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Today I will show you a figure I’d normally not order, but this one conquered my heart with her happy aura and beautiful colors, Minato Aqua is a dream of neon pink and neon blue colors.

Her origin is Hololive. Hololive and it’s appeal are totally beyond me, I was trying to learn more about hololive.
Then I got even more confused. Maybe it’s a sign of age that I don’t understand every hype anymore.

The vtubers are medicorely detailed 3D models that are brought to life by motion capturing. Real girls act and talk behind the scenes, they are designed like anime characters and have upbeat personalities. It’s anarchy on youtube, they do talk about normal topics like gaming, but they also use adult language and sexual topics. They are cracking jokes that they probably would not make without their virtual avatar. People having fun with virtual youtubers, my ignorance should not bother anyone of you, I won’t discriminate anyone who is into this kind of entertainment. Since I even bought Hololive merchandise it can’t be a completely bad thing.

This figure is an adaptation of the Minato Aqua character, it shows Minato Aqua as Aqua Iro Super☆Dream♪ version, based on a quite elaborately styled 2D Live costume.

Her sculptor was Chen Tian. when I checked out about the sculptors other works, I discovered that this dude only made Nendoroids so far. as I unpacked the figure though, all worries dissolved instantly.

This Minato Aqua figure was released in February 2023, it was on Valentines Day. She is scaled 1/7 measuring 24 cm.

Minato Aqua has a very cute hairstyle by default, her character description says something like her head is resembling a red onion, which is not especially flattering. In this figure adaptation her hair looks nothing but fantastic, the spiral twintails are super cool and with the dual color application it’s getting even better.

The figure has an extremely cute face with very detailed eye decals, she is wearing an open mouth in shape of a simplified cat head, what works surprisingly well and makes Minato even more adorable. The strong blush is quite nice.

The dress of this figure is just wonderful with a terrific level of detail and complexity, the figures dress is a combination of a wedding dress and princess outfit. The multiple layers of her skirt create an idea of volume and movement, the outside is white and the inside is pink, it’s also decorated with big purple and turquoise ribbons, the smooth sculpting is creating an overall cozy and fluffy atmosphere.

There are further nice little details, like the anchor, the chain around her waist or the tiara with it’s nice metallic shine and great level of detail. Also the collar with the sweet little necklace adds a lot to this figures appeal.

Her high corsage is nice, it accentuates the girls ample breasts and creates a subtle cleavage, the little cleavage is just about the right amount of revealed skin right, it’s a cute addition of fanservice, from the backside you can see Minato’s nice back and shoulders. The figure shows a good amount of feminine appeal without the fanservice getting out of hand.

The focus on the frill, the dynamic sculpting and overall smooth texture are remarkable. You’ll will get drunk from all the kawaii this outfit emits, the white gloves adding a bit more to princess like appearance, again the frill makes everything more cute and enchanting.

Her star shaped base with turquoise painted outline and anchor symbol in the center, the elevated angle gives the figure an dynamic appearance and shifts some attention to the star shaped base with it’s smooth corners. The figure with it’s dynamic pose is slightly tilted forward, when finding a place to display it would be good for her to be not on the lowest spot of your display cabinet(s).

I’m not very familiar with the character, but the quite lovely design of Minato Aqua – Aqua Iro Super ☆ Dream is appealing enough for me to justify purchasing a figure of a character, that I didn’t know much about in the first place. I’m very pleased about just how well that figure has turned out, she has an remarkable high quality, the sculpting of everything is very good, from the dynamically sculpted hair, to the details of her fantastic looking outfit. And there is also the adorable anime style face of hers

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  1. Aya

    a vtubers figures here that’s totally unexpected, yes totally sign of age these fandoms are beyond our age, i also share similar sentiments with you but hey it’s what people like these days =D
    The figure itself is great, nice costume and pose, definitely cuter than the medicore 3D motion render vtuber usually move aroundon screen lol

    • admin

      Yes, I don’t follow any account and also see no reason why I should lol.
      I know about a few accounts that do other streaming entertainment next to Hololive.
      Shirogane Noel / canan ASMR is pretty wild for example XD
      That figure is very adorable, I like her design and colors a lot.
      Ha I also think that the 3D models look old.

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