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A figure that was manufacturered by PLUM, it’s Astraea from the Sora no Otoshimono anime/manga. Her release date was in December 2011. On first sight, I got quite interested in this figure, but my opinion of Plums craftsmanship so far was just based on this Nymph figure and honestly it wasn’t that convincing to me.

So as their Astraea was announced I decided to wait a bit more with the purchase, I also expected that she might end up in the bargain bin like Plum’s Nymph before, but the opposite happened, at the shops I use more regularly the figure was already sold out that was fast.


Astraea is scaled 1/6 and has impressive dimensions, she is 23 cm in height and 22 cm in length, from wing to wing she measures around 30 cm. You should have seen the huge box.

Astraea SnO - Plum - illu

Astraea’s character at first appeared in the 2nd season of the Sora no Otoshimono anime and in chapter 22 of the manga. She is a close combat Angeloid Type Delta. She is a little airheaded and has limited intelligence, but she is equipped with high combat abilities and can show emotions unlike Ikaros. She is 159 cm in height and her bust measures 103 cm.

Later on on she became part Tomoki and his friends. I really like this cute big boobed girl with her cheeeful personailty. She is gluttonous and always scrounges off food from Tomoki.

It seems like a lot of people bought this figure but actually not a single one wrote a review (correct me if I’m wrong), which was another reason for me to track this figure down.

Fortunately I could find it the figure a few month after release at Plamoya, sometimes they have nice discounts, no Im not sponsored. During the shipment I started to doubt my decision, I didn’t know what to expect from Plum or this figure, would I be satisfied with her?
Anyway Im glad that I ordered Astraea, I would have regret it if I had passed on her.



The base is made of ABS and is connected without a peg, you just have to hook it under the backside of her top and gravity does the rest. It is quite stable and the figure has no holes at the back. You can also display her without the base, she just needs a little support from behind.

Hair & Face

Her straw blonde hair looks very well made, the strands as well as the shading are clean and nicely done. Further below the hair is splitted into two huge braids with detailed tips. The voluminous hair part isn’t made in one piece there are 4 smaller seam lines, but it’s no big deal.




On the promo pics the figure seemed to have a rather aroused *kyaaah* face, but in person it turned into a somehow cute and surprised look from most angles, overall her face is very well recreated, the red eyes are lively and have a shiny finish, underneath are some nice blushmarks which were used in a more sublimal way. The figure has an deep open mouth with a nice upper front teeth line. Her naughty °v° mouth would have also been nice, but Im fine with °@° as well.




Body & Outfit

Astraea has a quite buxom body, she is probably the figure with the most impressive bosom in my collection, but she’s still within my so called “not bigger than her head, please” rule.
Im wondering if I can bend this rule enough to make the bath time Hinako figure fit into it XD

Astraea also offers a wasp waist, and a quite big butt for anime figure standards. Nevertheless calling her chubby would be incorrect since her abs appear very well trained. Other amenities of her are the  lovely meaty thighs, the long blonde hair and the beautifully sculpted wings with the diffuse and soft shading. Astraea herself has a delicious pale skintone with subliminal shading.

The figure also has  a nicely designed outfit as well, it is a mix of warrior and cheerleader clothes. The armor parts, the tight corsage and the playful skirt are a fitting combination overall. With her outfit, the buxom body and the sword shield combination, she looks like a Valkyrie. Astraea seems much more like a close combat warrior than her Angeloid friends Ikaros and Nymph.




The clearly outlined and strong colors, work very well with the haircolor and the skintone.

Around her neck she is wearing a  detailed choker in shaded gunmetal color with a few single sculpted chain links. It looks definitely more detailed than the one of Kotobukiya’s Nymph.

PLUM’s Astraea has a castoff feature, but it’s just limited to her skirt, sadly no bare boobs XD. The body separates right under her boobs, you should pay attention to put the two parts of her body back together firmly or you will have a weird looking gap. It’s not like the skirt would cover much in the first place, but I enjoy the clear view at her broad hips and narrow waist.

Depending on the viewing angle at the figure, the crotch is sometimes more or sometimes less visible. Astraea wears innocent white panties but is showing some kind of a small camel toe.



I guess I would have also bought this Astraea in a more simple standing pose, but PLUM went for a more elaborate pose which was based on the illustration below. It isn’t really clear what is happening, either someone is peeking under her skirt or Astraea did something clumsy. Anyway the sculpting is very well done an Astraea is presenting her nice attributes towards the viewer.

This figure is also equipped with a few weapons, the huge thing is a oscillating photon blade called ‘Chrysaor‘, and the shield is known as ‘Aegis L‘. You can display her with and without them, the sword can be placed in her hand and you can exchange the shield hand with a normal one.


Final Words

As some of you maybe already expected, Im really satisfied about how this figure turned out, with 1/6 she’s is a figure of the larger kind and leaves a good impression like that.

With PLUM as a rather new figure manufacturing Company you would probably like to know about their quality, in terms of Astraea I can say that she’s a great figure, they did a great job with the smooth sculpting, of the body and the outfit, it shows nearly no signs of seamlines.
The paintjob is applied in a quite clean manner with next to zero overapaintnig issues. Also her shading looks very good. There is really not much to complain about Astraea.
PLUM’s upcoming Erio and the recently announced God Eater Burst – Alisa from Wonfes also appear quite promising.



On a side note, it was somehow difficult to photograph a figure of such a size and pose, finding the right combination of aperture and distance for example. Im more used to smaller ones and most of my props were just too small.




20 Responses

  1. BioToxic

    Astraea seems to have turned out really nice, much better than PLUMs Nymph I’d say. I like the vivid blue of her outfit and saturated yellow hair. The detail of her eyes is quite in-depth, even including a flare effect. And her facial expression matches well with the pose, it doesn’t appear to look odd from any angles you’ve shown.

    The pose is also an interesting choice. I too would have been happy to see a more conventional standing pose, but this sort of falling backwards pose is different in a good way. As you stated she must take up quite a bit of space with that pose + being 1/6 scale.

    The skirt cast-off seems somewhat redundant. I mean it’s not like we can’t see her pants when she’s wearing it :lol:.

    Does the chain round her neck move or is it solid plastic?

    The only thing that irks me a little is her under boob has a visible seam-line. Apart from that I’d say she looks superb, nice get.

    I really like your second last photo for some reason. The harsh lighting and dark fabric used looks quite nice together, even if it’s just for one photo.

    Somewhat unrelated, but those Sora no Otoshimono bunny girls FREEing had on show in the latest Hobby Japan magazine look mighty fine. I’ll be keeping a close eye on their Ikaros.

    • wieselhead

      The blue, white and black colored outfit is especially nice
      The face is very well done, I agree, at first I was a bit unsure about the open mouth, but it turned out better than expected, and gives Astraea something adorable.
      They did a good job in putting the illustration into a figure, the falling backwards pose is funny 😀 Well, but sometimes there are figures where I’d rather see in a static pose.
      At the moment she is placed on my DVD player next to the TV, I should check if she can placed on my other shelves…

      The second chain link is moveable a little bi, the gunmetal look is great btw
      Yeah thats where the figure can be seperated, it’s less bothering when she’s on display, but when moving her around the gap/seamline gets a little wider.
      Thanks a lot Biotoxic also for your comment ^ – ^ Ah I wasn’t able to recreate more shots with this light setting.
      I’ve seen them, Astraea would be my favorite of this trio, she’s always so funny and cheerful.

  2. Aya

    she gave me dumb blonde impression but still that’s to see funny 😀 also in a way remind me with sonico ^^

    • wieselhead

      *Lol* maybe dumb would be a bit harsh, she’s rather simple minded, but doesn’t lack in common sense.
      Haha that would explain my small affection for her, maybe she looks like her a bit, or it’s just the slightly body and the big boobs ;D

  3. Tier

    I liked Astraea a lot in the anime, and she was maybe the only thing I really liked about Forte. She has a fun personality that contrasts very well with Ikaros. The odd thing is that even though Nymph seems to be much more of the fan-favorite than Astraea, I can hardly remember anything she does in the show, besides her fun flashback.

    Astraea looks a lot nicer than I thought she would; I thought she had an angry-looking face which looked a little weird to me, but instead she looks very cute and surprised, which I think is a lot more appealing. Not to mention that I wasn’t too impressed by Nymph (though I still do like how her tongue looks like a tentacle poking out of her mouth after going all the way through her). I wonder if they’ll be doing an Ikaros figure? She doesn’t get quite enough love from figure makers, though I’m also looking forward to the bunnysuit figures. Bunnygirls aren’t necessarily my thing but still, 1/4 scale – that is God’s scale, the good scale, the scale all good figures should be made in.

    • wieselhead

      The anime always felt a bit short after the end of each season, I started reading the manga from time to time.
      Dfc and Moe is still very popular, Nymph is slightly tsundere on top of that, people tend to prefer it over clumsy and big boobed.

      Yes, I would actually banged my head against the wall, if Astraea had turned out as a dissappointment, fortunately my intuation was right about her.
      That doesn’t sound very comfortable , how do I get the image out of my head now? Talking about tentacles, your tentacle stand would have been funny with Astraea.
      holding her arms and ankles, I thought about it, but didn’t had anything decent at hand for my shooting.

      There could be more scale figures from SnO, that’s . In 1,4? Astraea could be interesting at this scale, then I could hug her more easily ^o^
      ATM Im also interested in the 1/4 loli Nanoha from Gift

  4. exilehero

    I never noticed how sexy her hips are :P. I really like how she has a small waist and then that contrasts with her curvy bottom.

    I think they might have a bit overboard with her boobs for the figure haha. She has slightly smaller ones in the anime and manga I think, but bigger boobs aren’t that bad.

    Nice pictures, I really like the one taken from the back.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah that’s so hot and especially at that size ^^ I like the shape of her body a lot, Astraea has big butt :p Well I also like more petite characters, but curvy is full of win (⌒_⌒)
      Oh I haven’t paid attention to that to be honest, maybe because of her tilted forward head, they appear a bit squeezed, it’s still inside my boundaries, so Im ok with it.

      Thank you, maybe I should have taken more pics from her backside for you (∩_∩)

  5. Miette-chan

    Oh man, Astrea looks so darn adorable and vulnerable XD.

    I wasn’t too fond of her face at first but it kept growing on me I’m liking her quite a bit. Astrea is quite nice so curvy, so sexy, so stupid… I love it :).

    It’s good to hear Plum is up to par, I only looked at your Nymph and now your Astrea and both look so good. A good thing to have piece of mind since I order their Erio, since I never gotten anything from them before I was a bit worried.

    Finally, I share your struggle with 1/6th figures, they end up being a bit of a pain of the ass. Partly the reason why I haven’t taken pictures of some figures.

    • wieselhead

      I wanna protect and touch her at the same time XD

      Im glad that the face turned out like that, I wasn’t that fond of it at first either, open mouth figures can easily look a bit silly.
      Oh you ordered their Erio, thats nice, I hope you won’t get dissapointed, if they put the same effort into her there shouldn’t be a problem.

      especially in such a pose it’s somehow difficult to get the whole figure in focus, maybe I’ll train a bit more with Astraea until I mastered it ^^

  6. Luth

    Wow, she turned out nice! My favorite part would have to be her sword. Clear parts and cool weapons do it for me. Her boobs are a little… balloon-like for my tastes but overall she seems to be a really nice figure. Love the valkyrie look and the pose and expression says a lot about her character. Good job Plum, I might take another look at that God-Eater Burst Alisa.

    Also, nice set! I like the pillar, clouds, and especially the ones with bright lighting. Haha, the second pic looks like she’s about to cut her boobs off. Nuooooo.

    • wieselhead

      Nice that you are sharing my impression of her 😉
      She has a very cool design and her outfit shows many nice detail.
      That Alisa might be interesting, I only know her from an illustration.

      yeah that’s quite a big cup size she has, in anime and figure standards I like them big and bouncy, but they shouldn’t be much bigger for my taste.
      Thx a lot, it was hard to find something fitting for the figure since Im not that used to shoot 1/6 scaled figures. I hope that won,t happen ;p

  7. Kyle M.

    She looks amazing! I love her facial expression its almost like she is saying “Whoa! when did my boobs ever get so big!”
    I am not familiar with her character at all but her outfit and face looks really done. I like it!

    • wieselhead

      I like my Astraea a little bit more to be honest, I like the Angeloid dress more than some revealing bikini. But oh well, it are two different attempts.
      Plum’s Astraea looks more vulnerable and flustered while Alphamax made her very confident in body language and face expression.
      But yeah she’s also overly appealing to me, maybe I should ^^

  8. Nopy

    That is one huge figure. She looks gorgeous though, I’m impressed with how well Plum did the sculpting and paint. I might order that Erio figure now.

    On a side note, I see that you have a new watermark for your pictures; I like it.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah quite huge, I’ve never owned something of that size before.
      They’ve produced this figure very well, there are no really big flaws if at all.

      It feels a bit odd if you see your own pictures outside the blog.
      Well so far the people who used my pictures credited me and all, but I can’t be sure that everybody is so kind.
      Im glad you like it.

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