hair, I wish they gave Stocking’s hair more definition. It’s HUGE, but it also reminds me of gum. Hmm…I’m not sure how much I like that.

    • wieselhead

      Oh so much waiting time?
      Mhh yes they are not perfect, but it should be ok. Since the rest turned out very well.
      She looks well nutured I would say, ahaha yes the stockings have nice wrinkles.

      In the anime Stocking had this simple hairstyle unlike her sister 😀
      At the lower ends they show some more details, neverheless.

  4. Tier

    She looks quite cute; the two-toned hair came out pretty well, though I think a little more detail in some of the strands and lengths of hair would’ve been nice. I’ve got Panty somewhere here and I should probably review her sometime. I never really noticed how much larger Stocking’s breasts seem to be compared to Panty’s.

    I kinda lost interest in the anime quickly; I think that if they had used the transformation-style character models, I would’ve been a lot more interested in the show. I don’t know if they’re making a sequel (I’m guessing they are, knowing how the show ends), but maybe they’ll take the opportunity to revamp the animation style.

    • wieselhead

      Stocking is quite the pretty girl, but from my impression her boobs weren’t that big 😀
      Her hair has a simple design overall, it doesn’t look too bad and matches the appearance of the anime.

      Yeah the look was totally unappealing, one of the reasons why I watch anime is because of pretty animations and Panty & Stocking looked like crap 🙁
      It would be nice if a new season would have the transformation scene look, but I highly doubt it.

  5. feal87

    I didn’t watch the anime back in the days (just not my genre), but I like her looks. Great figure and great photos as always…*_*

    • wieselhead

      I can’t resent you for that, it has a lot of toilet humor which wasn’t nice.
      Yeah the figure is nice and thank you very much ^_^

  6. hoshiko

    Ahh…before a string of Panty and Stocking figures were released, I always had the impression that this serie has character design that’s simliar to PowerPuff Girls. That kind of turned me away.

    This figure…her face…looks kind of plain? Something is lacking, I can’t pinpoint what is it. The whole figure stood out though when contrasted with dark background. That brought out her colors.

    • wieselhead

      Jep, a quite ugly animations style, but there were better these short transformation scenes

      Ahh you too brutus :p Am I the only one who really appreciates her?
      Well her character design wasn’t that detailed in terms of face, it wasn’t that different from the figure.
      Maybe the lighting in combination with her pale skin let it appear flat.

  7. G.K. Sil Kamina

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a fan of the show, but Stocking’s got a great design. I’ve always liked that she’s a horrible person but has such a sweet and gentle face.

    For this Stocking, it feels like the colors are a bit too dark. The lack of detail in the hair and the inflated tits also hurt a bit, but she’s still a fantastic figure. Glad I got her!

    • wieselhead

      Hehe I know I know ^^ Personally my biggest concern was the ugly animation style
      Indeed she was quite nasty, but looks like an angel, but I still think that she’s a better person than her sister 😀
      I really like this figure a lot and ‘t really share most complaints this figure received.
      Ok, the hair doesn’t show that many strands, but I guess it’s close to her origin after all.

  8. Kazuo

    She certainly has a “full rack”. Bigger than I remember she had in the anime. Also, kudos on how you arranged the background for her. It makes her look that much cooler 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Hehe indeed she has, ALTER really pushed Stockings cup size compared to the anime.
      Thank you, but oh well she’s already a cool figure I have to say ^_^

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