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Today I will have my 25th figure review post and it will center around one of my latest purchased figures, which is called Chris 2009 Santa Version. Chris was manufactured by Beagle, the release date was in December 2009. This figure is sculpted after an illustration from the artworks of Range Murata.


Chris 2009 Santa Version  is scaled 1/7 and her height is about 200 mm. This figure caught my attention before, but her price was too high, as far as I know she normally costs around 100 USD fortunately HobbyLink Japan had her in stock for a great 30% discount some weeks ago.

Together with UJ-14 she is my second figure  from Beagle, they mainly produce figures from Pse Collection, these are figures which have their origin in illustrations of Range Murata.

Overall there were 3 versions of this figure: the original version from 2008, a different color version from 2008 and the version I own. I liked this grey colored clothes a lot so I have no regrets that I wasn’t able to get the red origional version.

Lets take a closer look from the top to the bottom of Chris 2009 Santa Version.

Chris Santa Version

Chris appears like a pretty and cute young girl that likes to deliver packages. On first look it seems like she only could be displayed in the cold season in christmas, but she wears a short cutted outfit, so I think I won’t have to  put her back into the  box because it’s summer.

Chris Santa Version

Hair & Face

The hair has a nice natural looking color tone and looks nicely sculpted as well. Chris has a center part short cut hairstyle, the things which were used 1:1 from the original figure are the red “hairbags” at the sides of her head, I don’t know the word for it, but they look really cute.

The mistletoe leafs and berries at these “hairbags” are sculpted very fine and detailed. In her very cute face are all the elements Range Murata uses when he illustrates younger girls, strong eyesbrows, a round face and big oval eyes and the face of Chris also shows a lot of her forehead because the bangs of her hair are pushed to the outsides. She also has a big and happy open mouth with the upper front teeth line showing up.

Chris Santa Version

Chris Santa Version

Chris Santa Version

Outfit & Body

As you can see she wears a outfit that reminds of the cold season and christmas holidays.

Well a short jacket and a short skirt is not really useful in the cold season, but it shows some more of her skin which let the figure appear a bit more appealing.Her outfit is mainly colored in light grey, but there are darker grey, fur like looking outlines at the edges, all the nicely sculpted crinkles and seam lines give her outfit an quite realistic look.

The pose Chris has is creative and dynamic, it looks like she bravely jumps out of the reeindeer sleigh which hovers in the sky to bring the things inside her sack to the good and less good people in the world, well in my imagination. Because of her pose her pink and white striped panties are clearly visible. I don’t know if it’s just me, but to me it appears not very indecent, in her overall appearance Chris still keeps a very cute, happy and innocent aura.

Chris Santa Version

At her hands she wears cute, white and glossy mittens, with one mitten she holds the rope of the dark grey sack, when looking at it you can see the nicely and clearly sculpted silhouette of the implied boxes inside.

What I really like about her outfit are the high boots, they look awesome with the cool and nice design and a glossy finish, the soles under her boots are showing a fancy design.

Chris Santa Version

The base is a nice, transparent, rectangular cube with some sprayed on snowflakes. Inside this cube is a snow like surface at the bottom with a sad looking snowman on it.

Assembling was very easy; two pegs, two holes *plop* and everything is done 😉 .

Chris Santa Version

Some words about the quality of this figure
I can’t really find a thing about this figure I could complain about, the sculpting is done very clean and accurate the same goes for the paintjob, there is no overpainting or parts at this figure where color is missing or shows scratches. Im feeling convinced in saying this, because many figures from Beagle have quite high average ratings on the MFC site.

Chris Santa Version

Chris Santa Version

Chris Santa Version

Chris Santa Version

So at last some final words about my Beagle’s Chris 2009 Santa Version.

I’m very satisfied with the quality and look of this figure, Im really happy that I noticed
the discount campaign at HobbyLink Japan and was able to get her for the cheap price.
The dynamic pose with the legs straight in the air is cute and funny.

Her outfit has some small and nice details, like the crinkles, the colorful parts at her head and the soles of her boots, Chris also has a nice and appealing color mix. The light grey outfit, the pale skin color and the brown hair color are fitting together very well. Additional to that the usage of glossy ,less shiny and matte colortones let the figure appear very livey.

23 Responses

  1. Aya

    Nice clear Stand I prefer this more than the red one and for beagle figures the first one i seen was The CDB Chair (white).

    • wieselhead

      Hi Aya 😉
      Yeah its an interesting base
      beagle seems to be a very silent company 😀

  2. Miette-chan

    This quite a nice figure. I should really pay more attention to more manufactures other than the usual Alter, GSC and so forth releases.

    I think I prefer the version you got, if it was the normal version I would feel I should only display her during the holy days. With this one though I see no reason not display her all year.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Miette
      Yeah you should give the “underdogs” who make nice looking figures a chance,too

      I agree red is too christmas related, good that they had the grey version on discount 🙂

  3. Nopy

    I’m not sure what those round things on her head are called either, I just call them buns 🙂

    The base is really cool, I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before. Her clothes are a bit revealing, but figures probably wouldn’t sell as well if they weren’t sexy too.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Nopy thx for stopping by again
      buns eh ?! ok XD
      the base is very creative I think.
      I guess I would have liked Chris in a long winter jacket as well, but it seems like Range Murata likes to draw sexy dressed lolis ;D

  4. tabetaiii

    Like I said before, nice pictures:)

    Now when I think about it, I’m not too fond of the stand. I found it just kind of ruins the image of the figure or maybe that’s just me^^”
    But other than that, the figure looks really nice!

    • wieselhead

      thx again 😉
      I understand your point, it appears very square-cut, a round cylinder could have been better but it doesn’t look that bad when I look at it.
      I think they wanted to give a feeling of height with this base,

  5. Fabrice

    Happy 25th review! =)
    I have to agree with the rest with the uniform or whatever shes wearing, white sure blends in well. i think the stand is very creative, something unsual that you dont get often, unique in a way =)
    great figure for christmas XD duh lol
    oh and the money shot :9

    • wieselhead

      hi fabrice thank you ;D

      not only for christmas I would say
      she’s a nice piece, so I think I will have her on display even in summer XD
      whats a moneyshot ? the panty thing?

  6. Tier

    Chris is really cute. I always like Santa girls; I wish there were more Santa girl figures out there. I mean, I really like Native’s Collet but I don’t have her wearing her clothes right now so it’s hard to tell she belongs to a Christmas theme.

    I wonder what Range Murata is up to these days? I still have to go back and finish watching Last Exile; I think I got about halfway through and stopped watching for no good reason.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Tier thx for all the comments =)
      Ah I see haha well Chris can’t be undressed 😀

      I watched Last Exile two times, the latest show which had the artstyle from Range Murata was Shangri La, but this show was more or less a flop

  7. Yi

    Ooh I really like her base. Perfect for her pose, and it’s a very unique and fun pose. The high boots and mittens are really beautiful as well. Actually, her whole outfit is a delight. A very lively and energetic figure indeed.

    Anyway, congrats on 25th review!!

    • wieselhead

      Hi Yi 😉
      Im glad you like Chris, as you’ve said her whole outfit looks great and beautiful.

  8. Visual Fanfare

    Ho ho ho?! Don’t you hate it when they release the same figure with just different colour schemes (or very slight variations)? Always gives me a headache thinking which one to buy (or to buy them all). LOL This version looks pretty cool though, all three have their own flavour, so no loss on getting either one!

    I don’t understand this pose though, seems like there are a number of figures where they’re sculpted on their back with their legs in the air. Like Kagari that Tier reviewed recently…

    I do like the snowman base though, it’s really unique and definitely more interesting than the average rectanglular/circular base. I also like how you shun your light through it to make it glow.

    • wieselhead

      Oh hi thx for stopping by at my little blog 🙂
      To me it was very easy to decide because only the grey version was on sale 😀 In general I take the color sheme I like the most.
      Yeah dhe pose doesnt really makes sense but it looks nice to me.
      my led flashlight was very helpful to bring the right light onto the cube.

  9. Persocom

    Great review, reminds me that though I own no figures by Beagle, I quite like the ones I have seen. She looks very nice and I wouldn’t be ashamed of her pose at all because it doesn’t come across as ecchi but just cute and cheerful. Not to mention the nice base and ease of assembly ^^ I should have at least one Range Murata figure in my collection :3

    • wieselhead

      Thx for stopping by again Persocom 🙂
      Im glad that you agree with my opinion about her pose I it really doesn’t appear ecchi.
      there aren’t that many figures from Beagle or Range Murata related figures out there.
      You should check out the figures from

      maybe there is one you’ll really like 😉

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