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Oh wow 2017 will end in a few hours, I hope you had a somehow good year, personally that year was crazy and rather upsetting for me. Nevertheless I managed to post 15 figure reviews, when I look at the list below I feel like I wrote some reviews quite a while ago. I actually took pictures and reviewed every figure that I’ve bought this year except 1.

I’ve bought figures from a variety of companies and I’m really happy about the figures I’ve purchased 2017, they look beautiful, nicely made and have a great quality, there were only 2 figures where I would have decided differently today.

Yeah, I know that wordpress blogs became rather old fashioned, I don’t feel like abandoning my “baby” anytime soon though. I recently got more active on Instagram, it’s a great community there. I also tried to regulary post on facebook, I still feel like doing something wrong with the settings, but my regular followers don’t seem to mind.

Thanks a lot for t figurehe support people, you are great ❤!

Below you can click at each picture to reach the review with more pictures of the figure.


a lovely figure from Kotobukiya, cute and a little spooky Danua and her two friends have been nicely adapted from Granblue Fantasy. shortly after I started to play the game, have I mentioned how much I like that game?

Pin Up Girl

A nice illustration based bikini figure with a pretty body, greatly articulated pose and smooth tanline applications. unfortunately the face did not turn out as nice as I had expected. Anyway it was nice that I could create one of my beloved fake beach setups again to match the figures atmosphere.

Koizumi Hanayo

Probably one of my more affordable figures in 2017, nevertheless she turned out beautiful. I really like my cute Hanayo in her pretty highschool uniform, it’s an enchanting figure with attractive legs and I really appreciate the glasses.


The chubby Succubus lady is so cute, with her sweet expression and well endowed bust she is very sexy. The perfectly sculpted body and the soft womanly curves are quite stunning, alltogether it is a beautiful figure made by Rocket Boy. The figures “Halloween costume” has nice colors and the two pumpkin friends are a funny addition.

Yuudachi Kai Ni

Yuudachi was an awesome figure this year, in my opinion she is the more dynamic Kancolle figure with her cool pose and fire effects it’s a quite impressive sight. The figure itself has a pretty uniform and esembles the character perfectly, armaments and machine parts of her also look great.

Super Sonico ~ nuresuke satsueikai

Of course there are appealing figures of Sonico every year, this figure though portrays the Sonico character a bit differently without exxagerated proportions, nevertheless Sonico is a beautiful girl with great looking boobs. Her flustered expression is really cute and since this figure is a big one it has a good presence.

Super Sonico – racing version

Here is the regular Tsuji Santa design Sonico in all her buxom glory. I liked that Sonico cosplays racing Miku in an outfit that doesn’t really fit on the other hand the tight fit is really sexy, her butt is nicely big and round and is sticking out. Sonico doesn’t feel ashamed about it at all and her already extremely cute face is decorated with a happy smile.

Takigawa Kotori

Kotori is probably the cutest scantily clad maid figure ever ^^ Her detailed face with the green eyes is beautiful. She has short legs and an attractive well defined body, her booty is super sexy, too.

Kasugano Sora

Kyahh, Sora! The figure was a really good purchase, in her bunny dress the figure looks super attractive, together with the slender body and flirty pose


Ami was my most daring figure this year with exposed boobs and crotch. I liked the naughty maid concept, but it’s a bit borderline. When I ordered the figure I expected something bigger, but the figure was actually 1/8 scaled, which was slightly dissapointing for me.

Suma Maya

Woah! Suma really was one of the best figures I’ve purchased this year, a really gorgeous and also big figure with amazing body sculpting and beautiful face. Her costume is also nicely designed and sexy.

Sonoda Umi

In the first place I’ve ordered this figure because of her stunning design and enchanting outfit. With this figure Alter created a wonderful adaption of Sonoda Umi. I was convinced that I never really liked Umi, but this figure made me rewatch Love Live and Umi actually was a great character. For this pretty figure I also created a tropical stage setup.

Slingshot Swimwear Girl

My second Rocket Boy figure in this year, I like a lot of their recently chosen design adaptions when they are not too hentai ish. On this figure I like the contrast between the face of well nurtured girl and bombshell body dressed in a scandalous outfit. It’s a beautiful figure with lovely hair and playfully sexy pose.

Saber – Type Moon racing version

Have you also noticed that the Saber character became quite cute since 1 or 2 years? The Type Moon racing version is a good example for this and this figure is adorable with her lively  pose and cute face. Her shiny outfit is really cool.

Kirari – Dekacchu – Lovely Princess ver

I really like Kirari and I liked the surprisingly oddly styled figure adaption of her, the Dekacchu version is cute and funny.

I’ve tried my best to make each figure look even more beautiful in my pictures accompanied by hopefully entertaining reviews, I hope that I will see you all around in 2018 again. I will receive a number of nice figures in 2018, too.

✨Have a Happy New Year!✨










6 Responses

  1. Aya

    Happy New Year 😀 Let’s survive for another year 😛
    15 figures still a lot than what I foresee back then 😛

    • wieselhead

      Thank you, the same for you my friend (‐^▽^‐)
      lol I hope so, blogs can’t become less popular anyway XD
      In one year I guess I wrote around 31 reviews, crazy times.

  2. Miette-chan

    Always so industrious with your figure reviews! My favorite this year is probably a toss up between Saber and Sora, such pretty figures. Also some of the few that were not naughty figures, at this rate this will be end up an 18+ only blog!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I won’t stop anytime soon(^~^)
      although the number of ordered figures will probably decrease, it became so expensive and slightly annoying with the delays all the time. Figures are still awesome stuff for me✧
      Hey, I think 9 figures were not nude or cast off 2017 :p Some nudity isn’t bad, just the figures with sextoys are shameful.

  3. Tier

    Late congratulations on a great year. There sure are a lot of lewd figures here! Before you know it you will be reviewing figures with things stuck in them and covered in interesting liquids.

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much, I really appreciate that you looked and left a comment at my recent posts (‐^▽^‐).
      Lewd figures (//∇//)? Well, you aren’t the first one mentioning that, in my eyes they aren’t that naughty, except Maid Ami with her exposed crotch ahaha. I has been a real shame that she turned out to be a small 1/8 scaled figure. I’m just an admirer of the female body and the embellished presentation applied to anime figures 😀 I don’t need kinky extras (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)

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