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Orchid Seed’s recently released their Alleyne figure, a character based on the well known Queen’s Blade franchise. Today I also want to share my thoughts and impressions about her.

This post contains nudity, keep in mind that it is not NSFW.

The sculptor in charge was Mohio, who made a small but quite convincing set of figure sculptures. Alleyne is based on a rather cheerful artwork, where she has fun at the beach.

Alleyne Illustration
Unlike the QB figures made by MegaHouse, Alleyne’s figure comes with no weapons and not in her trademark warrior dress. Alleyne is the first Queen’s Blade related figure made by Orchid Seed. Since they are a figure maker who is well known for pretty castoff able figures, one would assume that there have been a few more of the QB characters in their history.

Alleyne is something like a drill instructor, as very skilled experienced 1000 year old Elf warrior, she is kind of obsessed with training others and scoring their behaviour, but she knows the things she’s talking about. Her story is somehow sad, in the last anime adaption Queen’s Blade: Rebellion she lives alone after she got separated from Nowa, her beloved disciple in the previous season. At last a curse forces her to stay in the forest.In Rebellion she also trained Anelotte, unfortunately afterwards her forest was set on fire by the enemy party.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 002

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 007

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 005

Queen’s Blade has a complexer story behind it’s ecchi moments, than one would expect, I hope there will be more content soon, Queen’s Blade: Rebellion ended quite incomplete.

I don’t recall that much of Alleyne as a character, she is a stoic character, who doesn’t show much emotions, she takes her job as protector of the elven forest very seriously and is strict with herself. She appears somewhat distant towards others, but the much younger Nowa manages to pull her out of her shell from time to time. She gets a bit softer and shows some signs of being happy around her, like a big sister. Ok that should be enough about her.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 003

The figure of Alleyne is scaled 1/6, in her bendover position she measures 27 cm, a size that gives her a very good presence and a good view at her details . The elemental design of her outfit was shown in Queen’s Blade: Utsukushiki Toushitachi, the 2nd Ova to be accurate, where she and Nowa made a little detour along the coast, after the Tournament has ended.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 001

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 019

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 021

Hair & Face

She has long, light brown colored hair. It actually has a slightly wet look and there are a lot of strands. The level of detail on it is really good, some of the strands also run over her hand.

I really like the the elf ears on her, it’s a design element which is really pretty in my eyes.
Her face is quite pretty as well, she shows a bit of blush under her eyes. The blue eyes turned out beautiful, especially in contrast to the bright skin tone, a lively expression was created.

Her expression feels a bit annoyed, like she is complaining about getting wet hair in the water.
It gives Alleyne a certain amount of cuteness which adds bonus points to her appearance.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 024

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 025

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 018

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 026

Body & Outfit

Alleyne has a great body for her 1000 years, doesn’t she?  I like the soft look of her belly a lot, the sculptor did a good job in giving this figure an attractive body overall. One curiosity about the figure is, that her bust size climbed a few letters in the alphabet from what I remember from the anime she was around a B cup, to be fair I should say that the bikini top also adds a bit of volume to her bust.

As you can see Alleyne is wearing a fully compostable bikini made of leaves, well it is obviously made of PVC. The clothes and other accessories are very detailed, the leaf texture or her elaborate armlets with golden and red pearls make an interesting swimsuit figure of her.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 004

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 020

The size difference aside the figure shows some really nice boobs, I won’t complain about them. The sculptor added a little saggyness and gave them a more natural shape compared to other figures that show nudity. Alleyne has a castoff feature, not only for her upper half, no also her panties can be taken off. Aside from her buttocks not much can be seen.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 022

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 009

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 014

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 017

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 023

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 006

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 012

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 013

Alleyne isn’t the kind of figure with detailed genitals. I guess it also has something to do with the Queen’s Blade license. I’m not really bothered by this, most of my castoff able figures are displayed with all clothes since I’m more comfortable with this and this also applies to Alleyne.

Putting her the clothes off and on, is an relatively intuitional task, it is a very well implemented feature, what you can expect from most figures made by Orchid Seed.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 000

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 008

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 011

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 015

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 016

Final Words

Alleyne is a very pretty Elf figure, even without knowing about Queen’s Blade I would have probably ordered her. The final product turned out as I expected when I placed my order. They gave her a charming, facial expression and a very attractive and detailed body, the sculptor did a very good on her, also in her birthday suit. Her unique bikini design made of branches and leafes, gives the figure a natural look befitting for the protector of the forest.

The pose is nice, although it is limiting her options to displayed a bit, she is supposed to be placed on a lower shelf space, to unfold her full appeal.

Alleyne - Queen's Blade - Orchid Seed - 027

14 Responses

  1. Bakayaro

    Ich sabber mal gerade deine Website voll. Meine Alleyne steckt irgendwo im nirgendwo und ich darf noch warten bis sie ankommt. T_T Bin aber froh bei dir einige schöne Fotos sehen zu dürfen. Habe beim Bestellen keine Sekunde gezögert weil sie mir auf Anhieb gut gefiel. Die einzige Sache die mich wohl stört ist der Barbie-Schritt. Hier hätte man wenigstens etwas davor machen können aber eine einfache platte Zone finde ich ein wenig einfallslos und langweilig. Oder ist da unten irgendwo etwas versteckt? Konnte bisher nirgendwo auf einem Foto im Netz einen genauen Blick darauf werfen. =D Ich mag übrigens die Fotos mit weniger Beleuchtung mehr. Wo also mehr Schatten auf eine Seite der Figur fällt. Besonders bei ihr mag ich dieses kontrastreiche.

    • wieselhead

      Haha ich verstehe, Alleyne ist wirklich schön geworden, eine Naturschönheit sozusagen.
      Ja, der Zoll leistet gute Arbeit wenn es ums Verzögern von Lieferungen geht.
      Danke, danke mit mehr Schatten gefällt es mir sonst auch besser, aber beim bearbeiten hat mir öfters mehr Licht gafallen,
      denn ihre Hautfarbe ist wirklich sehr hübsch. Eine Bikini Figur im dunklen ist ja auch etwas komisch ^^
      Unten ist ein kleiner Spalt aber als besonders anatomisch geht das nicht durch.

  2. Aya

    She looks much sexier with the leaves bikini 😀 and I just feel the one in the art have smaller breast than this figure ^^

    • wieselhead

      Really, I like to see her boobs more often XD
      Haha it’s true, she shouldn’t be that busty, well it’s ok.

  3. Miette-chan

    Every single time I see Alleyne in her bikini I can’t stop thinking how ridiculous it is, it’s like Love Hina all over again with the leaf bikini. I guess if there was one word to describe Queen’s Blade it would be ridiculous.

    This is a nice sexy figure, it is also quite large so that sexiness is more eye catching as well. I’m just glad someone I know bought it, I really wanted a closer look but Exilhero didn’t want to drop the cash for it.

    I think I like her more with the bikini on, it adds a nice bit of allure, like you can almost see but not quite. That almost really adds some nice interest to me for some reason.

    • wieselhead

      Queen’s Blade ridiculous? Now you’ve hurt my feelings.
      The bikini design is not something that would work in real life, but it looks very good on Alleyne with her pale skin.
      Ah I see, you can count on me when there are interesting and appealing busty figures *lol*

      Her boobs look great but I display her with everything on, I prefer her with some green.

  4. kixkillradio

    If I ever buy a cast off able figure it would be her. There’s a certain charm in Alleyne that really makes me want her. Maybe, just maybe I would love to take photos of her too. 😉
    I like her face and the pose is sexy. Just like Miette-chan said, I like her more with the bikini. I think it’s something that made this figure sexier.
    Great job on the photos, I loved this set. Congrats on the POTD! 😀

    • wieselhead

      Oh I’m surprised now ^^ , but yeah Alleyne is really unique in her appearance, the pale skin and her dress make her special.
      I would like to see that, you know, the good thing about these castoff able figures is that you can leave the clothes on (。⌒∇⌒)。
      Oh thank you so much, your so kind (v^_^)v

  5. Tier

    She looks pretty nice. Like you said, it does seem like her cup size has grown quite a bit here, but I guess she lives in a magical land where anything is possible. The lack of genitals is a little disappointing, particularly since this is Orchid Seed, but I think you’re right in that Hobby Japan probably would not allow that. It’s a little disappointing how anime studios and goods manufacturers can get so close to making porno products but when it comes to crossing the line, they back off (on an only slightly related note, this is one reason why I haven’t continued watching To Love-Ru; it’s annoying to watch a show that continually comes so close to payoff but then always throws in some contrivance to avoid it).

    • wieselhead

      She’s a beautiful elf figure especially with her brighht skintone ^^
      It makes me wonder why they made her bottom part castoff able then, I can live with figures that don’t show well defined genitals, but with more sexy figures many customers expect such things nowadays.

      This borderline hentai shows can be enjoyable, but with too much teasing there will be expectations from the audience. It’s like there are strict rules in such teenage harem shows. The main character isn’t allowed to choose a girl and having sex is totally out of question. Visal Novels are much better in that regard ^^
      In To Love Ru, they did a lot of teasing, in TLR Darkness, it is even more borderline hentai, as Rito transformed into a girl Momo was fingering her/his vagina.
      Haha what a crude scene XD