Uzaki Tsuki – Ushigara Bikini – Wave

I’m honestly overjoyed to show you todays figure, Uzaki Tsuki – ushigara bikini version from Wave .
Uzaki Tsuki is the mother of Uzaki Hana, a character from the anime and manga Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
The anime was all the hype because of main character having a “sugoi dekai” bosom.

I have watched the anime, Uzaki Hana can be quite annoying, most of the time she actually is, when making jokes to her friend Sakurai kun’s expense, but this anime has great comedy moments and that is good.
The figure of Uzaki Tsuki was manufactured by Wave as part of their Dream Tech line, she is scaled 1/7 and measures 22cm in height.
This ushigara bikini version was sculpted by Zuiko and released in August 2022.

It’s quite astonishing that the mother of an anime main character is adapted into an official figure.
Although Uzaki’s mother is a funny character in the story. Because of the evil eyes of Sakurai kun, the friend of Uzaki, she is convinced that he has bad intentions with her daughter and even herself.
Her imagination is running wild and in a lewd direction.

As the manga story progressed more funny events happen, involving all the members of Uzaki family.
It even turned out that Tsuki san cosplays for her husband when he is feeling down, he has quite the special expectations.
Currently the second season of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! has started, maybe you’d like to check it out.
For her 40 years of age, Tsuki san looks like a bombshell in her skin revealing cow pattern cosplay.
It’s actually a cute outfit. It’s cute that Tsuki feels really embarrassed in that outfit and honestly speaking who would not?

This figure has translucent grey hair with fringy bangs a low tied ponytail, grey doesn’t sound very exciting on an anime character,
but on this half nude figure it’s a good contrast to the pink skin. It’s a cute hairstyle which gives the head a cute round appearance.
The default face of the figure is the one with closed eyes, the nervous and embarrassed face plate is really convincing,
strong blush adds a nice additional color, the eyelashes are nicely painted and the nervous mouth is just lovely.
The figure has exchangeable faces, one is the already mentioned shy and embarrassed one. The other one is more drastic,
as it shows Uzaki Tsuki in a horny masochistic atmosphere with pretty narrow blue eyes and a wet open mouth.

Her neck has a joint, so it’s possible to alter the position of her head to some degree when the hair doesn’t obstruct the direction.
What also increases the overall impression of this figure is the silky smooth skin texture.The figures figures pose is cute and sexy with her leaned forward pose and arm between
her boobs, she tries to hide her sexy body, but to no avail, we can see nearly everything anyway. An important part of the figures pose is that her breasts are spilling over arms,
it’s quite exciting. I like that the figures breasts are soft, squishy and very well sculpted. It’s interesting that they tried to make the figure appear mature.
The breasts are moderately saggy, it’s not completely unrealistic that they look that way.

In comparison with the wide hips, the backside of her upper body is rather petite and pleasing to the eye.The the way her knees are pressed together and also the arched back make the figure so sexy.
It’s an elaborate set from head to toe. The small cow pattern on the bikini and the others parts has been applied with a lot of precision,
tail and headpiece, as well as the metallic golden bell at the choker around her neck are very nice details of the figure There are also fingerless gloves,
her hands are rather small and petite, it’s really sweet.

The thigh highs the strong shading gives it a detailed and realistic tight look. As footwear she is wearing shiny white high heels.
The strong use of skindentation underlines the characters soft and nicely shaped curves, it looks really great around her breasts, the hips and the plump thighs.
The wide hips are really beautiful and the butt is nice, prominent and round, I won’t get tired of admiring it.
The bikini is open at he front, the ribbons seem to have come undone by accident and started swinging around.

With Uzaki Tsuki, Wave has made a lot of progress, the level of detail has been raised dramatically. Uzaki Tsuki – ushigara bikini version turned out very well.
I’m really impressed by this concepts execution and overall craftsmanship. I like that they decided to combine lewd cosplay attire with the body an older, still desirable woman, she is a little chubby and squishy here and there and looks drop dead gorgeous, the figures bodyline is just so beautiful and the sculpt looks great from almost every direction.
The figure is both extremely sexy and adorable.

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