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A new figure review…

What do we have here a Cornflakes, of course not it’s the Miku Hatsune – Cheerful Japan! -support version. This figure was announced on the last Winter Wonderfestival sold exclusively through the Goodsmile Online Shop. The figure is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 22 cm.

This Miku Hatsune – Cheerful Japan! figure adaption was the outcome of a Cheerful JAPAN! Illustration Contest. It is based on the winning submission by bun150. As part of the Cheerful JAPANcharity project with every purchase of this figure 2000 Yen were donated to several aid organisations in Japan I think is a nice touch. After this Fukushima incident I already donated a higher sum, but in this case the more the better.

Miku was officially shipped on the 14th September this year, but just in Japan. The worldwide buyers received their figures from Singapore and had to wait 2 weeks more, but weren’t informed about it. Another disappointing thing was the way they packed the box, it was put in a box which was several sizes too big and the empty space was just filled with one tiny piece of foam WTF!

Ok enough bashing, I was lucky enough that my figure arrived undamaged and in top condition and so Im just angry about the additional waiting time the shipping from Singapore caused.

Hair & Face

Miku has huge twintails in a circular shape, both sides are slightly asymmetric in size, they are shaped like a 8 or with a bit more imagination it also looks like a heart shape. Next to the two main twintail strands also a number of finer strands have been incorporated, it looks really nice and dynamic like this. the connection to the head is hidden with two cute and pretty ribbons.

The main hair also looks good it has a number of details even at the back. On her twintails are 3 – 4 uneven spots, but overall her hair is nicely sculpted and has interesting shading, well the bright shading could have been applied a little less dramatic.

Miku Hatsune has a wide and youthful face with a happy cheerful expression, she is quite adorable with her radiant eyes and the radiant open mouth. The sculpting of her face appears soft and rounded. The figure is showing very subtle nearly invisible blushmarks, as a blushmarks fan I could be dissapointed with that, but on this figure her facial expression is still very convincing.

Outfit & Body

The figures outfit has a wide mix of different colors and has a quite unique style, around her neck she is wearing a hoodie collar and a pink flying tie. Her arms are covered with cream white sleeves and in her hand she is holding her cheerleader pom poms, well you actually can’t see her hands because of the pom poms. She is wearing a short cream white top with transparent window on her chest which reveals her small cleavage. The orange lines have been applied clean and carefully.

Her chocolate brown skirt has pink and yellow stripes. It is a short skirt with detailed wrinkles all around. In the middle of her legs she is wearing shiny gaiters which remind me of trackie pants.

She has orange half boots with a heart symbol in the middle, it looks like the silhouette of her hair doesn’t it? The transparent sole is a interesting detail. Around the back of her hair, the back of her hip and at the back of her feet Miku has these transparent things that have no real purpose.

With her petite body this Hatsune Miku looks like a young girl, there can’t be found many female curves on her. The body sculpting is nice and soft, but this smoothness eats away a lot of details, I have to say that the clothes are far more detailed than the body sculpting of her.
Well, since Miku is a mainly dressed figure the rather simple body sculpting is no real problem.

Pose & Base

As you can see Miku Hatsune – Cheerful Japan! is a very dynamic figure with her pulled up legs, it looks like she is jumping around on her base which has the shape of a giant speaker.
The speaker looks very appealing with it’s orange shiny color and the matte grey in the middle.

Base and figure are connected via a angled metal rod, you put one side into the base and one side into the knee, a rather painful image *ouch*. It’s a stable connection, but since the center of gravity is Miku’s head with the twintails, she’s wobbling a little bit when being moved around.

Final Words

Miku Hatsune – Cheerful Japan! – support version is a cool and cute figure, she has a adorable face, her radiant aura is just infectious. she also has a petite body and a lovely monster twintail hairstyle, the figure captivates with her dynamic pose, the cheerful happy character and the outfit with it’s nice color combination. It’s a very good adaption of a creative i and pretty llustration.

I would say she was worth the 12000 Yen, the pose turned out great and the overall sculpting looks very smooth and clean. The paintjob is also very well done and leaves a good impression.

My excitement over this nice Miku Hatsune figure was a bit clouded by the shipping delay and the messed up packaging, I was lucky that she arrived without damage, others had less luck than me.

If you like the more younger version of vocaloid Miku Hatsune this would be the figure to buy.

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some more pics …

25 Responses

  1. Dinara

    OH wow she looks so great!! You did such an amazing job capturing her I feel even more regret for not getting her. haha Why did I have to be poor then?!

    Anyways she is exactly what I hoped for from this figure. As someone who doesn’t really like Miku this is my favorite Miku figure, and if we owned her she would be in my top favorites as a figure in general. I love her youth-full-ness, her pom-poms, her twin tails, and the unique base and pose.

    • wieselhead

      Aww thank you it was fun to shoot her, post-processing as well.
      Sometimes you have to decide against some nice figures because of other orders or certain reasons and sometimes it’s quite a pity.

      I also like this figure, but not because she’s Miku, her look is the main appeal for me ^^

      • Dinara

        @wieselhead, You have to love her as a figure collector, it is to well done to not accept how good of a figure this is. I am going to have to save up and get her I am sure… curse you Good Smile Company!! Why must you be so good!

  2. BioToxic

    Damn I came here looking for a review of Cornflakes :(.

    This version of Miku looks fantastic. The Lat version was probably my favourite looking Miku, but now I’ve seen this Cheerful version I think I like this one best. I love her pose and the way she’s jumping around on that speaker. Her hair looks particularly good with each strand being individually sculpted. Her face is incredibly cute with that wide smile. Just looking at her makes you feel happy.

    Mikus outfit is also really cool looking. I like the black and purple knee things (the technical term 😉 ) the most. Her boots are also really nice – the slanted heart is a nice little detail. The way her clothing appears to be fluttering as she jumps up adds to her dynamic looking pose as well.

    Thanks for sharing :D.

    • wieselhead

      Her box really looks like a pack of Kellog’s
      It’s my favorite next to the Miku – Toni version, which I don’t own. The cheerful Japan Miku looks a lot more elaborately made than most Miku’s up to date.
      Maybe Race Miku can surpass her, even though she looks ought to be for another block of the fanbase.

      Yeah indeed her pose and overall appearance are quite charming.
      Her face is quite lovely, isn’t it?

      thx for the comment =)

  3. Miette-chan

    Sigh… you suck… now I want this Miku because of your review. I’m not a big fan of Miku figures so I tend to not pay attention to them because of that I end up passing on them without much thought. Occasionally I then proceed to read a review and regret and my decision.

    I really like the petite body, the nice discrete budding bust, the cuteness and energy emanating from this figure, plus it contains nice orange accents my favorite color. This figure actually gives me the same vibes as Lat Miku did which is the only scaled Miku I own. Well… if I really do take the plunge at least she is available from a local American shop.

    Such a shame about the packaging ordeal, wonder why GSC outsourced it to Singapore. Then again my past experience with the packaging from the GSC shop was a bit unpleasant. A box the same size of the a figma box fitting like a glove with no padding does not make safe packaging. At the very least you did not get any damage like I saw some people mention.

    • wieselhead

      What!? haha well just imagine it isn’t Miku and just a cute petite girl with sea blue hair.
      Im also no Miku fan and even sold my firstly bought figure of her (lat Miku)
      I can’t promise that this won’t happen with this figure as well, but for the time being I like her overall appearance.

      Ah orange is my favorite color as well *bro fist* ;D

      Not very trust worthy from GSC to play such jokes, or are they just a little clumsy from time to time?
      Im glad that I ordered the upcoming Sonico Nendoroid somewhere else instead of the Goodsmile store.
      Im not eager to wait two additional weeks ever again because of such reasons.

  4. feal87

    She…she…took an arrow in the knee! ç_ç

    Seriously talking, it’s a great figure and it REALLY looks great. I’m not a Miku fan, but I would consider taking this…:|

    • wieselhead

      It’s cruel I know, but you just see it from behind and she’s smiling isn’t she 😀

      I mainly bought her because of the huge twintail appeal.
      I’m not a vocaloid fan either, but the figure is nice on her own.

  5. Fabrice

    Hi wieselhead, sorry I havent been visiting your blog these past months, been pretty limited with free time.

    Anyway Its great to see you received her, I think she is definitely one of the most anticipated figures this month ever since the draft came out.

    Everything from the colors to the pose and expression are faithful to the illustration in my opinion, good smile company didnt disappoint. Iwould have ordered her actually, shes good in the eye and very inviting to take pictures, so photogenic! great to have her on your desk where you can look at.

    Great figure and awesome pictures of course!

    • wieselhead

      Oh, don’t worry too much about it, since the last 2 weeks of my exam I know what having no free time means.
      Yes and in one piece, a miracle considering the crazy packaging :p

      She’s lovely, but my Stocking figure is very close in terms of prettiness this month.
      Anyway Im really happy that this illustration won the contest, the Miku figure adaption turned out so cute and lovely.

      Thank you for your comment Fabrice

  6. Tier

    I like this figure, obviously, since I’ve written a post about it already, but the most interesting thing to me, looking around the web, is seeing so many people say they are not really fans of Miku. That’s pretty interesting since I haven’t really heard people say that much before, but now I am getting the sense a lot of people are getting burned out on seeing figures of her. I kinda wonder if Black Rock Shooter is going through the same thing, since nobody seems to miss those figures (I don’t even remember ever seeing a review of Black Gold Saw anywhere, though admittedly I never specifically looked for one). I guess people also feel the same way about Tamaki Kousaka, who seems to get way too many figures too, but the difference between Tamaki and Miku is that Tamaki gets a lot of figures that put her in her underwear and Miku does not. I’d buy a lot more Miku figures if they put her in her underwear.

    • wieselhead

      Hehe, yes a lot of people said that since some time, I’m not a fan of her music but I definetely like her looks.
      Twintails are my biggest weakness and also her clothes and the body proportions are appealing to me.
      I’ts quite a shame with Black Gold Saw since she actually is the most cool looking one of that lineup, but nobody likes her 🙁

      That’s an interesting thought, it would be interesting to see a casual Tamaki and a sexy as hell Miku with bigger boobs, Yeah!

  7. hoshiko

    She looks happy and cute. I’m sure she lightens up your day when you’re feeling down >.<.

    For me, her base is the selling point. It's unique and cool.

    • wieselhead

      Yes Miku can do it, she’s quite the cutie
      That was one of the things I also liked a lot, better then a round disk than mainly is used.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s cute and has a very dynamic look
      Hope yours will arrive undamaged like mine 😉

      Oh thank you, it is fun to shoot her.

  8. Xine

    Very nice photos! She looks lovely and I like how clean the paint job is. It’s good that her teeth is not showing, I think it’s quite tricky to make them pearly whites look good on a figure ^^;

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much,yeah they made evetything very weell with this Miku.
      I dunno if it would have been a bad idea to give her a upper front teeth line, but the face is nice and cute anyway ^^

  9. Visual Fanfare

    I like this Miku too, it’s a different change of pace from the other Miku’s. Love how cheerful and cute she looks here, it really does make you smile when you look at her. GSC did a great job with this figure, but really dropped the ball with the international shipping again – particularly the packaging. I haven’t seen a review yet where the poor packaging wasn’t bitched about. LOL My packaging wasn’t as bad as I ordered two of these, dunno why I did, perhaps it was because I missed out on the Love is War DX and I thought I can make up for it with this one. =P or maybe I can flip the extra one on eBay later on for a bit of a return. Heh ^_^’

    • wieselhead

      She is a quite adorable youthful version of Miku and that’s what I like the most about this figure.
      Ahaha, luckily mine took no damage, it would have been a horrible event if not.
      Oh two at once !? So far I never bought two of figures, of the same version at least not.
      Maybe her price will riso to 500$ in a year or two ^^

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