Bastet – Orginal Character by Houtengeki – Pulchra

Hi dear readers, today I would like to show you the especially nice figure of Bastet from Pulchra.

I’m quite happy to see a character from illustrator Houtengeki adapted into a figure, the illustrator specializes in portraying young women with curvy bodies that often have a fantasy theme incorporated. Bastet is an egyptian goddess and the design is following this theme in a sexy fashion. The figure was sculpted by Mikami Hirohito.

Bastet was manufactured by Pulchra. Yes, to me it was a big surprise that Pulchra announced this beautiful figure, I took the gamble of preordering the figure, but not without worries about the final outcome of the figure. The figure was released in July 2019, unfortunately I accidentally chose unregistered Airmail for shipping and so I had to wait for some weeks for her to arrive. The figure is scaled 1/6 and measures in her compact pose she still is 19,5 cm in height.

Bastet was the goddess of fertility and pregnancy and described as having the body of a woman and the head of a cat, see what anime culture made of it.

The figure has pitch black hair with cat ears. The shoulder long hair and the a little wild hairstyle looks attractive. Its level of detail is wonderful and the matte finish is nice, aside from a few highlights in the ears it’s solid black. The face combines a youthful and attractive look with a few aspects of a predator, the pink eyes give her a slightly intimidating aura. The figure has nice facial features and a cheerful and amused expression, the showing teeth are carefully applied and I like her cute nose. Overall the expression is nicely balanced and portrays Bastet as confident young woman.

The promotional pictures showed Bastet with milky brown skin. The final figure now has a heavy tan with a mix of brown and terracotta, an unusual sight with the majority of figures on the market having white pinky skin, but after looking at the figure on my desk for several days I think it’s a beautiful exotic skintone, that is pleasing to the eye.

The figure is quite curvy with beautiful proportions and alluring backside, but also looks well trained with her overall appearance, the young folks would call her thicc. I think that the figures bodysculpting is just great, I also really have a soft spot for wide womanly hips that the figure proudly shows it’s also a quite emphasized by the pose.
She has a slender upper body with some nicely shaped boobs, the thin waist creates a great contrast to the hips and the nice big butt. There are also very nice and juicy thighs that make the figure even more attractive.

The figure reminds me of some oversexed 90’s hip hop music videos, also with this squatting pose and the round bottom. Her articulation is dynamic, Bastet is posed in a deep squat so that her butt is close the the floor, how naughty, on the other hand it’s cute how her face is looking backwards over her shoulder.

The outfit combines elements of the ancient egypt and bikini fashion. The single big earning in the left ear looks bodacious. Bastet wears a glamorous collar that consists of gold, blue and black colors. At the wrists she has golden bracelets, each of them shows a detailed engraved pattern. The fingers of the figure are very pretty with their nice pastel pink colors, in her right hand she is holding a short staff with a symbolized eye of Ra as head.

Around her left thigh she also has black ribbon with buckle, that accentuates the soft appearance.

The bikini top and bottom consists of black strings with golden colored buckles that hold the light grey cloth parts together. Apparently the goddess is wearing a thong, a good choice considering that she should not hide that nice bottom unnecessarily. The golden leg decoration is not attached to the golden high heels.

Final Words

The figures looks simply amazing, a great adaptation of the Houtengeki illustration, be it her lively face or the attractive round body. I never had thought Pulchra could perform that level of high quality sculpting, all the small and bigger parts show a lot of precision and attention to detail, the paintjob is flawless also in the smaller areas.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Fabian Kind of booty XP really nice concept a cat girl with specter decorated in eye of anubis so sort of Egyptian Cat girl goddess. Probably better concept that queen’s blade menace XD
    no cast off parts also make the outfit looks perfectly fit, no weird gap or the sort

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, nice and round XD
      I like Menace, but sure a cat eared girl is cuter and Bastet also is a little chubby which works great as figure.
      Haha I’m glad that there is no castoff option, I don’t want to have a wobbly bikini top or gaps on this beauty.

  2. Miette-chan

    What a lewd looking goddess! That pose, that expression, that phallic object pointing at her crotch! I agree with you, she has a nicely sculpted body, good job Pulchra, you can make nice figures if you try! My favorite part is her skin, brown girls are nice too!

    • wieselhead

      She is stunning, huh XD She is looking so damn attractive.
      Pulchra did an impressive work here, no one would guess that they made it.
      Yes, the tan is awesome ^^

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