Shiina Chieri – extremely limited distribution edition – Q-six

Today we go fully nude with the Shiina Chieri – Extremely Limited Distribution Edition figure manufactured by Q-six.
Exposed boobs are nothing unknown to this blog, but I rarely gotten completely castoffable figures.

Shiina Chieri is the main heroine from Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan, which means something like “It’s stupid but just sucking cock is good” Yes, now I`m rather shocked myself, don’t get lead astray by the crude title, it`s after all, a vanilla hentai with a sweet story.

Shiina Chieri is gyaru character, in anime culture gyaru characters are most likely portrayed as good girls with a big heart. She is a sweet girl only a bit bad in school. I liked her cute personality and beautiful character design.

The purchase was love at first sight, she is a wonderful figure with a dynamite body and a beautiful smile. The only question was which version I wanted in the end, the Sky Blue version with a flustered face, the regular version with leopard pattern bikini or the glossy Extremely Limited Distribution Edition. On the past Wonfes even a non tanned version was offered. I decided for the Extremely Limited Distribution Edition, but what is so extremely limited about the Shiina Chieri figure?  In short the figure has a glossy top coat, which looks really great and attractive.

Q-six is mainly a manufacturer of ecchi figures, they mainly adapt characters from h manga or hentai anime.
Shiina Chieri was sculpted by Nollgreco and is scaled 1/6 (18cm). The figure has been released in June 2018.The figures box includes 2 faceplates, one with tongue out, which is very good and funny, she also offers exchangeable arms for each sides, there also is a popsicle that Chieri can hold in one of her hand. The bikini is castoff able. There are many different display options. A set pubic hair decals in blonde and black color of different sizes is also included.

In advance of receiving this figure I had no idea how the glossy tan would look in person. The tanned skin tone alone already turned out quite pretty and interesting, between all my mostly pale figures, the orange brown color stands out and is a real eyecatcher. The glossy finish adds a wet look to the figures body and highlights her great curves.

The face is not as shiny as the body, the effect is moderately reduced, it won`t get in the way of admiring Chieri chan. It is very cute with these lively purple eyes. Her gaze points to the left makes her expression flirty and sweet. The eyebrows are thicker than usual, it`s actually quite nice. She also has a simply adorable mouth with accentuated lips.The alternative face comes off as a bit naughtier in appearance with her cute tongue sticking out, the sculpted upper front teeth is very nice in addition to her expression.

The popsicle comes along as neat item and can be use in such context without she seems to be in heat.The outfit consists of a skimpy designed bikini and loose socks, the top is a bit thick and in general not so convincing, We should probably not use it anymore. The lower part is better and align better with her body.

Speaking of her body Shiina Chieri is so hot ♥♥♥

Her wide hips look really sexy as well as her nicely sculpted belly, I like that the sculptor made it soft looking and a bit squishy. Most prominent though are probably her generously sized boobs, common for your hentai heroine next door. In this figures case they are huge, but don`t defy gravity, I see no place for complains. Also her pink nipples look great next to the tanned skin. Her butt is nicely shaped, it just appears a bit dwarfed by the size of her boobs.

The sexy figure is presented in a kneeling pose, which highlights her hips, thighs and belly. The arms allow you to display her in a variety of ways, playing around with the different arms was fun.

Without her panties Chieri looks quite beautiful as well with full focus on her hips and lower abdomen, you also notice her cute cameltoe, the figure has sculpted genitals, but they are presented in a subtle manner.

And no! you can`t insert anything there, which seems to be en vouge with ero figures these days. But such a figure won`t come into my house

Final Words

Shiina Chieri from Q-six is a very nice figure adaption of the hentai heroine, she has a very cute face, the other face is nicely lewd, but still cute. The figure has a gorgeous body with a splendid bosom and extremely detailed belly.
Her tanned skin looks fantastic and the glossy finish of the Extremely Limited Distribution Edition is very nice to look at. She is so beautiful that she looks best when displayed without clothes or half nude, also since the bikini top is not that great. the different display options of her face and arms are a very cool extra to have. I will try out these pubic hair decals another time. This is my first purchase of a Q-six figure and I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of it.

I will pay more attention to their future releases, in case they are only mildly lewd I’d get another one.

8 Responses

  1. Aya

    So this one glossy version 😀 looks great , expecting tan lines but seems nothing ahaha 🙂
    since she looks slimely should try soapland setting instead of beach 😛

    • wieselhead

      I like her appearance a lot. Haha, well Chieri is a full tan Gyaru like in the H anime lol.
      Yes, I still think about something lewder for a photography session, of course not so lewd, that I would embarrass myself XD

  2. Kai

    Sweet jesus, that gloss, lol. I’m no longer collecting figures so I haven’t been keeping up. But I believe this is the first time I seen it. Looks awesome though.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, it’s a super shiny figure 😀
      haha, considering the current prices, I also should stop collecting figures, but I can’t.
      There are a few more tanned and glossy figures around, but this Shiina Chieri also was a first for me.

  3. Miette-chan

    Hahahaha, she actually originates from porn?! I find this figure amusing on so many fronts, that overly long name, the super shiny skin, the slutty heart pupils. 😀

    I think it is a nice figure, it’s my preferred kind of ero figure, one that puts sexuality front and center without necessarily going overboard with it. I would like more figures like that.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, yes she is a character in an ecchi vanilla hentai.
      I liked the character a lot, so I was very happy she got an appealing figure.
      It was interesting that Q six offered her as shiny skin version as well.
      I’m glad that you think that she is nice (//∇//) Chieri is a pretty gyaru.
      I really don’t like figures that come with sex toy accessories, but I have nothing against nudity.
      So it’s great that this figure is just moderately lewd, she still has a sculpted vagina, but one isn’t forced to look XD

  4. Tier

    She is really cute and I enjoyed the anime she comes from. For some reason I sorta think of dark-skinned gal characters as being jerks but that’s probably because there was such a character in Persona 3, so I was happy to learn that she was a nice and friendly girl. I guess you can’t put anything in her crotch but I suppose you could put something in her mouth? I know SkyTube and Native both sold a bunch of accessory sets that could help with that. This might sound strange but I think my favorite part besides the face and butt are the socks; I have this thing for those baggy socks. It’s really the reason why I bought all those Kanu Unchou figures back in the day.

    • wieselhead

      Good to see an appealing vanilla hentai withs nice visuals once in a while.
      The funny thing is that gyaru girls despite their high interest in fashion and makeup are often shown as wonderful persons.
      Haha yes, nowadays you can buy a whole sextoy collection for your figures, unfortunately I really lack interest in those lol.

      Yeah, loose socks are great, no idea why exactly but whatever reason I like them ❤.
      I should get them for my dolls next actually ;D

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