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Toujou Nozomi is in the spotlight today. I’ve bought the Love Live! School Idol Festival version from ALTER, sometimes it’s nice when a changed release date plays into your hands.

This figure of Nozomi was sculpted by Yagyuu Toshiyuki, she is scaled 1/7 and measures 25 cm. The pretty figure was released in early August 2017.

ALTER made an incedibly good job with all Love Live! School Idol Festival figures so far. each figure wears an unique outfit, based on a certain illustration card from the LLSIF game.



I already reviewed the Love Live! School Idol Festival version of Yazawa Nico and I’m all

~ Nico Nico Nii ~ about her 💕


My Love Live! favorites are the cute and strangely hot Kotori, the sweet Hanayo and the petite little devil Nico. Also Nozomi is a big favorite of mine. She is the big sister type, who cares about her friends and holds much authority inside the µ’s. Although Nozomi is never bossy and is the good heart of the group. She is close friends with Eli and general very kind and understanding. In case one of the girl is acting weird, Nozomi shows her habit of groping their boobs with a naughty expression in her face, as a method of punishment or distraction.


In the anime she is also there to attract the more grown up viewers with her more mature and flirty aura and obviously womanly body she is one of the more popular characters. She has a strong liking to tarot cards and sometimes uses them for certain personal crucial decisions.



Nozomi has a lovely twin braid hairstyle colored in the nicest shades of purple, the details are awesome, you can really see the single strands within the braids.


I always was enchanted by the beautiful faces of the Love Live! characters. Especially the very shiny eyes. The style of the anime was adapted without fail. The very first ti I was seeing this figure I felt slightly upset, because Nozomi had one eye closed. Anyway the figure at least opened one of her pretty eyes, furthermore she has a cute small mouth, cute blush and a very appealing skintone.


The elaborately adapted outfits of the Love Live! School Idol Festival version figures appear a league ahead of everything on the market, the great and clean looking result is convincing in every aspect. Nozomi wears an dynamic looking outfit, that appears to be inspired by ancient chinese fashion. The pretty patterns are extremely detailed.


The golden rims on the different parts of her outfit are definitely interesting highlights. The figure also has these longer ribbons attached to her wrists, they swing in a dynamic way.



The top has a nice purple color and a frilly white rim above, the opening reveals most parts of her belly, that in my opinion should be a bit more chubby. Nozomi wears a frilly black skirt with a low opacity. The black color reappears further below in her ringmaster styled boots.

Garter, thigh highs, thighband and the additional band around her arm are placed in an asymmetrical way.


From the backside Nozomi also shows her beautiful shoulders and backside 💗 .



Obviously the figures details are overwhelming, see it for yourself (in my amazing pictures 😅 ).



From most angles her dynamic pose looks quite nice, sometimes the tilted pelvis appears rather strangely twisted.


The figure shows quite some skin and ALTER’s sculptor also did a nearly perfect job with portraying the characters softness, most obvious at the arms and thighs, although she simply just looks slightly sturdier than the other girls, the sculptor adapted this little difference nicely. In my opinion they could have added just a touch more weight, since Nozomi is a “bigger” girl.

I still remember the episode where Honoka and Hanayo were forced to get in shape again, but Nozomi could swing her buxom body around as always without any teasing comment from the others. So Umi is actually a bully, who only is picking on the weak 😄 .





Final Words

The Toujou Nozomi Love Live! School Idol Festival – version figure from ALTER turned out great, she is really gorgeous in nearly every regads. Of course with the 14.330 💴 I’ve paid it was an expensive figure, but in return I received a wonderful Nozomi figure with a stunning level of detail and a more than above average quality. A thing I really appreciate is that the scale seems to be accurately spread around in this lineup, Nozomi is noticeable taller than Nico, as it should be.

The next Love Live! School Idol Festival figure I will receive is Umi. I’m also interested in Eli.

…and one day, maybe one day, I will add the lovely Kotori, too 😘 .




4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Nozomi looks great I would rate this one better than Nico XP
    Seems alter will make the Whole team 😀

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, she is wonderful and has a nicely proportioned body ❤
      I still would say that Nico is as good as Nozomi, Nico has the better pose, but of course Nozomi has the better body and less crazy outfit. Yes, ALTER will do at least one figure of everyone, a swimsuit figure of Nozomi would be my wish ;D

  2. Miette-chan

    Aha! At long last Nozomi makes her appearance on this blog. Out of the Alter line this Nozomi so far might be my second favorite the first being their Maki. So far my biggest issue with them has been the choice of outfits such as with Nico making me skip them or as with Nozomi just getting released at a bad time.

    I gotta say though, I’m feeling pangs of regret right now. The sheer amount of detail on Nozomi’s outfit is unbelievable! I hadn’t noticed the motifs on her bodice and skirt until I looked more closely at your amazing photos! Man this figure has it all! I love the choice of outfit, the way it emphasizes her plump bust and thighs, shows off her delicious navel and sexy back is nothing short of an early Christmas!

    Although putting Nozomi and Nico together is just mean… ;D

    • wieselhead

      Haha, maybe I became a bit lazy with writing, but in the end finishing a review feels very good 😀
      First is Maki? XD Her bikini figure looked nice, I admit. I hope Nozomi gets one such adaption, too… a bit more buxom please ^^.
      Everyone wears something different, on one side it’s interesting, but not every person likes every costume, I dislike Sailor Hanayo unfortunately.
      Nico is nice, but yeah the outfit is creatively a bit over the top. Nevertheless pose and expression are nicely done .

      Indeed, she is a masterpiece in purple XD lol I really amazing… Ah yeah mostly her body is extremely appealing.
      Although I wished that she had a tiny bit chubby belly

      What!? Ok both are very different, but both portray the types of women I like perfectly.

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