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Sonico fans these day really can’t complain about a shortage of nice and appealing figures, there is an office lady in distress announced for this year and a beautiful bride to be released in 2018. I actually already ordered the bride version for myself, without rings just to let you know, I always liked the Sonio character a lot, but there are limits ^^.

A new Sonico has been released recently, well I’ve been on vacation and so we’ll take a belated look at the Super Sonico – racing version manufacturered by Max Factory, based on Super Sonico – The Animation anime.

This particular figure has been made by Max Factory, sculpted by YOSHI, who is one of the very talented and busier people in the figure prototype sculpting scene. Sonico is a big figure, scaled at 1/7 measuring 22 cm in height.

In this figure adaption Sonico cosplays as Hatsune Miku in a futuristic grid girl outfit. In the outfit of the fairy like Miku, the curvy Sonico gives it a very different appearance, obviously both characters are cute, but the body proportions couldn’t be more different. I have the feeling that the costume isn’t really her size, much to my enjoyment *ahem*

At first you should notice that for the first time a Sonico figure wears a different hairstyle, the official illustrator of Sonico actually gave her different hairstyles from time to time. As racing version she wears adorable twintails, the hairstyle suits her very well and is fitting for her youthful happy face. Her hair looks great in general, the detailed strands and the dynamic movement, it also shows the usual gradient effect from pale to a stronger shade of pink.

It’s a really sweet expression Sonico makes in this figure adaption, she seems naturally happy with her cheerful and also lively smile. The whole face is designed extremely cute with an open mouth that has some depth and shows some teeth. The prominent blush and beautiful eyes bring her to life and turn her into a really pretty Sonico based figure.

The outfit looks very bold and flirty, but surprisingly Sonico doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, the usually so easily embarrassed gravure idol, wears a big cheerful smile. I guess after all the other embarrassing outfits she had to wear, she got used to wear skimpy outfits. It’s actually very nice too see a happy Sonico in a skin revealing outfit.The sculptor did a great job with this nicely sculpted Sonico, she looks so attractive with her curvy, buxom body.
There is a lot to admire with these womanly shapes of this body, design and volume are are beautiful and voluptuous.


I was a bit surprised, I don’t know if Sonico’s boobs always were of epic size? It could be less volume in my opinion, but I like what I see nevertheless. The tops cutout and the generous size of her assets generate a marvelous cleavage with her arms turned inwards the proud bosom cleavage is additionally highlighted, that the neck tie vanishes between her breasts is a naughty, but also funny idea.

Sonico has a balanced buxom body, she not only has big boobs, also at the backside there is a lot of sex appeal, often figure butts sadly lack a bit of attention and also volume, fortunately the sculptor wasn’t scared to make it a bit more projecting. Sonico has a beautiful big, plump and round butt, which is strongly emphasized by her bendover pose.

Super Sonico – racing version is not only cute and curvy, she also wears this really cool and futuristic suit.
The interesting unkown device on her back is really pretty. The skin tight, light gray bodysuit has a few cutouts and thong design at the lower parts, the skirt makes the outfit more complete, the clear winglets are nice decorations.
It’s an extremely short skirt and won’t cover the figures butt at all. Further parts of her outfit are black, arm long gloves, one has “GOODSMILERACING” printed on it. Her black stockings tightness accentuates the soft thighs.

Final Words

The Sonico from Max Factory turned out really pretty, sweet and sexy, Super Sonico – racing version combines a very cute face with a curvy bombshell body and futuristic outfit. The majority of Sonico figures is portrayed embarrassed and half nude, so It’s lovely to see a cheerful Sonico in such revealing clothes once in a while. The figures pose shows great articulation that emphasizes her voluptuous womanly curves. I like her big butt and the overall soft looking body. In the 1/7 scale she has a nice big size and is also very detailed, she is really a marvelous figure ❤.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Definietly not perfect shape of race queen XP , but She surprisingly looks really Good:D I mean twintails sonico XD ahaha The tie slip between her breast is nice touch lol

    • wieselhead

      cargo van racing maybe (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
      Although I really like how buxom and big this figure of Sonico is.
      I like the amazing butt a lot, but in my opinion such boobs are too big on her ^^
      Yeah, the twintails are really adorable ♡ I would like that some manufacturer would make her with tied up hair.
      Haha the tie slip must be happy (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

      thx for your comment and I feel ashamed how I could forget to reply SORRY!

  2. Miette-chan

    So many Sonicos and you are getting them all, good time to be you!

    I see that Sonico continues to be given clothes that too small for her. This is one of my favorite Racing Miku designs, in fact it was the first one I sponsored. On Miku it looked so sleek and slim, the total opposite of Sonico lol. If you put both together I think it would be a bit sad for Miku XD. I like how Sonico looks with the twin tails, I think she should sport those more often. The pose is quite nice as well, shows off Sonico’s assets nicely. I like it.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, well I honestly skipped a few that didn’t met my approval ( ̄へ ̄)
      Too small? it fits tightly and looks good on her, it really is a pretty bodysuit.
      They should appear on the same stage so every preference would be covered XD
      Different hairstyles like those are nice. Yeah haha her ass ets are quite there (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)
      The size of her butt is nearly indecent…

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