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Today another demon lady is my guest, the long awaited Ignis from Orchid Seed. The figure is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 24,5 cm, she was sculpted by Ishiyama Satoshi who sculpted a number of figures for Orchid Seed. Ignis of the Endless Winter version was released in March.

The origin of this figure is the visual novel Jingai Makyo, which was made by Nitro+ in which she is one of the main characters. Ignis is a skilled demon hunter and actually a kind person.
Unfortunately I haven’t played the game nor do I know much more about Ignis as person.

Ignis - Jingai.Makyo

JAST USA  aquired the license for the Game, maybe there will be something in the future.

Even though the figure was impatiently awaited by many people, I just developed a real interest in the figure very late, around 3 months before release. With her huge appearance, the body and red hair, I thought she would be something nice to have. Let’s see how Ignis turned out.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 02

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 03

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 01

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 04

Hair & Face

The figure has long hair with a number of wildly flowing strands, it looks attractive and dynamic how the hair was sculpted. The hair is more on the soft side, so worries about breaking single strands are not necessary. The tomato red hair creates a nice contrast to the mainly white dress of her. There is some bridal decoration in her hair in form of white roses and a wing hairband.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 07

The figure has a thinner face than that from the illustration which was printed on her box, where Ignis looks like cute, chubby teenager. On the other the box illustration differs from the game design, so the figure is more true to her appearance in the game. Im pretty much satisfied with the face itself, there are prominent eyebrows, attractive, expressive and nicely shaped eyes.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 11

The painted lips give her the appearance of a self confident grown up lady, while the rosy cheeks give her a nice youthful touch, I like this combination quite a lot. With a sharp katana in her hand Ignis still manages to shows a kind and friendly expression on her face, but when turned backwards her expression slightly changes into something evil.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 10

Outfit & Body

Ignis has a beautiful design, partially because of her huge white dress, which is a combination of a straight jacket and a wedding dress. I find wedding dress figures a bit embarrasing by default, it kind of looks like the owner wants to marry the figure, I like my figures, but marrying no way!

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 05

Since I have no idea who Ignis is I could went of my way  and bought my first wedding dress figure. It also helped that this no classic wedding dress design.  On the upper half  she is wearing a nice corsage with a number of white straps and silver colored buckles. White isn’t a convincing color, fortunately some dark shading has been used to underline all the wrinkles and details.

Ignis has the body of a grown up lady, tall and with distinctive female curves. Her boobs are covered by frosted colored flower shaped cups. The voluminos skirt also has the frosted color but with a slightly higher opacity, the rounded wrinkles create a nice and realistic look, it’s really beautiful. Under her clothes the pretty stockings and underwear are revealed. I really like the smoothly decreasing opacity of her body tight and the stockings flower pattern.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 06

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 13

To be honest I partially ordered the figure because I liked her boobs, they have a nice size and are nicely shaped and I like puffy nipples in general. Ahh why does it feel like “Wieselhead confessions” all of a sudden!? In anime grown up women are often portayed with ridiculous huge boobs and nipples with Ignis it’s also partially the case, but still in a toned down, aestetic way. As to be expected from Orchid Seed the overall bodysculpting looks excellent and detailed. Ignis has a musculous belly, nice thighs, broad hips and a quite good looking butt.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 23

Her fingers also look nicely done and has a lot of anatomical details, the fingernails are painted what actually is a common treatment among figure manufacturers nowadays, but one exceptional detail are that the  fingernails of Ignis are long and spiky. This also underlines her confident lady appeal. In contrast to her beautiful outfit Ignis is wielding a long Katana which is inbedded in a bouquet of white roses, it is possible to display the figure without weapon. With the pose of her left hand she rather appears like an enthusiastic Rock, Paper, Scissors player.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 12

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 15

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 25

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 24

Castoff & Base

Orchid Seed is well known for mainly convincing and working cast off solutions, in case of Ignis they continue this tradition. I had to smile as I noticed that cast off nearly worked like opening a real corsage, aside from pulling off the head part :D. After opening the straps at the front, only sleeves and collar remain. The heavy and solid skirt is held by the pegs under the corsage.

The pieces still fit together very well again after the figure has been casted off, the gaps you see in some pictures, are there because I was occupied with the figure standing straight. With boob covers and corsage, there are several ways to display this figure, even though the look is a bit questionable with some combinations. Fully dressed and nude are the best display options.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 18

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 22

Ignis a beautiful figure, but getting her on the base was a rather challenging task, to counter the weight of Ignis, Orchid Seed provided a plastic piece to support one foot of the figure with a metal rod. The plastic is connected with two pegs that slide into the base and the base has two pegs for the feet of the figure. After some cursing it seemed to fit but the connection between base and figure still felt risky, so in the end I used epoxy glue to connect base and plastic piece.

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 09

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 16

Final Words

It’s been some time since received the last  Orchid Seed figure, the last one was Kurono Kurumu.
An overall pretty figure with some minor shortcomings like no blush and no lipstick, which would have added a lot to more this figure in my opinion. I slightly feared that these “minor” details would have been forgotten again, but now Im happy about Ignis, she has a very pretty face with great eyes and the for me important details like rosy checks and ladylike lipstick.

The outfit of Ignis has a beautiful design, that follows the “martialic bridal”, theme. The white color is beautiful and overall it’s a very detailed and pretty dress, the wrinkles are smooth and nice shading has been applied. The cast off option is very well executed as well as the excellent sculpting of the figures body, her boobs and the other feminine curves are quite appealing.

The only dissapointing aspect of this figure, is the pain of getting her on the base and the resulting fear of Ignis falling off the shelf. The lower skirt is quite heavy, probably heavier than the figure itself and so it can easily happen that the foot slide out of the pegs, Since I glued the additional peg piece on the base I feel more assured about the stability of the figure.

I bought this figure at AmiAmi and paid Yen 9.420 + additional  2.970Yen for Air Mail shipping, thx to Ignis I found that Air Mail is the best shipping option for me in terms of speed and money.

another review can be found at NeathGrim 


Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 27

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 14

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 17

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 21

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 20

Ignis - Endless Winter - Orchid Seed - 26

17 Responses

  1. exilehero

    Her nipples are huuuge lol, I’m not entirely sure I like them. Is this the nakedest figure you have? Nakedest I’ve seen from you anyway :P.

    I love her legs, they’re so meaty. Kinda wish the full wedding dress didn’t cover them completely because she also looks nice with the dress on.

    • wieselhead

      Yes they are big and I love them like that. No Yoshii Hotori and Sonico from Native are showing partially more nudity ^^
      The legs are also nice, I think all her curves look awesome. They should have included a shorter skirt hehe

  2. Nopy

    I’m surprised that you find wedding dress figures to be embarrassing, I’m actually quite fond of them even though I don’t own any. I think the thing I like most about this Ignis figure is the contrast between her red hair and white dress, it really makes her stand out a lot more.

    • wieselhead

      Sorry, I just can’t shake off this feeling, even though such dresses are super pretty, Im not comfortable with figures wearing them.
      Yes it’s a nice contrast, the figure has some very good details overall ^^

  3. Bakayaro

    Die Figur ist schöner als ich dachte. Habe sie mir noch garnicht so genau angeschaut aber deine Fotos lassen wie wirklich attraktiv aussehen. Das ganze weiß außenrum lässt die Hautfarben noch schöner werden. Die Haut farbe die Orchid Seed sehr oft verwendet gefällt mir sowieso ganz gut. Das Kleid ist einfach toll und ihre Beine ein echter Hingucker. Irgenwie würde ich sie mir trotzdem nicht kaufen. Ich weiß aber selber nicht warum ^^”

    Die Fotos sind wirklich sehr schön geworden. Alles so schön hell. Der Hintergrund gefällt mir auch.

    • wieselhead

      Ich habe sie auch zuerst garnicht wirklich beachtet bis ein wirklich schönes Foto von ihrem Gesicht auftauchte.
      Sie ist auch in wirklichkeit echt shön anzusehen. Es ist immer eine schöne Farbe die Orchid Seed verwendet, nicht zu blass und nicht zu pink.
      hehe, ja das hat man manchmal, ich kaufe ja auch nicht jede Figur die mir etwas gefällt.

      Dankeschön , manchmal war derHintergrund zu kurz, hab mir danachgleich neues weiß besorgt.

  4. Luth

    Wow, that is a beautiful figure! When she’s fully dressed, those details are really really nice, I especially love the dress with its many folds and slightly transparent look. All those buckles look awesome, I’d be so afraid of breaking them though! In her cast-off, wow, Orchid Seed did a fantastic job on the body sculpt, especially the muscles on her stomach. Great pictures, love the lighting.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Luth, yes I agree ^^
      Ignis is an awesome figure, be it dressed or nude, she is always appealing.
      Everything is quite detailed. Oh don’t worry, it’s a surprisingly tough and flexible material, that doesn’t break easily.
      thank you very much

  5. izlom

    Excellent hairstyle and dress,and this fails, in my opinion, the body. Hair and clothes create a very subtle type, but too fleshy breasts and thighs spoil everything.
    But nevertheless, thanks for the review with beautiful photos.

    • wieselhead

      It’s a cool looking dress.
      Yeah I understand that not everybody likes this kind of adult female design.
      thank you very much, izlom

  6. feal87

    I don’t really like her face (it’s maybe too old-ish for me), but for the rest…*tries to take her home* 😀

    • wieselhead

      I already know that you rather like the young bishoujos, I like them all.
      but there is an idiom “on old ships you’ll learn sailing XD”

  7. Cerberus

    hmmmm, I feel like buying one after reading this post. Great figure, especially the face, faithful to the original. However I hesitate because of her huge white wedding dress….generally I prefer skirts 🙂

    • wieselhead

      welcome ^^
      Hehe thx, the thing that convinced me in the end was her beautiful face, aside from the details I also like the combination of youtfhful and adult appearance.
      I also like shorter skirts a bit more but nevertheless the huge dress is beautiful. thx for your comment.

  8. Tier

    She looks like a really nice figure (I wouldn’t know for myself because she’s still in her box); certainly she looks way, way more impressive than their first figure of Ignis, which I also own (because you could show off her boobs; back then, that was reason enough for me to get Orchid Seed’s figure over Alter’s and Max Factory’s. Nowadays, I’d think myself nuts if I did something like that). I have to admit I have something of a wedding dress fetish … well, not so much wedding dress as adapted wedding dress, as Ignis shows here, with all the straps and stuff (I also like the Saber Bride costume for much the same reasons).

    • wieselhead

      Oh Tier, do you have a little backlog problem with figures this year, or has it always been like that? that you keep certain new figures in their boxes?
      Did they have an Ignis figure before? you see Im well informed with Ignis, actually not at all XD Hmm, Im not sure, being able to reveal a figures boobs is a good thing in my opinion.
      Creative wedding dresses are nice for the eye

  9. Ignis - Illydolls

    […] Ah là là, quand je vois les photos effectuées avec cette figurine, je n’arrête pas de penser que je l’ai en GK au fond de mes tiroirs et qu’il faudrait peut-être que je m’y mette à la faire. En effet, elle est vraiment magnifique et les photos la mettent parfaitement en valeur. Plus je la vois et plus j’ai envie de la faire. Mais j’hésite encore sur la couleur de la robe. Source. […]

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