Matoi – Nidy 2D version – PSO2 – Kotobukiya

Today I will show you the following figure: Matoi – Nidy 2D version based on Phantasy Star Online 2.

She was manufactured by Kotobukiya and released in August 2020, the figure is scaled 1/7 and measures 26 cm.

Some months ago I started watching an anime named Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle. Where 3 episodes from the Phantasy Star Online 2 game were adapted into a longer running anime. It’s one of these 25 episode long shows, that are always fun to watch as the story unfolds, it’s nothing mind blowing but a great way to waste some time with an entertaining science fiction fairy tale.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle featured a character Named Matoi, a really pretty and friendly girl whose backstory slowly gets revealed, she first starts as cute side kick of main character Ash.

Before I watched the anime I saw this figure up for preorders, I liked it, but I did set up a condition. In case I would like the character in the anime I’ll preorder her. Unfortunately Matoi had the voice of an angel (Satou, Satomi) and I had to order this figure. The figure is not a 100% adaptation from the game design, Kotobukiya made a collaboration with illustrator Nidy, who gave Matoi a slightly different look and appearance.

Matoi has an adorable face with a cute and friendly expression. There are detailed eye decals and strong blush marks. Her hairstyle underlines the characters cuteness, it’s nicely colored hair, light purple with light blue color at the tips.

A thing that made Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle stand out in my opinion are the legs of the female characters with their realistic looking proportions and length like the Japanese girl next door. The legs in this anime look so cute and attractive. Additionally everyone has pointy ears which is a big bonus, Elves with nice legs Oh my gosh ♡^▽^♡.

Her outfit is inspired by sci-fi and traditional Japanese religious robe elements and of course it’s intended to look sexy. When you watched the first few episodes from the anime you wouldn’t expect it, but Matoi really kicks some ass in her battlesuit, albeit the anime outfit shows a lot less cleavage . I like the used colors a lot, the combination of bold red, white and light blue is really awesome.

The Nidy version really shows the illustrators style, Matoi has a great looking body with a slim waistline and wide hips, she also has wonderful legs and a beautiful figure line in general. Sculptor Sakaki Kaoru did a very good job in adapting the style of PSO 2 and Nidy together, turning it into this appealing figure.

From the backside the figure looks really great as well, first because of all the details of her outfit and second because of the figures beautiful body line based on the PSO 2 character design embellished by Nidy, the thighs are so good.

Matoi has an appealing pose, her torso a little bit leaned forward and shows a nice arched back. She has positioned her left raised index fingers before her mouth, maybe that means, that we should not ask about the thing she is hiding in her right hand behind her back. It’s a pretty, white lily though…

The figure features a very clean paintjob, the tiny and delicate signs are applied with sharp and clean screen printing technique. Additionally the figure of Matoi has good shading.

The generally quality is very good, Kotobukiya is a company I had great and not so great figures from in the past. Matoi though looks very good, the sculpting of character and outfit are very well done.

Final Words – Matoi – Nidy 2D version from Kotobukiya turned out very well, the science fictional outfit is quite stunning, the space shuttle white combined with bold red is really an eyecatcher. The figure portrays Matoi as sweet and also, without a doubt as very attractive girl, the sculptor did a great job with making everything look beautiful and appealing, the figure shows the aesthetics from both the origin Phantasy Star Online 2 and the work of the illustratpr Nidy. Did I mention that she has great looking thighs already hahaha ?

What I like a lot, is that the figure still carries the gentle personality from Matoi, while she is dressed in her battle suit.

From the very few figures, that I received 2020, she is one of the prettiest, so it was a good decision to order her.

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  1. Aya

    This version of matoi looks great , the outfit is weird,and as you mention it’s mixed of sci fic and hakui well if the lower parts is red miniskirt maybe it will be hilarious to see, Plump thigh XD Definietly figure you will buy

    • wieselhead

      I’m quite happy about her.
      Haha, it might be a little weird, but overall it is very pretty.
      Of course the thighs of this figure draw my attention, it’s a good looking feature.

    • wieselhead

      lol it really are the same colors and similar looks, Interesting, but maybe just a coincidence.
      Thx a lot, I decided for a little sci fi setting.
      I feel a bit bad for making you write with your damaged arm.
      Was it broken actually?

      • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

        “Was it broken actually?” -nah, nothing serious. And hey I chose to type, not forced by anyone lol.

        Watch Plastic Memories, NOW!

  2. ラブドール 下半身

    ラブドール販売 等身大のダッチワイフは理想的なセックスパートナーですか?女性は本当に男性のダッチワイフをねじ込むのが好きですか?あなたはダッチワイフにいくら使うことができますか?チャイルドセックス人形クリエーター:それは公共サービスです

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