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Hi everyone, preordering figures became quite a hassle, first it became extremely hard to decide which one, there is too much of everything, there always been a large number of appealing figures, but now there are even more to choose from. Another thing is that figures I did preorder ended up at bargain bin for some good money less, regularly. It’s not a very rewarding feeling. Preorders still are a good way to reserve a figure you like and you don’t have to think about it anymore, don’t forget that not every figure end in the bargain bin, it’s still an unpredictable gamble.

Here are a few candidates that probably would make me happy to add to my big figure collection.

Pending Preorders (because of delays)

Spy × Family – Anya Forger x Yor Forger – Good Smile Company

This show is honestly pretty dumb by anime standards, but Yor is a style bomb, such a gorgeous outfit. Combined with little Anya it’s a nice concept. This figure will be released in the next week.

release: March 2024 – price: 22,727 Yen

Azure Lane – Bremerton – Scorching-Hot Training, TF Edition – Mimeyoi

My Bremerton has been cursed by many delays already, I will be happy once she is shipped.

release: March 2024 – price: 14,000 Yen

Latest Preorders

Narmaya – Granblue Fantasy – AmiAmi, AniGift

I ordered myself that probably overpriced figure of Narmya, although she looks cute and comes with a gigantic dioran base. I always loved Granblue Fantasy, but didn’t order any figure based on the origin, this is probably the best I could go for and so I don’t think I will regret purchasing her.

release: December 2024 – price: 34,500 Yen

Seishori Sister Petronille – Regular Edition – Vibrastar

And here we have a fantasy style nun with a beautiful face, coincidentially it’s also made by Vibrastar.

release: April 2024 – price: 23,000 Yen

Sister Olivia – Vibrastar

A slutty nun became a rather popular topic in the figure industry recently and I think that one is quite lovely. A two face option and a cast off feature, she also has inverted nipples. I like this expression a lot.

release: August 2024 – price: 22,000 Yen

Possible Future Preorders

I haven’t placed any Preorder in the last three months, not because I don’t like collecting figures anymore , but it became difficult for me to make fix decisions about the figures I would like to receive in the near future.

Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura Anime 25th Anniversary – Furyu

This cute figure of Sakura is quite great looking and looks like the cheerful character from the anime. As late fan of CCS I have really fond memories of the show, even though it was an anime intended for the younger audience.

release: January 2025 – price: 18,000 Yen

Kashino – Hot Springs Relaxation – Mimeyoi

This Kashino design is cute. Ok, the boobs look a bit difficult to handle, but I don’t mind, the figure looks great overall. It’s a big figure, but the pose would make it not impossible to display the figure somewhere . I don’t really understand the hype for 1/4 scale figures, the size is somehow problematic and not intended when you want to have more figures.

release: February 2025 – price: 34,800 Yen

Miki Narahashi – Frog

A figure I have been watching the figure since the early prototype stage. I like the lewd volleyball theme, the girl looks great. Although with 39 cm and 30,000 Yen it turned out bigger and more expensive than anticipated, I’m still very interested.

release: October 2024 – price: 29,900 Yen

Rikka Takarada – Wall Figure – Good Smile Company

I really like the idea of a figure on a swing, it’s an usual metaphor in the coming of age theme in anime. This figure of Rikka can hang around somewhere. Included is an installation set. Rikka looks adorable and the pose makes it even better, but the low price is still somewhat surprising.

release: January 2025 – price: 12,727 Yen

Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling – Max Factory

The figure looks great, but I’m not entirely convinced by this Marin figure, of course she shouldn’t be bad, since Chieri is one of my favorite sculptors, I should not be dissatisfied with the figure anyway.

release: December 2024 – price: 15,273 Yen

Hatsune Miku – GT Project Racing Miku: 2023 Ver. – Good Smile Company

I like this Toridamono styled Miku, she appears really cute and funny with her fang and hyper expression. Of course we also have those lovely thighs and a great looking outfit.

release: February 2025 – price: 27,800 Yen

Fuyuko Mayuzumi – Off.the.Re.cord Ver. – Alter

I honestly thought that was a figure of Yoshiko Tsushima, apparently it is not, but however I am always grateful when a GK kit is adapted into a PVC figure and this one was even chosen by Alter, it should be awesome in the end

release: October 2024 – price: 22,800 Yen

RABBIT GIRL illustration by Gen Grandia – Hobby sakura

I really like the concept of this figure, but I have never heard of the manufacturer, what happens a lot recently, as old figure collector I’m more used to buying from manufacturers I grew up in this hobby. It’s a very styles and expressive design I should probably give it a try.

release: August 2024 – price: 18,000 Yen

Suzu Kanade – Exorcist Ninja Costume Ver. – Union Creative

Suzu is quite adorable in her ninja outfit and her proportions are quite nice. The figure puts the focus on the wide hips and round butt. I only watched a few episodes of her origin, but it seems to be funny and entertaining.

release: March 2024 – price: 20,000 Yen

Tsuduri Amagasa – Shy Girls in Love – Goldenhead+

I don’t know who this character is and I probably bought more than enough bikini figures recently, although this figure shows a different flavor with her strong expression and the intention of getting the sun lotion applied by somebody.

release: June 2024 – price: 22,000 Yen

Fox Fairy, Mo Li – Animester

Another unknown manufacturer, but I like what they did here, a beautiful fox lady with a very expressive face and dramatic make up.

release: June 2024 – price: 20,460 Yen

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