A look back at Anarchy Stocking

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Hi everyone, I recently or better said a month or so ago, I took new pictures of ALTER‘s Anarchy, Stocking.
I’ve reviewd Stocking back in October 2012 “Anarchy Stocking by Alter” and she really won my heart.

The decision why I took another shooting with my nearly 5 year old Stocking took shape after I’ve randomly looked through my old pictures and noticed that her old pictures were not good enough for one of my favorite figures.

As relatively active figure reviewer I want to get my posts out on time, so the first idea for a figure shooting that comes to mind will most probably be only one to be made. Sometimes the results can be mediocre from quality or aesthetic aspects. There are also other reason that trigger the decision for another photoshoot with a beloved figure.

Anarchy Stocking was sculpted by Yagyuu Toshiyuki who was in charge for many nice figures as well.

Stocking always was my favorite, the fallen angel with the goth lolita look, although her appearance is not lolita like at all, compared to her sister, Stocking appears more pure or at least less sinful.

The most appealing thing about this figure is probably her really fancy outfit, playful and beautiful in design with cute hearts and ribbons here and there. It has a quite nice color sheme of white, pastel blue and light brass. The underskirt adds a lot of detail and volume to her dress. At her arms she wears these open sleeves and pretty arm rings at her wrists, I also like the detailed and nicely made striped stockings that slightly go over her ankles and end at her metallic high heel sandals. The fashionable figure really comes to live with her dynamically sculpted, grafecul and proud pose.


What ALTER did the best though is Stockings face with her pretty green eyes and the wide mouth, I really like her gentle smile. The voluminous hair is quite impressive, the bold blue color really pops out and the inner pink is a cool thing, too.

The figure was made in 2012, ALTER always been considered as state of the art figure manufacturer, also back then. Unfortunately they went a little sloppy on Stocking, most prominently at her hair, the surface is uneven at some areas, also the hair color transition is not applied as one would desire. around the middle her dress also shows a few smaller imperfections like spots for example that you will notice mainly on careful inspection. Overall it’s not as bothersome as it sounds, the figure has a great presence and elaborate appearance and really one of my most favorite figures.

Her is my modest setup, at first I’ve put sequined cloth on the floor and added pink stones to cover the white base.
In the backround, I’ve filled marshmellows in glasses and used Ikea Dioda as decorative lights. For the figure focused lighting I’ve used a flash at the back and a softbox from the right, the reflective board caught a bit of light from the lighsources and subtly reflected it into the desired direction, more or less.

I hope you’ve liked the new pictures of Stocking. if you had a figure shooting in the past with a figure you really like, but something didn’t turn out as desired, why not trying it again? Look at the figure and imagine what could have been done better, scenery, angles or the general focus. Believe me It’s fun to challenge your improved skills once again.


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  1. Miette-chan

    Talk about a blast from the past. I too was a bit disappointed with both Panty and Stocking, I guess even Alter has off days. Perhaps this was from back with the factory fiasco with GSC lead to subpar releases? It is shame, I always thought their angel outfits were really nice and was hoping for some figures.

    Watching that transformation clip makes me wonder if Gainax will ever resolve that cliffhanger at the end?

    I like the new set of photos more, it’s always nice to revisit and take better photos. If I had the dedication I would end up reshooting like two years worth of reviews. If nothing else to correct the white balance…

    • wieselhead

      I guess Panty doesn’t have the hair issue of Stocking, the pink to blue transition really is messy on her, that aside it’s a great figure in my eyes.
      Haha such an end, I guess it was a trolling anime all the time, personally I would have preferred the transformation anime style all the time.
      Thank you very much, haha I forgot how unfocused the old pictures were, but it’s good to be able to learn through errors. Sometimes when a shooting turns out bad I sell the figure, but sometimes it’s just my fault and then the figure deserves a second chance. Lol two years, start a bit less strict with your old works XD

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