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In late summer I got myself a wonderful Ichiban Kuji prize figure based on Kancolle, it was manufactured by Banpresto. It’s called Yamato – mizugi mode. It is a premium A prize figure.




In general prize figures are affordable compared to regular figures, though somehow this figure appeared for a heavy prize in several big stores. I got mine for around 13.000 Yen.

…Yeah I know, but when I saw these lovely product pictures I could not resist.


The origin of the figure is the always popular browser game Kantai Collection aka ~Kan Colle~.
In the game, Yamato represents the famous Japanese battleship from the WWII era. The Yamato was an ambitious project, in order to build the biggest and technically advanced battleship. It was mainly a prestige Symbol, before the end of the war, the Yamato didn’t take an active role that would risk the ship. She was often just docked in harbors and used as living quarters and the ship had more luxury interior compared to other ships, the ship received a funny nickname because of that. Yamato also had it’s own Ramune (ラムネ) factory inside.

The Yamato is very special thing for many Japanese citizens, even considering that the ship did not take part part in any big battle, aside from her last mission, which was simply an useless attempt. Still Yamato remained a symbol of hope and readiness to make sacrifices, also in modern media as “uchuu senkan yamato”, where the ship was the last hope of mankind.

When playing Kancolle I randomly get upset to know what really happened to these “shipgirls” in reality. Of course since Japan had a questionable role during WWII, the strangely positive glorification of the ships feels slightly awkward, because the reasoning behind Japan’s expansionary policy was wrong and the japanese navy wasn’t all that smart. Coming to terms with the past is not easy for any country, be it the victors nation or the losing nation. I often have the feeling that Japan feels honest remorse for their deeds during WWII, but on the other hand with shrines that are used for glorification of the military regime and war museums that don’t portray any atrocities, leaves a bitter aftertaste to Japan’s coming to terms with the past.

Since we talked a whole lot about WWII in school, I was thinking Germany did an exemplary good job in coming to terms with the past, but when I see the News recently, I have the feeling that all the efforts made by the state still don’t reach everyone.

Kancolle is not amoral, it mainly is a cheerful game with cute girls that are intentionally based on old ships. But the attitude of trivializing historical events is always a questionable thing.

Her dedicated anime episode in Kancolle did a good job with portraying her character in a fitting way, Yamato is a tall girl with dignified elegance in terms of appearance and attitude, she is also portrayed as a really sweet girl with a friendly personality. The anime staff made a bit of fun of her, with showing her serving first class food and calling her a hotel.



The figures outfit is based on the Seasonal Summer 2016 event from Kancolle.


Since I also used to play the game with pleasure, I limited myself to buy only figures of ship girl characters that I have in my own fleet. When I played Kancolle I fortunately  got Yamato quite early, after a weeks on first try in LSC (large ship construction).




Prize figures are of course not as clean and precisely manufactured as their counterparts from ALTER, GSC etc. But they became quite good in quality recently. The reason for buying prize figures is nevertheless another one. Prize figures allow collectors and fans to have a beloved character portrayed in a unique fashion, be it an especially nice expression, unique pose or appealing outfit that is different from the figures provided by the big companies.


My Yamato looks very cute in her beach outfit, with her 24 cm in height, the figure comes without gun turrets, but she has a beautiful and quite detailed umbrella with an attractive industrial design. Yamato has a prominent head antenna resembling her battleship origin.




Her brown hair looks very good and the bangs are nicely styled, the strands look nice, a general roughness is there. The nicely swung big ponytail is decorated with cherry blossom petals, these details leave a positive impression. Overall her head has a nice shape, making her look very close to the ingame and anime design. The face turned out really pretty, it portrays Yamato in a cheerful mood with cute open mouth and beautiful eye decals.




Next to a pretty face the figure also has a stunning and attractive looking body, it has an appealing balance between a muscular and a feminine, curvy look. Yamato is very tall, because of her long legs. The pretty girl has an ample bosom and a very detailed midriff, the body was sculpted nicely and additionally her backside with these scapula’s is really sexy ❤️.


Yamato wears a bikini in white and red colors with black stripes, that doesn’t reveal too much. It is a decent beach outfit. The top supports her main artillery in a gentle way. At the hips she has a pareo wrapped around her. It has one red and a transparent layer and underneath she wears a white bikini bottom. It is closed with a little anchor, it’s a nice little detail as well as the small garter around her left leg with a small life belt attached to it. The paintjob on her bikini top is a bit rough, the other areas are passable.







Final words

I really like this Yamato – mizugi mode figure, this adaption turned out very cute.
Her rather big  size and the standing pose give her a beautiful and graceful atmosphere.
The pretty and long hair looks quite nice on her also with a little roughness at the edges.

The umbrella is a cool accessory, I like how it increases Yamato’s ladylike presentation. Her cute face, articulation and the sculpting of Yamato’s body are really great. On first look she doesn’t give me the impression of a prize figure, but nevertheless, a few minor things that could be slightly better are there, it mainly concerns the open mouth which could have been sculpted a little sharper and the base, on my copy is a bit uneven underneath, one side is 2 – 3 mm higher and therefore it shakes a bit.



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  1. Aya

    Yamato always described as Japan’s ultimate battleship and maybe Shinden as the ultimate plane? (base of yoshika miyafuji armors and plane is the skycrawlers anime), I remember yamato models come out in old manga I read like doraemon, it also become base of most popular anime at that time Yamato, it become spaceship thought XD Kinda surprised you bother search the shipgirls as in reality only 2 ships survives

    For this figure it looks great, despite being a lucky draw items seems they really put effort on these because I used to compared ichiban kuji to prize figure LOL so overall ichiban kuji can be compared to max factory or alter I guess? Or not since your copy seems have flaws 😛

    • wieselhead

      Yamato is glorified as hero, I loved how it kicked Gamilus ass
      It probably was an impressive ship, but somehow needless in the war and wasted in the end :(.
      Yamato also had accuracy problems and Shinden came too late with had some aerodynamic flaws, it probably also wasn’t especially good
      A few more survived the end of the war, but were scrapped not much later.

      The figure is really well done, her body sculpting is very pretty and clean. No, it’s not as good as the bigger companies, paintjob and the tips of the hair show the quality gap more obviousl. Nevertheless this Yamato is a wonderful figure.

  2. Tian

    Ah reminds me of the anime episode which was pretty fun. I wasn’t super into her character but this design is quite appealing. Nice job on the photos!

    • wieselhead

      Ah, all in all Kancolle as anime was good comedy, so much random fun
      Somehow it was love on first sight with Yamato, she looked gorgeous.
      I was already happy that my (waifu) Mutzuki was in the Kancolle cast,
      but Yamato looked so goood in that episode
      Oh thank you very much, I always enjoy to recreate beach like settings.

  3. Miette-chan

    These lottery figures are always an interesting thing that I wish I could participate more often in. The tantalizing idea of being able to get s a fairly decent figure for a measly few hundred yen is very alluring. While I was in Japan I just missed this lottery, should have entered for Yamato, she looks really cute. Specially considering the outrageous prices she and Haruna went for after the lottery was over. Crazy prices! More crazy is that you and my friend paid them! XD As far as prize figures go, Yamato looks quite nice so I suppose it’s all OK in the end right?

    By the way did I ever mention how cross my friends were with you for getting Yamato in the game so easily right away?

    • wieselhead

      Sometimes they are really good figures and sometimes I really want one.
      This Yamato was especially appealing to me, the concept was good and pose and expression did the rest.
      I guess I’m defenseless when the figures look too good, cute or attractive (//∇//)

      Haha, I just tried the common formula for the ship XD Although the game mechanics don’t give you any advance with one good ship *meh*

  4. Tier

    Best hotel in anime! I liked her character in the anime adaptation though she didn’t get that much screentime. Personally, I didn’t think the destroyer girls in the anime were very interesting so it would’ve been nice if they focused more on the more famous (and bigger) ships. This is a very nice figure. especially for a prize figure, since you don’t normally expect much for prize figures (though I would for that price). 24 centimeters is also a good height. Personally, I think they should make a spinoff series/anime starring the Abyssals as the heroes; I would definitely watch that.

    • wieselhead

      I liked that Yamato was portrayed as a normal good girl next to all cheerful, loud and moe characters.
      They could have had a better mix of main characters, though I was honestly happy to see Mutsuki there.
      I also liked the posessive yuri ship, Ooi (⌒▽⌒).

      Yes, the figure is actually quite nice. I would have liked to pay less, but once I see something I like and I can pay it, I’ll get it. Well, personally I would buy some lovely Abyssal figures, if just some more would be made 🙁
      Unfortunately, the Kouwan Seiki WHS from GSC is so damn expensive, I really like her.
      but my last experience with WHS was honestly so terrible, that I won’t risk another possible drama.

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