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Guess Who’s back?

This longer break wasn’t intentional, I have to blow the dust from my Dashboard.

That was a nice long break wasn’t it? Sometimes its nice to break free from your usual routine and do something else, in my case nothing. to my excuse I thought about doing a post, about my holidays, my Azone Doll or my Kancolle adventures. I decided to make a new figure review.

It´s about my long awaited Sorceress figure, not from Dragon’s Crown but Dragon Nest, just use Dragon with anything and you have a cool Game Title.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 001

Dragon Nest is a free online MMOPRG from Korea, it is available in many regions by now.
Sorceress is an official class inside the game, she is supposed to be a smart and sexy tease.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 002

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 036

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 033

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 039

At first this figure was ought to be an exclusive version for the Chinese market only, after some time some concerns about this were raised, GSC and the license owner made another version available for everyone. I was really happy about this decision, finding a chinese shop for her turned out surprisingly difficult, if not impossible and I really wanted to have her.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 003

I will try to  break a bit away from my usual review pattern, recently I felt the urge to change it with less words, even though this is easier said than done. I guess I failed this time as well.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 037

more about the figure

This Sorceress figure was released on the 2nd July 2014, she is scaled 1/8 with a height of 20 cm she is in balance with other figures of this category. As well as the exclusive Tenshi figure she was modeled by Usagi. The figure shows a detailed face and is rather based on the artwork than the Ingame design, it was this certain aspect about this figure that won me over.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 004

Sorceress is without doubt a very flamboyant figure, with her pointy ear hood and the jagged decorations painted in slightly shiny red, also her eccentric sexy dress is quite an eyecatcher. Her color scheme reminds me of an poisonous insect, so it emits a sense of danger.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 005

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 027

Like so often with video game based characters, this figure has certain details, that distinguish her from the general anime look. The most obvious part in that regard would be her face, it shows a more mature feminine charm. This character has smaller eyes, a mouth with accentuated, detailed lips and a pretty chin. In comparison to her slender body the lady has a relatively big head, it is nicely rounded and shows soft, natural looking facial features.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 006

You actually can’t see much of her hair, her hood and her headgear are hiding a lot of it, pink, pointy strands are showing underneath. Not much of shading at the ends, still it looks nice.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 035

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 007

Sorceress is wearing an interesting kind of body suit, her top looks really great with these vertical folds, wrinkles and gray color, her butt is fully covered which looks cute from the front though she is not the most modest lady in the realm and shows some more skin all around.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 008

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 034

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 029

Attached to the sides of her butt she has a cape, maybe because of aerodynamic advantages the amount of material appears quite economic. The insides of her clothes are all painted in camel brown an appealing contrast to her gaudy colors on the outside.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 026

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 040

Several elements on the outfit resemble parts of a dragon, like the small wings on her back or the things at her head. Her pretty legs are equipped with stockings, they have a smexy pattern with golden highlights and end in her futuristic boots. With the red heels they suit her quite well and give the figure a dominant accent.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 009

The Sorceress is an attractive lady, she has a slim waist with wide hips, I really like the transition from thighs to hips there, also her ample boobs look very nice. With her hips pushed to the right, knees turned inwards and her bend over torso there is some dynamic tension in the pose.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 010

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 028

The small fingers on her right hand are really cute and look elaborate with the other hand she is holding the magical wand. It looks good and the end has a transparent piece incorporated which adds a nice touch to the item. Her small companion is a bat, with the “scars” it’s a plushie or a Frankenstein like creature, the lively bat is also wearing a ribbon around the neck.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 011

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 012

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 013

nagging corner

As nice a figure can be, being flawless is very rare. As much as I like the Sorceress, the figure didn’t turn out as refined as other GSC figures in recent times, in particular the transitions from the attached parts (cape, arm plates) to the figure could have been a bit smoother.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 014

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 016

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 017

The different choices of color textures appear a bit distracting on close view. It’s a matter of fact than shiny plastic tends to look cheap, for some reason the pieces on her arm give me that impression, but these are just minor details it is nevertheless a very nice figure with an appealing design and luckily there are no major flaws in terms of craftsmanship.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 018

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 019

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 020

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 021

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 022

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 023

Final Words

Maybe my initial expectations were too high, but on the bottomline, I like this figure a lot, she has an unusual style and a beautiful expressive face. They also gave her an attractive body  with curves at the right spots. I’m grateful that GSC decided to make this figure available worldwide, there would have always been a feeling of regret if I wouldn’t have been able to get her. I bought her as standard run, not as exclusive run and so her price was fair enough.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 025

When you like fantasy related figures in general this Sorceress should be worth your attention from my side she gets an honest recommendation.

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 041

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 043


Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 030

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 038

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 042

Dragon Nest- Sorceress - GSC - 015

13 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    Hahahaha, I guess you explain things in detail so your posts tend to be longer? You’re paying attention to details and that’s a good thing.

    I like the little bat on her hand the most, lol! Cuz it’s weirdly cute. Is it me or does this figure actually look kinda sad?

    • wieselhead

      Haha, but I guess that it is also be possible to explain things with less words, but thank you that you think that is a good thing 😉
      The bat has some charm, I see. Sad? well from different viewing angles her expression varies a bit, but actually she smiles a little.

  2. Miette-chan

    Wait what, let’s release a figure based on a Korean MMO exclusively in China? How does that even work out like a good idea?

    Well I like this Sorceress a lot more than the one from Dragon’s Crown, she is cute and sexy while not being overbearing. She definitely looks the part with that crazy outfit of hers, oh you Korean designers and your unique aesthetics.

    The pictures look nice, the ones with the darker background are cool, makes me think she is gonna cast a spell.

    • wieselhead

      Haha that is true! Maybe there is a chinese version. Well, don´t ask me I just processed the informations I could gather XD
      Ah yeah the other one is a bit very busty, but I like her face, maybe the Orchid Seed figure manages to turn her into a convincing figure.#
      The Dragon Crown girls also seem to have strange nipple placement, ok I guess that is a different topic ^^
      I also like her cute sex appeal, yeah her costume is following crazy aesthetic.

      Thank you ^^

  3. Cerberus

    Now looking at her carefully her outfit just has way more details than I imagined. I wasn’t noticing any of the red color patterns on the release images and thought that mantle (or something) was just completely black. If it wasn’t the big head proportion I’d really want to order one.
    Plus I haven’t seen very many people who played the game or own one of this figure so making it not not completely exclusive is indeed a good idea to advertise this game

    • wieselhead

      Sometimes a closer look at the promo shots works wonders, I often don’t notice small details before I placed my preorder lol.
      She has quite a number of details all around, I liked her at first sight.

      Yeah I understand, but with the bigger head you can see her facial details much better which isn´t bad on small scale.
      Me neither, stll I wanted the figure that badly good that GSC changed their plans in that direction.

  4. Aya

    She have a nice face, but I think her head a little bit too big for her body.
    Personally I am not fan of MMORPG game or even character from it I feel somehow they wear weird outfit for wars(let’s say too glamorous ?) ^^ although I admit their clothes really have a cool design…

  5. Duqs

    Actually tried to play Dragon Nest before but the game doesnt seem to cooperate with my PC specs (and my net doesn’t like DN for some odd reason, and is waaay unreliable). And I agree with “add dragon to any game title it’ll be cooler” because majority seem to be like that hahaha.

    I completely adore how this figure looks waaaay different from the front and the back, it makes one tempted to buy a base where the figure is able to rotate. Also love the different mix of chrome gold, matte and glossy paint on this figure. It didn’t look messy at all!

    • wieselhead

      Ah too bad, back then when I tried there was no Eu server, th others were region locked,
      before I start another MMORPG I should go back and play some FFXIV again, it been a while ^^
      Ah good to hear I don’t really dislike it but it looks different than other figures without this texture mix.

  6. Tier

    Taking a break every now and then is a good thing. As long as the break doesn’t become permanent, I mean. Everything gets slower in the summer time, anyway. Korean MMOs have the best character designs in video games, and I’m always happy to see a figure company – especially good ones like GSC or Max Factory – make figures based on them. The sorceress looks really great; I like her saucy look and her showy outfit. She does look kinda young to me; I’m not sure whether she’s supposed to look like that, being that I know absolutely nothing about the game she comes from, but it’s interesting how there are so many loli-looking characters in these games, such as the Elin from TERA (no surprise that Arcadia’s made two figures of them) and the Lineage II Dwarf. Not that the sorceress is really a loli with a chest like that, though.

    • wieselhead

      The good thing is that I’m really motivated now with creating posts again ^^
      They are really talented with the virtual games, be it just playing or creating.
      I like to see figures of characters I don’t really know, letting the design alone decide about you to purchase it is cool.
      And so I ended up with ordering her ^^ Oh really, I think the mouth gives her something mature, maybe it’s because of her big head she gives you this feeling. From what I’ve seen she should not be a loli type ;D I like MMO loli’s nevertheless, especially Dwarf with her innocent look. She has some nice boobs haha

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