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Today I’lI present you  another Nendoroid review, I thought that Amano Tooko was the last Nendoroid I’ve bought for once, but this Hayate Nendoroid caught my interest a bit and some weeks ago I heard that only 10 more copys of him were available at AmiAmi and so I took up to chance to get him after I’ve passed on him on his release date.

The origin of this Nendoroid is the popular comedy manga and anime Hayate no Gotoku.
In my opinion Hayate no Gotoku is one of the best story driven comedy shows I’ve seen so far.
This show already had two seasons, the first one had 52 episodes and the second one had 25 episodes, a movie is also planned for the Hayate no Gotoku franchise.

The Design of this Nendoroid is inspired by the hilarious episode 12, where Hayate was possesed by the spirit of a crossdresser, who forced him to wear this girly bunny maid outfit.
To cause no embarrasing situations he tried to cover his true identity with the fake name Hermione, but that didn’t really work. There are some other great scenes in this episode for example when Hina is singing the Opening Theme “Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze“ of Neon Genesis Evangelion or a damn angry Nagi Ojou-sama.
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The animation style of Hayate no Gotoku is perfect for making Nendoroids out of the characters, next to Hayate, Hinagiku and Nagi were also turned into Nendoroids.
I planned to do a review only with Hayate and his parts in the pictures, but I invited Tooko to make things more interesting and ended up with some body parts mix up and ecchi ideas.


But let’s start with the things inside of his box, Hayate comes with three faces, three legs, six hands (I don’t know if the left hand of the butler body can be taken off, so maybe he just have 5 usable hands), two bended arms, a magical wand and a bunnytail.

wh box



Here we have Hayate in his butler outfit “shift body”, he can only raise his right arm, so the things you can do with him in this outfit are quite limited. Nevertheless his butler uniform looks elegant and is well done. A much more interesting way to display Hayate is the bunny maid outfit. A white and red colored dress with a simple paintjob and a fe nice details, like the bell around his neck or the ribbon at his backside. The shoulders and arms can seperated, so you can interchange the stretched arms with the bended arms. You also have a third bended leg for him. The bunnytail is only usable with the base of Hayate, it can’t be attached to him directly which is a bit dumb in my opinion.



This bunny eared alice band is a very funny accessory, the ears on it can be placed in different directions

Hayate comes with two bases, one for each outfit. For the butler outfit body he comes with a simple but nice base, there you only have to put the thing between his legs and Hayate gets a solid base, for displaying him in a space saving way. The bunny maid body’s base is also easy to use you just have to put his skirt in the holder, this base isn’t as stable as the other one, so this is what happens sometimes when you  put him without giving attention (picture below).


The faces are cleanly sculpted and painted, I really like the thin black line at the mouth of the normal and the frown face Well, the open mouthed EH!? face can look a bit retared sometimes, even though it is also very well made.



In my opinion this Nendoroid itself isn’t as interesting as an Amano Tooko, a Super moveable Saber or HMO Miku, not that I think that he’s a bad Nendoroid, in fact he is quite nice, but the real fun starts when you combine the bunny maid outfit with other Nendoroid parts. As you can probably see I had a lot of fun with using the hair of Tooko during the shooting.




Maybe too much ^o^ Haha it’s Nendoroid mating season, but Hayate doesn’t agree.


Final words

This Nendoroid resembles Hayate from the anime very much, the hair and the face expression are very well made. Also his butler outfit looks nice and detailed the only dropdown is that only one arm is moveable with this body. I guess most of you prefer the bunny maid outfit, I feel the same way its very cute and funny and most of all it has the fully moveabilty you would expect from a Nendoroid. I would recommend this Hayate Nendoroids to fans of Hayate no Gotoku!! Or people who want the bunny maid outfit for their other Nendoroids.

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  1. tabetaiii

    A very nice review you have done, once again! Of course, with lovely pictures^^ I didn’t know this nendoroid came with his butler uniform as well!

    I liked the eh?! face, my favourite of them all^^ the last picture is very funny XD made me laugh!

    Tooko looks better in hermione’s clothes XD

    You always find interesting and nice backgrounds for your figure/nendoroid shoots.

    Maybe I should do my review on Hinagiku, she’s been in her box for a while^^”

    • wieselhead

      Oh domo domo ^^
      Ah I see glad you like it
      I also think she looks quite good in this dress
      Haha thx I do my best,to let them look as good as they deserve to. I like taking pictures a bit more than writing the reviews, but both is fun.

      Yeah do that I think, she’s the prettiest Hayate no Gotoku Nendoroid so far =)

  2. luth

    NICE pictures! They have a nice spring feel to them, I keep thinking some of those rocks are easter eggs.
    I’ve not seen the series but its cool that they give you 2 bodies and all those accessories for him.

    • wieselhead

      thank you very much, that was my idea 🙂
      I forgot to use some easter eggs, btw

      Oh you haven’t seen it, well the first season with 52 episode maybe appears like an obstacle but it’s very funny and entertaining, the narrator is awesome XD

  3. Fabrice

    Awesome review,
    haha i love the pictures…but kinda random with tooko. whats the bg base looking grass?
    where you get it lol
    it fits in well, Im liking hayate with his suit rather than the cosplay ^^

    • wieselhead

      Ah thx Fabrice 🙂
      its called synthetic turf, in general it is used as floor in rooms or outside the house. I bought it at an online store. Im glad to hear that, well a bit of randomness is necessary otherwise it wouldn’t really be a review, additional to that I dont feel very comfortable when posing the Nendoroids.
      the butler suit looks really good on him I guess, quite elegant for a male Nendo

  4. Zai

    I laughed way too hard at that Nendoroid mating season comment. Tooko isn’t shy, is she? xD

    He’s such an adorable little Nendo, my favourite thing about him is the bunny ears! I keep imagining them on all of my Nendos (uhh.. all two of them anyway).

    Your set and photos are gorgeous and I love the blossoms you have used. From your photos it looks like you had a great time taking them! 😀

    • wieselhead

      Im glad that I was able to make you laugh, I got this idea when I gave her that crazy face, then she turned wild ;p
      Haha they are really nice, to play with.
      Ah I see at least you have two =)
      thank you I was glad that the setup worked as I imagined, good that I bought this purple cloth in the background.

  5. duqs

    I think i’ll get this nendoroid for two reasons: The “about to cry” face and the maid/magical girl outfit. The butler outfit might also go well with some vocaloids (a butler miku perhaps?). If only my preorders would come sooner so i can loosen up my wallet.

    I love the series and the anime references attached to it, but i never got myself to watching the anime XD

    • wieselhead

      So you like him, thats good =)
      These preorders are really a pain, they keep me from ordering new stuff at the moment 😀
      Ah I see, I guess the manga is a bit better, even though I’ve never checked it.

  6. Miette-chan

    I find this Hayate nendo hilarious, making him with that outfit from that really cool episode is a perfect fit with the typical humor of the show.

    That bunny maid outfit is pretty neat and looks well on Tooko. I find it a nice choice that the bunny ears are stand alone instead of the head or so.

    It’s kind of a shame though that only Hina was one of the more interesting moveable nendos.

    • wieselhead

      Im glad you like him, he’s very funny in that outfit.
      Itscool that these ears can be used seperately.
      It is a bit bad that the butler body is so limited Hina looks very nice, but I haven’t seen a review about Nagi yet. she looked promising.

  7. BioToxic

    This Hayate Nendo is quite amusing. I’m sitting on episode 30 of the first season. I forget now why I stopped… I can’t say I remember much about episode 12, but I do remember poor Hayate is always being dressed as a girl :lol:.

    I like his teary eye’d face the most.

    I guess you can use the bunny ears on your other nendos or do they need a certain head shape?

    Awesome looking pictures as always :D. The colours are vivid and beautiful to look at.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, quite a long show it is, but hilarious XD
      don’t be afraid he appeared like that in episode 12 of the second season ;p
      They will fit on every Nendoroids head, I guess.
      Ah thank you very much, nice to hear that

  8. Nopy

    I got Hayate too, but I haven’t gotten around to opening him or Nagi yet. I admit that part of the reason why I got him was because of the bunny suit, you can combine it with so many other nendoroids for some really interesting poses.

    • wieselhead

      thx for all the comments, Nopy
      Ah nice and also Nagi , unfortunately I’ve canceled her in February, but I would like to see how she turned out 😉
      Hayate himself looks best with frown face I think, but you can have lots of fun with combining the body with other nendo parts ^^

  9. Yi

    The fish monster magical girl is the best thing ever! So disturbingly adorable! Anyway, love the shots. ^ ^

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