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Today I have this lovely angel with pink hair on review she’s called Nanael and her origin is Queen’s Blade. I bought the 2P Color Limited Edition, Nanael is a 1/8 scaled figure which was manufactured by Megahouse and released in December 2008. I saw that figure before but at that time I wans’t very interested, until I saw pictures of her at howagirlfiguresl. The blue version she reviewed was already sold out so I took the 2P Color Version which I found for a fair price.


Nanael is a character from the anime show Queens Blade, I admit that I’ve watched the two seasons of this show and enjoyed them quite a bit. Nanael is an energetic angel with a bad personality, she is  greedy and is mainly interested in her own profit, but at some points in the show she shows her good heart. Nanael was my the first figure from MegaHouse that I’ve ever bought, on first look she already appears very pretty, but lets take a closer look at her.





Hair & Face

Nanael has a short pink hair cut, her hair has nicely sculpted strands and shows some nice dark shading at the tips. With her open mouth the face has a very cheerful expression, the deep mouth is sculpted very detailed and shows a nice upper line of her fronteeth. There is a lot of detailism in Nanael’s clear blue eyes. In combination with the blush marks and the strongly defined eyebrows her face is done very well and appealing.

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 016




Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 010

Outfit & Body

Nanael is wearing a light and short summer dress which is painted in a shiny pear white color. I like the wrinkles at the end, that give the illusion of Nanael flying around in the sky. It’s also nice how the dress seems to have become to small for her boobs. Around her waiste there is a nice brown belt, that holds her holy  milk bottle, it’s an important item for Nanael. The dress is so short that her plump thighs, the polka dot panties and her butt are revealed easily. More heavy parts of her armor are the gloves and the armor at her legs, which looks really cool. The dark shading on the armor and the detailed belt behind her knees add some more realism to it.

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 009

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 016

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 013

As to be expected from a Queen’s Blade figure Nanaels dress is also castoffable, you have to take off her head and open the brown belt before, then you can open the white dress at the left side and pull it off. Nanael has a well sculpted body, she is a little bit chubby character with some meat overall, which I like a lot. Nanael has nice and fairly sized breast, but it’s no exxagerated size unlike it can be seen on other busty characters from the Queens Blade franchise.

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 023

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 020

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 015


Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 021

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 019

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 018

Kibayashi Norio @MegaHouse nailed down her appearance from the anime very well, sculpting and shading are especially well done. Nanael looks good dressed and nude, but I slightly prefer her dressed look, the dress is cute and a bare breasted flying angel looks slightly funny. One of her wings is chastened which I never really noticed in the first half of the QB anime.

 Pose & Base

The base is a clear round plate which holds the figure very stable at one foot, the base also has a moveable holder for the sword, but Nanael can also hold the sword in her left hand. The pose is very well done with the posing of her legs she seems like she takes off from the ground,Her head is tilted to the left which also the side where she looks best. The dress has a good looking flow it seems like it is blowing in the wind,during her flight.

Shooting Session
The first indoor shooting didn’t turn out like I expected, but then I came up with an idea for an outdoor shooting. I wanted to photograph her with the sky as background, so I had to attach a plate onto the tripod to place Nanael on it and extended the tripod to an height of 1,75m. Well, to be honest it was a bit shaky, but luckily Nanael didn’t hit the ground.

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 009

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 017

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 013

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 022

Nanael 2P version - Queen's Blade - MegaHouse - 011

Final words

MegaHouse’s Nanael 2P Color Version is a very well done figure, the figure as well as her clothes have nice details plus a dinamic pose. The 2P Color Limited Edition has a good looking color sheme, but I would have preferred the wing color from the normal version in a cloud like white color than in tainted looking grey/black.


  • Nice details
  • Good paintjob
  • Nice dress


  • Pose looks strange from some angles
  • Dark wings

6 Responses

  1. GREW

    The Haruhi Angel xD
    She and her spoiled Milk… yeah yeah xD
    Need to download 2nd season on BR and watch it too.

    Nice pictures. Those outside pictures are nice.

  2. softz

    Nice photos. I particularly like those flying towards the sky. I’ve not finished even watching season 1. Gosh… Personally, I do find her quite annoying in the anime. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. anonymous_object

    Ehehe, I watched the first season on Queen’s Balde. So many excuses to show breasts xD

    Polka-dot pantsu. Don’t see that as often 😉

  4. wieselhead

    yeah her voice was funny XD
    imo season 2 is a lot better than season 1,
    with more plot and Airi screentime
    thank you

    thank you ; )
    well the whole season 1 was mainly annoying, I liked Nanael for some reason ;D

    thx for visting my blog
    yeah in the show they threw them right in your face XD
    polka dot pantsus are cute =)

  5. BioToxic

    Nanael P2 looks great. On the P2 version I particularly her black metal boots, they look so much better than the silver of her original colour scheme.

    I wish I picked up Nanael when I had the chance; trying to find her on the after market is going to be expensive.

    Your outdoor shots suit her very well. They’re colourful and bright, and really make her look as if she’s leaping towards the sky.

    • wieselhead

      Hi BioToxic
      lol I just edited this post some days before, because it was poorly written ;D
      I luv Nanael 😉
      Well, I just bought her this year for 60€ in my country,maybe you are also able to get her for an good price,good luck 😉

      thx for your compliment I like them too

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