Eila & Sanya – swimsuit version – Strike Witches 2 – Alter

Welcome to my review of Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen & Sanya V Litvyak from Strike Witches 2 made by Alter.

When I looked at the latest figure listings at the shops recently I noticed one thing, they became so damn expensive! 13,000 Yen figures became the affordable category and the top category is close to 22,000 Yen. If this trend continues I don’t know what to do, completely turning my back to the figure hobby is not an option for me. Maybe a good time to take a closer look at my figure wishlist. There I noticed a few figures like Mefmera , Kouwan Seiki or Tomoe.

I also noticed VaistarStudio on Twitter some time ago, a super talented figure photographer, who also makes excellent stages for the figures, here I saw these figures and thought that Eila & Sanya looked quite great as pair.

The figure pair was manufactured by Alter. From base to shower head the whole combination measures 23 cm and the scale is 1/8. An less often used scale after 2017, since 1/7 is already the standard. What is odd about the figures is the release date, Strike Witches aired around summer 2010, but this figure combination is from spring 2016.

The figure couple is quite cute, I like the chilled pose of the girls under the shower installation.
First of all I like that figures are made as a pair, at the backside you see how their tails are entwined with eachother. The two girls holding their long drinks with ice cream and tiny straws. Alltogether a summerly atmosphere is created.

Eila has a beautiful face and a great smile, Sanya seems a bit nervous here, but also has a gentle smile on her face.

The bikini design is very skimpy with the low cut panties, Sanya wears a black bikini with soviet star and Eila’s is wearing a blue white bikini with striped top. Even with the skimpy bikini’s both figures aren’t what is considered sexy, the anatomy is like the whole franchise on the skinny side, although they have long legs and a nice looking midsection with cute bellybuttons.

I have watched Strike Witches season 1, season 2 and Victory Arrow, but I skipped Brave Witches, since I didn’t want to get used to new characters. Fortunately, a continuation of the old storyline is scheduled to be aired this year, named Strike Witches: Road to Berlin.

Eila and Sanya share a deep friendship watching them interact in the anime was always heartwarming and sweet. Eila is my favorite of these two, Sanya has a low profile, but that is also cute. Eila has the ears of a wolf and Sanya those of a black cat.

Final Words

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen & Sanya V Litvyak – summer version is an interesting and charming figure combination.

I’m a big fan of such figure combinations and this one is done especially nice, both are cute figures with nice pose and articulation. In 1/8 scale everything is quite small, not to say tiny, but the general quality of the figures and the accessories is very high and is solid, although one should pay attention to not lose one those tiny straws. Obviously they aren’t very curvy figures what I would prefer nowadays, nevertheless they are very cute and have a nice holiday feeling.

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  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    I saw this one one sales a few month back, but decided not to get them, oh well.
    Ohh boy, so many ip’s from this franchise. I’m planning on watching all of it some day, will I ever have the time?

    Not sexy? I don’t know, man, I, for one, have varied tastes…who says us men are picky? Blame that on the whamen lol, they are the picky ones. 2D>3D

    Eila has the ears of a wolf? I’d say more like a dobermann. But I have to watch the show to know what kind of animal-girl being she is lol. And the soviet star? Grrr! But I’ll see if Sanya V Litvyak is a communist or not!

    Very very nice backgrounds. Just look at the waves on that water.

    • wieselhead

      Oh, I bought those unopened on Buyee, 11000 Yen were worth it ^^
      There are many Strike Witches animes, not all with the same cast.

      Haha, no they are not very endowed no boobs, no butt, no thighs XD
      But in my eyes they are super adorable, I like the gentle smiles and petite bodies.
      Yes, Japanese have funny presentations of wolves, to me the long ears pointing upwards are features of a fox.
      do you know “Spice & Wolf” I always thought Holo was a fox! It is a bit embarrassing since it’s mentioned in the show .
      Yes, Strike Witches is full of WWII references, the characters names are all based on real pilots from that time.
      Strike Witches is nice but be prepared for ecchi scenes 😀

      I like recreating beach settings the most, it was not my best effort this time but the pictures came out very good.

      • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

        About Holo…I can’t tell if her personality fits more with wolves or foxes
        btw, I’m a huge Girls und Panzer fan. It’s one of the first anime I watched. I’ll have a bunch of figures from it. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. I’d say it’s an anime that is just easy and fun for tank and action fans. I think It’s more relaxing and entertaining then another anime called Bakuon, although that one is also good, but in different ways. These shows are a bit too different to compare.
        nsfw link https://fapservice.com//?s=bakuon

        • wieselhead

          She is a fox, nothing else ahahaha.
          Wolves eat no apple, a fox might do lol.
          Girls und Panzer is so sweet and charming show, I really had fun watching every episode.
          For me as German it was weird and sometimes a feeling of guilt when seeing the former Nazi tanks driving around cheerfully.
          I also know Bakuon ^^ Well, when I turn on the TV, I often decide to watch anime before anything else.
          Bakuon was great I liked the Serow bike a lot.

          • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

            They both eat veggies, rarely https://sciencetrends.com/what-do-foxes-eat/

            You watch anime on tv? Like on a tv channel? Or a smart tv connected to the internet? I watch it on my PC, we have no anime channels here.

            I hope you also watched the GuP ova (Real Anzio Battle) and Der Film…also, they are taking a VERRRRRRY long time with the 6 films (Das Finale). Will they be done in 2025? Oh boy….

            No need to feel guilty about the mistakes of the past, especially of your ancestors (+you are not them, but another individual). That’s something I dislike about a lot of germans, you have pathological altruism and low self-esteem as a nation, and you let others step on your head (I’m talking about immigrants for example, see 2015). Most world nations were built on war and destruction in the past. Research how the native-american tribes treated each other before the europeans came. Or the mongols. Or many african tribes. The japanese have a much healthier attitude about WWII. They won’t repeat what the did but neither do they feel like they have to apologies to other countries over and over and over again, like you Deutsche. Cheer up and be proud of your nation, and accept it’s history, with good and bad. I’m not german, so take it from me, relax. Just don’t try to conquer Europe again (not with war) and keep making good cars, kase, chocolate and beer. And get rid of Herr Merkel, no one likes her. We also eat a lot of sour kraut in my country haha. But that’s enough from me.

  2. Aya

    So about time to gave up figure hobby and move to Dolls only 😛 ? ahaha just kidding of course, yes they become absolutely pricey these days I personally hold back when 1/8 start becoming 13k yen
    Strike witches it’s been a while XD For figure combinations yes this a really well done, thought I expect better pose if are the bundled, not merely standing side by side at least holding hand ahaha

      • Aya

        well not perfect pairing, but I guess we should count that as well 🙂
        Yes that definitely good, their pose also perfect

    • wieselhead

      Well, not a bad idea, but I still would like one or three figures with fix poses.
      The downside of dolls is still hair maintenance and visible joints and they are really big.
      13k hahaha great times for the wallet, but nowadays 1/8 is quite rare most figures are 1/7 or 1/4 scale.
      Yeah it’s a simple pose, but I think more wasn’t possible as this figure was made, the base of them is not so sturdy.

      • Aya

        well by now you should notice that, I bring that move to doll up when you complain about price XP yeah i just notice, now that you mention it 1/8 is rarely made now
        I see, those pair of circle plastic base

        • wieselhead

          Aya the skilled teaser ahaha.
          I liked 1/8 actually but 1/7 and 1/6 are better for adding more detail.
          One could think that 1/74 scale figures are like 1/8 just inflated lol.
          Yeah the hollow base appears so fragile it’s nearly scary.

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