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Recently a new figure of Katsuragi Misato has been released by Union Creative. I was quite happy about this, since I have none of the older figures of her in my posession. To me Katsuragi Misato is the best female character in NGE.

This figure of Katsuragi Misato was manufactured by Union Creative, she has been released by the end of November 2018. The figure was adapted after an illustration from the Neon Genesis Evangelion calendar 2015. The sculptor isn’t mentioned and also not the scale, but the figure measures 18 cm in height, I would guess that she is scaled 1/7.

…while it’s more common to pick Asuka or Rei as favorite, it has always been Misato for me.

As captain and commander of the EVA pilots at NERV she is doing a very good job and appears very capable.
In her freetime Misato drops the serious and determined act and actually is a cheerful and upbeat person with a likeable personality. Of course everyone in Neon Genesis Evangelion has his own share of problems and so does Misato, but it doesn’t get in the way of her daily life.

She is the Onee san type who tried her best with taking care of the mentally conspicuous EVA pilots, Shinji and Asuka as commander and as well as legal guardian. After a while she develops feelings for Shinji, yes those kinds of feelings.

While I can’t say that I liked anything about End of Evangelion itself “this was an adult kiss… we do the rest later, when you come back” was a great scene. Isn’t it really too much to ask for a happy end later!?

The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime show means a lot to me. It was the first “real” anime I’ve ever watched, I discovered it when I was a little depressed, things at school weren’t going well and everything appeared a bit bleak overall. While especially this show isn’t portraying a positive world, I really enjoyed watching NGE and it honestly made me feel better. It influenced me a lot and paved the way for my late but still lasting excitement for anime.

In the year 2007 the NGE franchise was brought back to live again with a series of movies that retell the story and lead it into a new direction, starting with Evangelion: 1.01, which I really enjoyed. The following movies were Evangelion: 2.0 and Evangelion: 3.0, the latest one was a bit strange and needs getting used to. The last part Evangelion: 4.0 is scheduled for 2020.

The figure mainly follows the illustration face appears to be more based on the original NGE character design from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto with the pointy nose. Misato wears a cute innocent expression with small almond shaped eyes and a small mouth. A few angles doesn’t flatter her face very much, but overall this Misato has a good looking face.

The hair looks indeed beautiful, it’s nicely sculpted and a has a nice shade of black and blue. Especially the curly back of her long hair looks great. Around her neck Misato wear her necklace with the big silver cross that she

Without a doubt this figure has a fanservice oriented design, partially she wears her working uniform, jacket and pencil skirt, albeit combined with an attractive black bikini. The coolest part is her red leather jacket, the wrinkles and shading create a great used look. The opened and pulled down skirt also looks nicely detailed with it’s silver button.

I have no clue why Misato is presented in such a way, but I can’t deny that her pose looks really cool. I like how one of her pumps is hanging down from her carefully sculpted fingers, in the other hand she holds a detailed gun. Her feets are very detailed with the separately sculpted toes and their articulation.

The figures tilted hips and arched back accentuate her petite, but beautiful body with modest although quite nicely shaped boobs and a quite attractive butt. You really notice that Katsuragi Misato is based on a 90’s anime, her body is attractive and portrays the proportions of a slender japanese woman in a realistic way. If Neon Genesis Evangelion would have been invented a decade later we would probably have a more curvy Misato today.

Final Words

Overall I like this figure a lot, beginning with her nicely articulated and interesting pose and the nice looking outfit in addition to the attractive body. The face didn’t exactly turn out like the prototype implied, but it’s still more than presentable. According to Misato’s backstory there should be a scar somewhere around her chest, on the figure it’s not present though. The sculpting and paint on my copy is nearly flawless, there is only one small white line at the right corner on the back of her bikini’s bottom. In my opinion this adaption of Katsuragi Misato looks good and also with a few imperfections she is a nearly great figure.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Many complain about her face XD but i don’t see it much different from the promo, for details it lack the scars XD

    • wieselhead

      I think it captured the NGE style quite accurately,
      although a few angles make the face not so good, but I don’t regret this purchase.
      Lol I have the feeling that the scar wasn’t added on purpose, I don’t mind it too much.

  2. Miette-chan

    It’s nice to see figures from older shows, even if they might have gotten figures at the time they can’t really compare to modern figures. I hope more companies do things like that, I would love a modern Minmay figure for example.

    I think the figure looks nice, people are silly complaining about negligible details. Perhaps she is not in the style from the show but I think it matches the more current style from the latest movies. I never seen a figure from Union Creative up close but this one looks good, I’ll keep an eye on their future works.


    You are wrong, Asuka is best girl…

    • wieselhead

      Yes, I like that, too.
      Union Creative made a few of the older generation waifus like C.C. or Kazami Mizuho ♡
      No idea about how C.C. turned out in the end, but the teacher appears to be beautiful.

      From a few angles her face doesn’t look too flattering, but after turning her a little, she looks great.

      Asuka is fun … I think tsunderes are a bit too hard to please, though :p

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