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Kaminagi RyoukoHi fans, today I’ll present you a new figure review.

Its been a few figures since I reviewed a figure of them, so lets give a warm welcome to ALTER’s Kaminagi Ryoko, as I saw the figure for the first time I thought she was boring, but at least I got interested in her origin Zegapain and after watching it I actually fell in love with her character.

Zegapain is from the year 2006 and was made by Studio Sunrise, who are well known for their mecha related anime, like Gundam. Zegapain has a different feel to it than their usual kind of show, since it’s more focused on the characters and their emotions than the mecha fights. In case you are more interested in the Zegapain anime you can check out my review 🙂


Ryoko is a childhood friend archetype character. But nevertheless she is one of the more interesting childhood friends, she is not very hot in terms of looks, but she has an enchanting kind and upbeat personality, her voice actress Hanazawa Kana also gave her a very fitting voice.

Im hard to please when it comes to figures from my favorite anime characters, Im already that picky that if at all I only own very few figures of my favorite anime girls 😀 anyway ALTER’s attempt of Kaminagi Ryoko convinced me very quick and the pre-order was set in stone.




Kaminagi Ryoko ~Resurrection~ is actually the second figure of her character, in 2007 ALTER already produced a figure of her. The new figure is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 195mm. Her release date was on 11th January 2012 and I got her for 4,930 yen at Hobbysearch w/o shipping.

Lets start the real review with talking about her head, she has a short frizzy hairstyle in a natural dark brown colortone, really nicely sculpted and with many strands. Her face can’t be described with more than truly adorable. The yellow-greenish eyes are very detailed and radiates a lot of happy energy and in combination with the bright front teeth line smile she is just enchanting. Inagaki Hiroshi, her sculptor really nailed down Ryoko’s look from the anime.



The outfit is straight plain, there is not much to sugarcoat about it, its a bourgeois sand colored slip over with a short sleeved shirt underneath. At least the wrinkles are made very detailed.

A more exciting part about her outfit is the super short skirt, it has a good looking dark blue to dark gradient with a white line around, it also has a very well sculpted flow with realistic wrinkles. The skirt is short but her white pantsu is only visible from behind, at the front she stays modest.





Furthermore she has a red ribbon around her neck and at her legs and feet she is wearing dark socks and the normal brown highschool shoe model which is often used at japanese schools.

The slender body and the normal sized head give Kaminagi Ryoko’s a more realistic touch and also the clothes give her the look of a normal schoolgirl. She has naturally colored fingernails. While the outfit leaves a rather plain impession, her pose bristles with dynamic, she has a very lively body language with one leg in the air and the outstretched arm with the victory sign hand.



Ryoko is an A/V enthusiast and her favorite hobby is filming with her high end videocamera, the detail on it is very well, done. There are detailed buttons and a LCD monitor, ALTER also put clear plastic parts at the lens and into the viewfinder. The camera makes the figure more interesting.






Final Words

Kaminagi Ryoko ~Resurrection~ is a very nice figure and proves that ALTER also is able to make cute figures. Im an enemy of western school uniforms, but I can say that the overall figure makes up for the boring design of her upper outfit, hehe yeah the short skirt is ok ^^. The figure has a lively pose and a cheerful expression if you were a fan of Kaminagi Ryoko in Zegapain, this would be the right choice, it’s not like there would be any alternative figure out there. In case you don’t know her, you would receive a well made figure of a cute and energetic girl holding a camera.

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  1. Hoshiko

    You don’t like school uniforms? >.< I always enjoy seeing Alter figures. They make gorgeous, high quality figures. I've never watched Zegapain before but based on your description of Ryoko, I can say this figure reflects her personality very well.

    • wieselhead

      @Hoshiko, I like these sailor uniforms and the cute ones we see in Visual Novels, the private school look of most uniforms makes me sick. XD

      They are quite reliable in terms of quality, which is a plus, haha yeah it does.

  2. Zai

    The figures I’m interested in tend to be quite elaborate in either character design or pose so Ryoko isn’t a figure I’d normally be interested in at all. However, she just seems so lively and refreshing! I don’t know her character but I can tell that I’d probably like her just by looking at this figure.. great job by Alter, I think. 😀

    I’m amazed that the lens and viewfinder actually have clear lastic parts.. I love little details like that so much.

    Thank you for the review and the pretty pictures, it seems like you got her for a really good price too. I’m surprised she was that cheap.

    • wieselhead

      @Zai, Well, same here, but I went out of my habit and ordered Ryoko 😉 She turned out in a very well in an adorable way.

      Its a nice little detail, as I noticed it I smiled brightly.

      Np, thx for your comment =)
      cheap!? haha only the first look, I paid 2400 yen for ems shipping and 13,i0 customs fee, I was quite angry about that, I thought I had to pay less 🙁

  3. Bakayaro

    Nettes Review und sehr schöne Fotos! Am besten gefällt mir wohl das Foto mit den kleinen Steinen unter den Füßen. Der Charakter ist an sich eher langweilig und “normal” gestaltet aber irgendetwas an ihr hat eine Anziehungskraft. Ich weiß nicht ob es an der Pose oder an der detailreichen Kamera liegt. Auf dem 2ten Blick gefällt mir die Figur jedenfalls und den Anime muss ich auch endlich mal schauen. Danke fürs Review! =)

    • wieselhead

      @Bakayaro, Hallo und vielen Dank.
      Ja, die Uniform zieht den Gesamteindruck zuerst etwas runter, aber schnell sieht man das sie auch mehr zu bieten hat. Pose und Ausdruck wirken sehr fröhlich und lebendig.

      Ja schau es dir ruhig an, ist mal ein etwas anderer Sunrise anime. danke nochmals.

  4. Otakumouse

    Nice figure! Alter is one of those figure manufacturers who can do a super spot on figures based on animes, agree? Gotta love those pictures and those bokehs in the background 😀

  5. wieselhead

    Yeah she is, Well I’d say in most cases their figures are spot on, but sometimes the faces weren’t always spot on in the past.
    Thank you’ll this time the bokeh was real, most of the time 😀

  6. Aya

    Very Nice, so cheerful 😀 , wow the camera with those details I am amazed ^^ I am okay with the plain outfit at least she not just another “standing girl in school uniform”

    • wieselhead

      Yay 😀 They did a good job with this camera.
      The dynamic appearance outweights the boring parts of her outfit quite a bit ^^

  7. Nopy

    I think she looks nice, but her overall appearance is too plain for my tastes. The details on her videocamera are really impressive though, Alter always seems to excel in that area.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah thats somehow understandable, the slipove just has this boring flair around, but overall she has a nice design.
      I guess it’s easier to like her when you’ve watched the anime. Such details makes the little difference.

  8. feal87

    Shut up and take my money!

    I loved Ryoko in her role in Zegapain, she was probably the first anime character I really deeply loved…and this figure is wonderful…*__*

    • wieselhead

      lol give your money if you feel like it, but I will keep the figure :p
      Yeah she was very likeable in this show, Im glad the figure looks like her in the end

  9. Miette-chan

    Good thing to finally see this figure up close. Much like before I still find it charming, I like her expression and energetic pose. I should know better but Alter still surprises me when the put small details such as those found in the video camera.

    Also nice pictures with the bokeh, really like pictures 18 and 22, and the last pictures is just funny.

    • wieselhead

      Well, I could have been a bit faster with the review, but at first I had no real idea for a shooting setup.
      Yup these are her big charm points and the videocamera is a nice accessory for her.

      Thx a lot, Im glad that you like them, haha yeah I just had to add some fanservice 😀

  10. Tier

    I really wanted Alter’s first Ryoko figure, mainly because her skirt was so short and also because she looked like an older Yurie Hitotsubashi from Kamichu!. I never got it though since I was broke and unemployed at the time and I didn’t know much about Zegapain; the only things I knew about it was that it had mecha and that there was an Xbox 360 game, which was sorta weird since the 360 was still pretty new at the time but everyone already knew it wasn’t going to do well in Japan.

    I’m glad to see Alter make another figure of Ryoko, though; they always do great stuff but for some reason I’m especially happy to see them make figures of characters that aren’t well-known and aren’t going to get figures from other manufacturers. Ryoko is maybe a bit plain-looking but that just directs more attention to her winning smile, the elaborate video camera, and her tiny skirt. There’s something good to be said about a figure that makes you happy when you look at it.

    • wieselhead

      The first one also looked good, but she wasn’t as dynamic as the new one
      She looks a bit similar to Yurie, by the way Yurie also had a nice figure I would like to have now, but her aftermarket price is terrible.
      I remember the time where the Playstation fanboys gave bad nameplays to the X-Box XD

      Its nice that I stumbled over her and it was a lucky coincidence that I watched the anime shortly after her announcement.

  11. Yi

    Loll I love that last shot. How voyeuristic, Ryoko~ It’s just so perfectly fitting and funny. Good job. ^ ^

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