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Today I want to show you a new figure review about one of my latest purchased figures, it is Kotobukiya’s cute little Angeloid Nymph, her origin is the popular anime Sora no Otoshimono. Kotobukiya released this Nymph under their 4 Leaves label, this figure is scaled 1/6 and has a sitting height of around 12 cm, her release date was at the end of july 2011. She is the first 1/6 scaled figure in my collection and I was eagerly waiting for the day of her release.

This Nymph figure has a few nice features like a soft cushion base, an castoffable cape and also the big collar around her neck can be taken of, as well as her pretty semi transparent blue wings.

Nymph comes in a rather place saving box, nevertheless I had to pay 2980 Yen for the EMS shipping, regarding her 1/6 scale I think its a fair price. In the past shipping costs appeared less expensive, or maybe I just had this impression, because I’ve  bought only a few figure in the past. Nymph was wrapped up in many layers of foil so unpacking took a few minutes 😀


Herorigin is the popular animeSora no Otoshimono, a mixture of comedy, ecchi and sci-fi.
The anime centers around a perverted guy called Tomoki lives together with the mysterious Angeloids Ikaros and Nymph, who came from the sky. The show portrays his daily life adventures with them and his friends. Sora no Otoshimono is a rather good anime, only this perverted “toad” Tomoki can be quite annoying sometimes. This anime also had a sequel called Sora no Otoshimono: Forte where a third Angeloid called Astrea was added to the cast. In June of this year also a movie called Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Angeloid was shown in Japan.

Nymph made her first appearance in chapter 13 of the manga and in the anime she appeared in episode 6. She is an Electronic Warfare Angeloid, who has high processing capabilities and the ability to hack into computer systems, other Angeloids and human brains. Unlike Ikaros she  is acting more lively and can show her emotions. She is a rather small and petite Angeloid, who is only 139 cm in height and weights 29 kg. In her origin there was no info about her age, you can’t judge it by her looks since Angeloids don’t grow. She had the mission to retrieve Ikaros, but failed because of her low combat abilities compared to her. During her mission she falls in love with Tomoki and decides to stay together with Tomoki and Ikaros. Oh I should add a bit info about her personality as well, most of the time she behaves like a normal girl she can be cute and lovely, but also a bit self centered and bitchy. Nymph has a soft spot for snacks and soap operas.







Nymph looks really enchanting, cute and adorable. She has one of the cutest faces among my figure collection, it has a nicely sculpted 3 dimensional shape and the small open mouth just adds the final touch to it. On her face she has really cute and soft blushmarks and her blue eyes are very detailed. It doesn’t resemble her face from the anime 100%, but its very close and I like the way the sculptor made it. Her hair shows a voluminous light blue twintail style, her bangs and the long strands have a little dark shading, overall it suits her very well and look like in the anime, also these  futuristic square cut mecha ears of her are very nice details on Nymph’s cute head. I think she looks good with or without choker, but I somehow feel bad when a big choker with a chain is put around a girls neck, so Im happy that Kotobukyia included the option to take this thing off.





Her slightly shiny white combat suit is very pretty with her cape and the shoulder armor, without cape and shoulder armor, the suit of Nymph resembles a chineses dress with slits high to the hip.
These blue semi transparent wings are really beautiful in shape and texture, especially when you light them up with an external lightsource. On the backside the cape is cutted into 8 stripes, on the inside the cape is painted with a pink color. Shoulder armor and suit have a few black lined details. The white suit shows wrinkles like a sturdy latex dress and the grey shading on it is very well done. Connected via big suspenders Nymph wears black stockings and white boots, when taking off the cape Nymph appears more petite and after taking off the wings she appears even more petite *Kawaii* 😀 I really like the design of her suit.





I like this pose of Nymph it shows a nice body language and considering that the figure is scaled 1/6, this pose of her is a rather space saving one. The way Nymph sinks in the soft cushion base looks great and somehow it lets the figure appear a lot livelier than the mainly used plastic bases.

Nymph is mainly made of pure cuteness, a little bit of sexyness is added at her lower region, the passage from the hips to her thighs looks quite sensual and I also like how she pulls down the suit between her legs in a shy or rather playful way. From certain angles you can catch a glimpse of her fancy designed panties.



Final Words

Now a few last words about this figure, Kotobukiya created a really nice adaption of Nymph, she is beautiful and has a very cute charisma. I like figures with a petite body frame and Nymph really meets my taste in this regard. She is a supercute figure, I like her skintone and the cute, detailed face a lot ^-^. The 1/6 scale and the sitting pose in combination with the cushion base are also very good points of this figure. Her white suit and her big semi transparent wings are very pretty. In terms of quality Im quite satisfied with this figure, the sculpting looks good and clean. Well on very close view there are a few very small overpainted areas along the black stripes of her dress. Im very happy that I’ve ordered this figure, Nymph is a figure I would like to give a hug haha ^^.

This figure isn’t really popular and so she’s still available at AmiAmi for 6120 Yen

So far Kotobukiya and Plum released a scaled Nymph figure, personally I would say Koto’s adaption is the nicest one. When you would like a less cute and more dynamic Nymph, the upcoming figure from Grands would probably be more suited for you.


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  1. GREW

    Hmm I also have an eye on her. Would I have vacation soon I would have order her. :/

    She is really cute, that’s true.
    Also I wanted to check Kotobukiya once more. I’m not really happy with the one I have actually. But maybe because it’s an older one.

    • wieselhead

      I actually had only one Kotobukiya figure where I would say hey thats very good quality, but it seems Koto puts more effort in their bigger scaled figures than in their 1/8 scaled figures.
      Nymph has a good quality everything is very well done.

  2. Sevie

    Ui, die Charaktere sind wirklich unheimlich niedlich :3
    Persönlich hätte ich eher Interesse an einer Figur von Ikaros. Wird es davon auch eine bei Kotobukiya geben, habe nun keine gefunden.
    Nymph ist natürlich trotzdem super süß :3
    Und deine Bilder sind wie immer klasse!
    Ist das bei Bild 19 eine zerplatzende Seifenblase? Sieht super schick aus! : D
    (hoffe, es ist okay auf deutsch zu kommentieren, bin gerade etwas english-faul xD …)

    • wieselhead

      Ja das Charakterdesign ist wirklich sehr hübsch. Hehe Ich hätte ja gerne Sohara oder auch Astrea. Ich weiß jetzt nicht genau ob da in naher Zukunft noch mehr Figuren kommen, aber nach dem Kinofilm sollte man noch etwas erwarten können ^-^

      Oh vielen dank, ja da ist die Seifenblase geplatzt, das mit den Seifenblasen hätte besser klappen sollen, aber es war so windig und die sind ständig in die falsche Richtung geflogen.

      Ja kein Thema kannst schreiben wie du magst ^-^

  3. James

    Your pics are again awesome <3

    I'm jealous ^^

    Anyway, i didn't want this one, now i do.

    I'll buy her someday, she is very cute 🙂

    • wieselhead

      thank you it was a lot of fun to shoot her ^^

      Oh really, thats a good decision
      you like big scaled figures don’t ya 😉

  4. Ashlotte

    Haha at that one pick with her showing the upskirt…It makes me feel like she just dipped down and her hair was flying ip. :p

    But yea nice shots as always. I like the BG with the dots…Kinda reminds me of stars!

    • wieselhead

      Haha thats a cool way of interpreting this picture,
      she pulled so hard at her dress that she fell over ;D

      Thank you very much Ash

  5. tanoshimini

    Nice pictures and a detailed review as usual.

    My favourite picture is the last one. I find that she looks quite strange without the chain on^^” I thought Kotobukiya could of probably done a better job with this nymph figure, as opposed to their previous figures they have released. Not that this one is bad^^”

    Wow, nearly 3000 yen for shipping=| that’s pretty expensive^^” Especially for a 1/6 figure.

    I like both the plum and grands adaption of the figure. Although the face looks a bit a strange for the plum one, the overall figure looks great. Grands one is just awesome!

    Idk if I want to watch this series or not, I heard it was very ecchi but it seemed really popular.

    • wieselhead

      hi and thank you 🙂

      Oh does she look that bad 🙁 Well it is better made than most of their 1/8 scaled figures. Personally I think she’s a nice figure.

      Haha yeah funny shipping prices these days, for the 1/7 scaled Soniko I had to pay 3500 EMS lol.

      Plum face turned out a bit strange I think, but the body looks nice. Grands prototype looks really promising they should hurry a bit more and paint it.

      Haha yeah its quite ecchy, at least you could try the first season or just read the manga, everyone says its a lot better ^_^

  6. samejima

    I think I’m in love with the photos.. might get her soon. btw, your photos are getting better. I like that Nymph w/ popping bubbles.

    • wieselhead

      thank you very much Im glad to hear that she is very cute I always try to improve my light setting.
      The buble should have turned a bit different, but it was ok, next time I’ll use a electric bubble blower

  7. Miette-chan

    I like this Nymph way better than the one of her sticking her bum out.

    I like your pictures, the color scheme and lighting suits Nymphs own color scheme, in particular I like picture number 5.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I feel the same way plum made her face so ugly 😉 Thank you for the praise I think this setup was a fitting one for her.

  8. exilehero

    Nice pictures, that bubble shot is really neat.

    For some reason Nymph has the biggest choker of all the girls. Maybe it’s the bomb in it.

    The little bit of thigh that peeks from her dressy is damn sexy

    I like the base that she comes with, first time I’ve seen any figure with that kind of base.

    • wieselhead

      Oh thank you Im glad that you’like it..
      Ah really I thought it just looked that way because Nymph is small.
      Yeah yeah love that part of her, it looks great.

      A few of Kotobukiya’s bigger scaled figures in lying or sitting poses have these cushion bases.

  9. BioToxic

    From the first photo I didn’t recognise this Nymph figure mainly because she didn’t have that collar on. She looks a lot cuter without the shackle round her neck for sure. In fact she looks best with all the accessories off in my opinion. It gives a better feel for her slender stature whereas the wings add a bit more breadth to her.

    I like the angeliod outfits from Sora no Otoshimono too, particularly the white/black of Nymph and Ikaros. Ikaros has the exposed cleavage and belly button, whereas Nymph has a cuter China dress style outfit.

    Tomoki the toad – haha he really does croak like one quite a bit.

    I really like the red reflection in Nymphs’ eye – 13.jpg I think it is. The bubbles are also neat. How many did you have to blow to eventually get that shot? xD

    • wieselhead

      Oh haha the choker is maybe something like a trademark of Nymph. Well without choker I feel better somehow I don’t like to hogtie small Angeloids ;D. The petite body of Nymph is really nice I think, I love the wings.

      His was a pain in the ear XD

      Thank you 😉 from 100 pix I got 35 pics with bubbles in the pcture. from this 35 pictures 12-15 pics were useful. the bubbles landed where they wanted :p I should try this again…

  10. Tier

    She is really cute; cuter than I remembered in the series, actually. Though I thought she was adorable when she was getting kicked around. I think I might be the only person who thinks that way.

    I wonder what happened to that Grands figure? I was hoping that they’d show a painted sample at Wonder Festival, but it seems that the figure was nowhere to be found, painted or unpainted. I wonder if it’ll ever come out? Though seeing the way their Ikaros figure is leaning on my shelf, maybe I ought to think twice about it.

    Noooooo, you took off the collar 🙁 That’s one of the best parts of her design 🙁

    I really like your pictures, particularly the collars; I’ve always liked how well bright blue goes with purple. I once had this football video game and I created a team that wore blue and purple uniforms. I played something like fifteen seasons with that team. Good times, good times.

    • wieselhead

      you’re right, her appearance is actually a bit cuter than in the anime.
      seeing her gettting kicked around wasn’t that enjoyable for me. I can’t stand violence against girls even in anime except when the girl is mean bitch, well in season one she was mean torewards Ikaros, maybe she deserved it back then XD

      They should hurry a bit more, it really has been some time since these proto pics were shown. Oh is she leaning a lot?

      Haha, yes I took it off , but not in all pics. you really like this kind of things, huh 😀 Well I like collars, but personally I think her collar is too big.

      Oh thank you very much, Im glad to hear that.
      I always have to think about the colors which fit to a certain figure, good that I have a small collection of cloth.

      • Tier

        Yeah, she’s leaning pretty badly. The plastic in her leg seems soft or something; I’ll probably have to put her in some warm water and see if I can fix up her leg. It hasn’t helped that it’s been a very hot summer here.

  11. Fabrice

    She is actually more liked then Ikaros in my opinion well i do. There’s no doubt that she’s a gorgeous figure, quite suprised she is only a 1/6 shame she couldnt be bigger. i actually like her without her collar, she looks more… free lol at least you can see her neck now haha with the collar it seems that its like choking her ^^ soo big!

    • wieselhead

      In the first season I liked Ikaros the most
      but in the second season her emotionless personality turned out boring in comparison to the cute and lively Nymph. The sitting pose lets her appear a bit small. A standing Nymph in 1/6 would be interesting.

      Haha yeah the choker is really huge ^o^

  12. Yi

    This is a totally cute figure. I love her wings. So plump and so cute. And totally agreed about her cute face. Everything about this figure is just so adorbs!

    Anyway, as always, beautiful shots and very nice scene set up. I really like it.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she is sooo cute and the wings are lovely =)
      One day I will make you buy a figure *evil laugh*

      thank you very much Yi

  13. Nopy

    I didn’t watch Sora no Otoshimono, but I’ve seen plenty of pictures and I really like Nymph’s character design. The figure looks so cute, and I like the colours and textures they did on her hair. Her transparent wings also look like a nice feature.

    The backdrop you used with the stars and pink features looks fantastic. I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to make something like that for a figure review. I’m also impressed you were able to capture a bubble just as it popped.

    • wieselhead

      Nymph is a real petite twintail cutie, she’s so adorable 😀 This figure of her is very well made

      thx for your praise, Nopy
      It took only 20 minutes to glue the silver sequins onto the blue cloth, it was worth the time because it suits for many figures.

      I set the cam to burst mode and I had an assistant for the bubbles, so under 100 pictures one popped bubble was captured ^^

  14. softz

    Hey Fabienne,

    How have you been?

    I see that you have gotten yourself another great figure! She is really cute. I love the blush-spot too. This is my first time seeing her and man… you did a great job in teasing me with your photographs. Her eyes… Beautiful!

    You just make me wanting to surf AmiAmi again despite losing touch in figures after being too involved with many other things in life.

    Real great job there! You are really getting more and more PRO in choosing figures. We’ve got lots to learn from you Fabienne. 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Hi my dear softz Im fine, you too?

      Hehe yeah can’t stop my collection from expanding ;D
      I wanted this figure since the announcement of her, 1/6 is an interesting scale I have to say.
      In november I will get an 1/6 scaled figure of Asuka, must be huge 🙂
      Hehe thx

      Oh, too bad. the figure quality keeps increasing these days, I guess there would be something you might like.
      especially for january a lot of nice stuff is announced 🙂

      well, I just buy the stuff I really like, nothing special ^^

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