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The first figure review of 2018, how could we have a better subject to start than an enchanting Native figure, it’s Hanasaki Marika from the Characters Collection line. Hanasaki Marika is an adaption of an illustration by Pyon-Kti

The figure was released in late November 2017 and I received her shortly before christmas. Hanasaki Marika was sculpted by Hashimoto Ryou, my favorite figure sculptor if I had to name one. She is scaled 1/7 and 22 cm in height.

The figure includes a few parts to assemble a bath corner diorama with mirror, plant, a cup and toothbrushes, it’s really cool that the doors can be opened and that the light works. It’s definetely a nicely made addition to the figure with a convincing design. Although it is also possible to display the figure on a smaller base without the bathroom closet.

The two toothbrushes and too wide shirt could indicate that the character spend the night with her boyfriend.

The figure has been captured in an interesting scene, where the cute Marika brushes her teeth half asleep. Haha she is actually dressed like someone who fell out of bed. Her slightly surprised and still dozy expression is quite adorable.

Marika is a very curvy girl with mature proportions. Her ripe pawpaws and juicy peach bottom are quite inviting. Of course you would always turn the figure in a way that she would look at you, but she has beautiful boobs for sure.

What is more prominent though are her wide hips and the beautiful big butt attached to them. Bigger butts aren’t so common in the figure market, this pink haired figure is a great exception though. The way the panties are digging into her skin accentuates the nice volume and shape. I love it together with these marvelously sculpted thighs (/∇\*)○♡.

The figure has no additionally cast off magic, you get what you see, nevertheless it would be no real Native figure without additionally lewdness, below the hanging panties you can notice the figures accurately sculpted sweet spot,
it’s not too obvious so that it’s actually a nice detail of the Hanasaki Marika figure.

It’s very obvious that Marika is sexy, but looking at these cute, striped ribbons and hairstyle one can never be too sexy for having kawaii pigtails.The style of her fringe is very cute and girly, the longer parts of the hair have a more mature appeal. The pink hair is nicely done and shaded in soft and also more vivid tones of pastel pink.

I also llike the figures nicely articulated pose, from boobs to butt … EHH! from head to toe of course (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) it’s an interesting and convincing pose. I really like how her arm partially hides the left breast for example. Additionally the movement of the hair and white shirt have a kind of elegance and make the figure more dynamic.

The face is great as well with the 1/3 closed, blue and beautiful eyes, distintive eye makeup and flushed cheeks. Together and with the small opening of her cute mouth an appealing expression has been created.

Her expression appears ashamed and of slightly pouting character, maybe we should not stare too much at her butt.

The illustration by Pyon-Kti has been adapted very pretty and faithfully, except the sweat traces, but that is probably difficult to recreate and no desired detail anyway. For me the nice skintexture and smooth body sculpting is perfect.

I really appreciate the great looking bathroom corner that was added to the main figure. It was desinged with love and attention to detail. The “wooden” framed mirror, the tiles around the sink or the faucet itself. The tiny accesoires as well as the opening doors and light feature bring the figure to life. The diorama is also pretty useful for photography.

On summary Native’s Hanasaki Marika is a lovely figure with gorgeous curvy body and appealing face. I like her proportions a lot, Hashimoto Ryou did a great job again with this buxom but at the same time cute character. The quality is great, only on second thought the figure could be scaled 1/6 but it’s allright to see her as 1/7 figure instead.

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    • wieselhead

      Hi Duqs, long time no read ^^ but big thanks for your comment.
      Yes haha, mirrors are always nice for figure photography .
      I really like it, indeed. I also sometimes would like to have normally dressed figures of the hentai artist based characters, but Marika is not too daring in my eyes lol.

  1. Miette-chan

    Such a nice plump girl, good job Native! I like that with the added mirror one can enjoy both the front and back equally, nice design! I like her expression, I can just imagine her complaining to her lover they were too rough last night! XD

    • wieselhead

      It’s great to see a figure with such smooth curves (‘∀’●)♡
      Yeah, sexy girl in the mirror is always goo^d. I think the additional bathroom corner is really great for this figure, it add a bit of context.
      Lol, I think it’s already hilarious how she wears her panties XD

  2. Aya

    Really Pyon-kTi girl 😀 i can imagine in h manga the man sneak behind her 😛 , the bath corner is awesome 😀

    • wieselhead

      I really liked that Native decided to adapt that illustration, Pyon-kTi has a great style.
      Ah now it makes sense, sex all day no need to pull up the panties (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

  3. Tier

    She is super cute, though I would think she would be less embarrassed if she pulled her underpants up before brushing her teeth. Unfortunately I had to pass on her as there are way too many good figures available and I’m having to pick and choose which ones I buy, especially from Native and proxy services. I’m kinda sad I skipped that dark-skinned bunny girl but figure prices are becoming a problem.

    • wieselhead

      Marika is great! I love her wide hips and meaty lower body (。’▽’。)♡
      I hope to see more figures like that, but no Pochaco sizes ahahaha.
      I really dislike to choose between figures that are intended to be released in the same months and I actually try not have more than 2 preorders a month, it’s so hard (;´Д`)

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